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  1. id also like to thank everyone on this forum, when i first started out with this, i obviously had a lot of questions, everyone was very helpful, bought a dob, loved it, then wanted something more portable, so sold that and bought the 8Edge, loved it but just couldnt find the time to use it very much, up early for work/gym, shattered at the weekend, but thanks for anyone who ever answered my questions along the way, you never know later in life i might come back to it, i think if i did id buy the same setup as ive just sold lol all the best
  2. sorry guys, now SOLD to @doubledoubleswifty nice to meet you, im sure you will love it and hopefully make more use of it than i did im sure all the vultures will pm you wanting to buy bits and pieces as i had a few offers for various bits of kit
  3. just to keep everyone in the loop, someone local is coming to look at it Monday, if for any reason that falls through then everyone who has pm'd me will get a message decided to set it up tonight for the first time in a while just to make sure everything was fine with it, saw Jupiter and its moons, and Saturn, for the first time ever ! I have always had to be up early for work or one thing or another and have never had the chance before now, being furloughed from work meant I could finally stay up a bit later, be sad to see it go now lol but im glad to have finally seen them, and i now kn
  4. pm replied quite a lot of interest very quickly, maybe I should have priced it higher
  5. Priced for a quick sale yes, but collection only im afraid I have already had an offer, over asking price, if willing to courier it, but I would rather someone collected
  6. thanks for the offer, especially at this early stage I would like to sell complete
  7. Sadly I just cant find the time for this hobby so have decided to sell up, for sale as a complete package Celestron Edge HD 8" with mount, the mount I have with this is the more heavy duty one thats usually for the larger scopes, which makes it very sturdy. Baader 2" ClickLock Celestron dew shield Celestron Starsense, bought but never used EP's etc as follows ES 24mm 68° 1.25" ES 16mm 68° 1.25" ES 11mm 82° 1.25" ES 8.8mm 82° 1.25" Skywatcher Aero ED 40mm 68° 2" Celestron 40mm Plossl 1.25" TeleVue 2x Barlow ES 1.25" UHC filter
  8. anyone, will probably order today if not
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