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  1. Orion Optics VX10 traded I have an Orion Optics VX10 which I would ideally like to swap for a smaller Newtonian 8" may consider 6" if in excellent condition. Scope has had very little use and is in excellent condition. Viewing can be done through the usual social distancing measures once the guidelines permit this. If there is anything further you need to know please email. £275.00 Traded
  2. Hi If interested I have a Orion Optics VX10 pm me if so
  3. Hi Junare Look forward to reading your posts and seeing the Antiguan skies
  4. Hi i the market for a 2"tripod to fit an HEQ5 mount
  5. Hi Can you pm a price for the qhy5, raspberry, and dongle thanks
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