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  1. no longer required, ordered new
  2. BRUN

    Fed up

    very true lol
  3. definitely ordering this tomorrow
  4. anyone, will probably order today if not
  5. anyone selling one before i buy new ?
  6. guys look at this, Martin at FLO has shown me that the 40mm Aero should give the same view pretty much as my 24mm ES 68 did in my 10" dob https://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/?fov[]=52|134|||1||&fov[]=14|124|||1||&messier=31
  7. i dont really have ES 30/82 money, im buying starsense lol, but thanks for all your help, id have never arrived at this conclusion otherwise
  8. BRUN

    Fed up

    not a clue mate sorry
  9. guys, are these similar to WO SWAN or Panaview https://www.explorescientific.co.uk/en/Eyepieces/Explore-Scientific-70-Eyepiece-35mm-2.html is the SW Aero ED the best choice ? and would i choose 35mm or 40mm ?
  10. BRUN

    Fed up

    purely visual and not enough of it really, i get up early in the mornings so have to be in bed early aswell
  11. BRUN

    Fed up

    just got a Celestron Edge HD 8"
  12. BRUN

    Fed up

    im just lazy lol

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