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  1. Last night was clear. Plenty of meteors. There was five minutes of nothing then two or three in a minute. They didnt just come from perseus. There were a few that flew through other areas. A couple of great ones through the plough. I just layed flat on my back for one hour pointing north from 11:30 to 12:30. A very enjoyable hour.
  2. I observed the owl nebula last week without a filter. Southern and eastern skys from my garden are luckly light pollution free. I am hoping to view NGC 6543 (cats eye nebula) and NGC 3242 (ghost of jupiter) next. The eskimo neb i cannot see at the moment due to light pollution. Best of luck with the veil.
  3. The hyperion 17mm that i have does have its draw backs. I would estimate 20% of the edge suffers from distortion, astigmatic stars and light fall off. My scope is F/6. I still enjoy using it though, with its 68 degree FOV and nice eye relief. Paul.
  4. Hello Bob, and welcome.
  5. Only on rare occasions will you beable to use x225 through most scopes from the U.K. I use my baader 2.25 in conjunction with my 17mm hyperion giving me x159, AR barlow x177. Have you checked your collimation? If your scope is slightly out this will be magnified with higher mags. Last night the seeing conditions were not that good. Saturn at x136 at 01.00am was a mess from my location in the north east. So seeing conditions will vary from night to night. There is nothing wrong with your EP. The BST is highly regarded by sgl users. The baader barlow is a very good one. I have one.
  6. You are not going to get a wow moment using the supplied 10mm on Jupiter. I would buy a good 8mm eyepiece. The views will be lots better providing the seeing conditions are good enough. I didnt like the supplied 25mm either. Paul
  7. I have also found some nice objects by accident. The latest been a nice open cluster near perseus, a wide colour double near gemini, and a lovely orange/red star in ursa major. Its an added bonus when you stumble upon a nice object by accident. When sweeping the skys i have also noticed alot of double stars. Paul.
  8. Seems like half my reply got chewed up. Someone on this forum revued this barlow. He said you need 13mm clearance at the end of the eyepiece for the 1.3x element to screw on.
  9. You are doing nothing wrong. I purchased the same barlow, and the 1.3 element doesnt screw onto my meade or hyperion. Someone on this forum did a review on this barlow. He explained that you need 13mm clearance at the base of the eyepiece for it to screw on. At least you are using the 2.25x as i am. Paul
  10. Thanks for taking the time to read people. I wasn't expecting three productive nights. After viewing M81/82 and the leo trio at the end of the first night, third time lucky on the third(due to trio), they gave me the drive to view galaxies on the last two nights I will look forward to finding more galaxies. Yes, i will be looking forward to viewing M5,M13,M92 globs. Like you say Barry, there is so much out there. I often wonder if someone or something is looking back at us. Paul
  11. Three clear nights in a row. This is more like it. The last two i decided to look for galaxies. Ursa major, canes venatica, leo and virgo were my targets. After drawing some crude maps to look over i decided it was time to hunt some down. I started observing later than usual so they would be easier to spot. Started at 10.00 pm on ursa major. M51,101,106 to start off. M106 was my favourite of the three as it was the most obvious M101 was barely visible, M51 a bit better than M101. Moving across to M63 and M94 in canes venatica. Both were obvious and one of them had a bright central hub. Finally i looked at M64 in coma berenices, another easy target, a nice galaxy. To finish the second night off i had a look at a couple of globular clusters M3 and M53. M3 at 159x looked good with averted vision. Many stars were resolved. M53 was still a blob at this mag. Finally i had my first view of saturn with my dob. Low in the sky at 136x looked quite nice. Last night I viewed the leo trio in the same field of view for the first time. And the other leo trio further up, just fit in the same field at 40x. Then i went back to ursa major and looked at M108 and M97(owl nebula). The owl nebula to my eyes looked greyish blue, and was larger than i expected. I could not make out the eyes though. Over to virgo i had a hit list. Most of these were just below an imaginary line from Vindemiatrix and Denebola. I became a bit confused with a couple of them, but managed to id most. M59,60 were in the same field of view, as was M84,M86. Others i found were M100, M88, M87. I became a little confused and didnt know if i had spotted M89 or M90 or both. By this point i was going round in circles. I then moved down to view M49, then spotted M104 between spica and algorab. Once again i ended the session viewing saturn. Overall i was very pleased and suprised that i found fuzzy targets so enjoyable to look at. Many of them had their own charactoristics. Some were easier to see than others, some were best viewed with averted vision, others with higher magnification. I will return to some of them for closer inspection for sure. Sorry the report wasnt that detailed as i am relatively inexperienced. Paul
  12. I was out last night galaxy hunting. Two others you will see through your scope will be M106 galaxy in ursa major and M94 in Canes Venatica. Both of these are easy to find and are obvious through the eyepiece. Paul
  13. Why not try Telescope House. Very helpful and provide a good service. I purchased mine from here for £288.00 plus £2.20 P&P. Skyliner 200P 8" Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope Paul
  14. I looked at the whirlpool for the first time tonight. I struggled to see it through my scope. A couple of fuzzy blobs with a smudge, and thats with no light pollution in the eastern skys from my back garden. Its placed pretty well at the moment too. The leo trio, or in my case the duo were so faint i could barely see them with averted vision. Great to get out though, after all the cloud cover we have had. May the clear nights continue.
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