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  1. I use SkyEye and SkySafari Plus on my android and Stellarium on desktop.
  2. Hi Pedro. Warm welcome from one Portuguese to another. I was also thinking about a budget beginning telescope but went for a reflector. Hope you and your daughter have fun learning and watching the skies.
  3. I wish I had bought one at that price. And a modified one with long exposure and filter. Wow. Will have to be on a look out for a bargain.
  4. Wow. He is asking for 70 plus shipping... And I know there are a lot of better cameras out there but I am just beginning and with a really tight budget
  5. I am thinking of buying one of these cameras mainly for moon imaging. What would be an acceptable price for a SPC900NC with telescope adapter. There is a guy in my country selling one but i think its too expensive.
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm just getting started and already loving this community. By the way, a guy near me is selling a Philips SPC900 Webcam with a telescope adapter. What would be and acceptable price for it ?
  7. I live 15km from Carvoeiro. And the sky has been so clear lately that just observing the moon and jupiter with the naked eyed I just couldn't resist and had to buy a telescope. It's still on back order but it's ok. Will give me more time to learn how to use it and what to see.
  8. Hi everyone. So I finally bought a telescope after dreaming about owning one for 31 years. I discovered this forum a week ago and have been reading a ton of topics and learning so much from collimating to polar alignment and imaging. My primary focus is just exploring and observing the night sky but if I can will try to image the moon and maybe jupiter with my smartphone :) Thanks for all the help
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