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  1. thanks guys, ill stick with the finder scope until i get star sense
  2. my mount seems quite strong/powerful so i dont suppose it matters too much but always best to have it in the best position to reduce the load on the motor i guess
  3. Thanks Geoff, i assume its a question of the best balance and also clearance ?
  4. ive never had an SCT before, how do you know how far along the dovetail to clamp it in place on your mount ? i presume you need to make sure your diagonal and EP will clear the base of the mount if looking directly up ?
  5. Starsense for Celestron

    getting close to pushing the button on this ? anyone selling one ?
  6. that dob tent is ace my neighbours have recently installed a load of lights, ive had to change scope to something more portable
  7. as cheap as possible as it would be a finder EP lol tbh im still getting used to my new scope but i never liked using a finder on my other aswell, always thought id prefer an EP instead
  8. instead of using the finderscope, does nobody make a wide view EP that i could use as a finder EP ? ive got a 40mm plossl but the FOV is pretty narrow im not the best at finding things you see and i think using a wide EP would be easier ?
  9. cheers, i tried it today and it seemed to work fine, so fingers crossed next time ill actually be able to view something lol !
  10. just watched a youtube video and i think the 2 star auto does sound the best, and thanks for the gps info guys, disappointed as id waited and waited for a clear night and then couldnt get it aligned, the weather has been horrible lately and im up early most mornings so a good weekend is the only time i can use it really think ill have a play with it indoors today to get myself more prepared ive since found out that one of the options i was playing with was sky align and thats the reason it wasnt giving me any star names as apparently it doesnt need them lol, i dont think ill be using that one
  11. When i had my Skywatcher dob i had an app on my phone which gave me all the info i needed to enter at setup, but now ive switched to a Celestron its asking for GPS coordinates but they dont seem in the same format as on the Skywatcher, can anyone help ? It also seems to have a lot of different ways to do alignment, is their a consensus on which is the best to choose ? At least one of them was asking me to centre an object but didnt actually say what it wanted me to align which really confused me First hour with the new scope and i cant even get aligned lol
  12. just wanted to post, that picture is amazing, well done
  13. bought this when i bought my dob, from someone on here IIRC ive never used it as i looked up how to collimate and it sounded too difficult lol, now ive got an SCT ive no use for it £25 delivered please note i work during the week and cant usually get to a post office so it may take a few days to arrive
  14. Which 'middle' EP ?

    thanks Dave, ive actually done my order today so hope everything works out ive gone for the 11mm 82 and the 16mm 68