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  1. Thanks Peter..... When I read about an eyepiece that's good for F4 and above does this mean it's good for an F6 or does it go the other way and is good for a F3. Thanks
  2. Hi guys.... Just a quick question so I understand the differences here. I have a F6 scope so am I correct in saying a F5 scope is known as a " faster " scope. Also when they refer to F5 or higher would the higher be F6 F7 F8 etc or would it go down the way the same as " faster " sorry if the answer seems obvious as I'm just trying to get my head round all these numbers. Thanks in advance...... Scott
  3. I'll take the 15x70's Gus. PM me for preferred payment message. I'll pay as soon as I can as I'm at work...... Thanks.... Scott
  4. I have only been doing this a couple of months but I totally agree with the above. I bought the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P as my first telescope because I wanted an easy to set up point and shoot scope that I wouldn't need to change as I progressed in the field, it is easy to move around and gives fantastic views, also it's easy to store together with the base when you point the scope up. I can also transport it around easy enough with the base in the boot and the scope along the back seat. If I get a clear sky I go out to my shed get my scope, place in an eyepiece and I'm viewing in 5 minutes. Also if it starts to rain the scope is lifted and put back in no time. It is bang on your budget and also you could save around £100 picking up a second hand one. The first one in the video is a 6 inch one and the one you will be looking at is 8 inch so it's just a little bit larger but a lot smaller than the 12 inch. It's a great telescope and have read a lot on here that it's one of the best " bang for buck " telescopes out there..... Hope this helps...... Scott
  5. Having used this filter now on 2 or 3 occasions it definitely takes a wee bit of the glare away from the Moon and Jupiter, I thought it gave a very slight improvement in detail when viewing Jupiter, not a lot but there was a slight improvement but that was on some good viewing nights when the view without the filter was excellent anyway and it did give a lovely contrast on the moon ( for me anyway )..... Scott
  6. Davyludo...... im scared to go to bed in case I don't get a good night again for ages lol.
  7. Haha John i wont be far behind you. Just gonna pop out and adjust my eyes and have another we 1/2 hour i think...... Scott
  8. Brilliant John, comets are a bit out of my league at the moment I wouldnt know where to start. Just Jupiter and M51 for me tonight although might look for the galaxies near Leo. Too good a night to waste...... Scott
  9. Yeah it was the same for me around 10ish, not too bad but not great either but when i went out again it was great, thats why i pushed x300 but couldnt be bothered moving the scope every 10 seconds so settled at x240 ...... more than happy.
  10. It's very calm here John, no wind at all but very cold, not frosty but cold. Been trying to see the red spot but I assume it's not on this side. Great detail though and 4 lovely moons in a horizontal. Smashing sight...... Scott
  11. I don't know if it's just the skies round about me tonight but Jupiter is looking great ..... worth a look if your sitting in the house deciding if it's worthwhile going out or not. Viewable even at x300 mag, the highest I've used on it yet but more comfy at x240 with no atmospheric waves. Worth a look if your sky is anything like mine...... just a wee heads up..... Scott
  12. Jupiter was the same for me last night JOC.... In and out of focus all the time but still ok to view. The plough gets higher in the sky for me and by the time I moved on to M51 it was no use as it was directly above me, I must try and get out a wee bit earlier I think.
  13. How would the adapter do with the Meade SWA 5000 28mm John?
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