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  1. Hi I have a 2" Optolong LPro light pollution filter which I was using with my DSLR and am unsure how to go about adding it to the optical train of the Esprit 100 + zwo camera. Current config has flattener, zwo spacers, filter wheel + zwo 1600mm. I don't think there is a 2" thread. A few queries: Does a mono camera actually need a light pollution filter? I just have it already so interested to know if it is any use or not. If I managed to get it into the optical train will it push the focus point further back so you need more spacing? I noticed with DSLR lenses it significantly shifted the focus point. Many thanks
  2. Thanks. Love the colours from mono, but processing seems hard. I guess that's just because it's all new and will seen be a breeze once sussed everything out. No I didn't get any shorter subs, it had gone out of view by time longer ones were complete so core is a project for another day. I'm also in two minds about how to handle the core. Part of me thinks it's so bright it should, to a certain extent, keep its brightness - the other part wants to preserve detail. The dynamic range it so massive it will need a care to avoid an unnatural HDR look.
  3. Having just acquired a zwo 1600mm and being completely new to mono imaging I thought m42 would be a good test target before it heads too far west. Also first attempt at calibration but still had big gradients to deal with which were very hard to overcome. Not 100% certain I got it right so need to read up more. Approx 180 mins, Esprit 100 and zwo filters. R/G/B 40 mins each (8x 5 min subs) HA 1hour (12x 5min subs)
  4. I've just put the new felt on the rings and it does appear to have fixed it - though I need to check mounting the scope on the mount to know for certain. Not at all easy to remove the felt though. The new felt is shorter in length, so there is now no felt where the rings meet when closed. I suspect this allows the rings to close just very slightly tighter? I'm not convinced the felt is thicker but maybe I just can't perceive the difference.
  5. Excellent, I'm itching to try my 35 1.4 with the 1600mm
  6. The moon setting behind a remote moorland tree with the Milky Way extending high into the evening sky above. From back in November, taken with a Sony A7R3 with a Sigma 14-24 2.8.
  7. Thanks - Clear Outside puts me at bortle 5 but thankfully right at south edge of town so I think that helps a bit.
  8. This is my first attempt at this nebular and at HA imaging, its one I've always wanted to get an image of. I didn't manage to get enough RGB data but to be honest I think I prefer this in b/w. 10 x 5 min exposures, ASI1600MM with Esprit 100. No calibration as completely mucked up calibration data - new to this.
  9. Yes ... mine arrived today too. 4 strips of felt - no instructions. I've just emailed them asking how to add them. The felt looks the same as what's on the rings already to me. Last night I just wrapped a lens cloth between tube and rings and it gripped the tube just fine.
  10. Do you know if this will fit the Esprit 100? Thanks
  11. Personally I'd save a bit and aim for something of better quality and with a wider aperture. I'm not going to recommend anything specifically under £100 but you may be-able to source them cheap if you really look around and don't mind going with lenses not in great condition. IO'd aim for reasonably wide aperture and good coma control to avoid distorted stars in corners and stopping down too much. If you're new to tracked exposures I'd also start at wider end as will be easier to get good results. Something like this would be a lovely starter lens and fantastic for general photography too. https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-lenses/used-canon-fit-lenses/canon-ef-85mm-f-1-8-usm/ Good alternatives: https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-lenses/used-canon-fit-lenses/canon-ef-50mm-f-1-8/sku-805228/ https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-lenses/used-canon-fit-lenses/canon-ef-100mm-f-2-8-usm-macro/ Something like the Samyang 135 f/2 would also be great. All these are full frame lenses so you'd be using best part of the lens which should give good corners.
  12. Thanks. I'll test with the new spacing and see if there is an improvement. The 11mm has been moved from camera to after the filter wheel so should be 56mm in total. I assume the filter glass adds 1mm? On the rings OVL said: We can provide some thicker replacement felt for the tube rings which will solve the issue with the rings A quick google seems to suggest people are getting replacement rings rather than just some felt. Has anyone had this issue resolved and if so how?
  13. My scope is the one with the green plate, the first of the two images you posted. Thanks for info on spacing, on brief look it seemed ok but I did not look into it too far. I'm a total pixel peeper for daytime photography/lenses so will be aiming to get it bang on eventually. What's the distance within the 1600 itself (from filter mounted direct to camera to sensor)? Just fiddling with the various adaptor I have I came up with this which is 47.5mm but not sure on the filter to sensor distance.
  14. I'm curious on the spacing. I have just acquired very similar setup - esprit 100 + zwo 1600mm (pro version). I tested it last night and stars looked reasonably ok to me but I'm very new to this. Opinions if it's good/bad spacing much appreciated. I think I can see some elongation in corners. The setup is flattener, zwo 16.5mm spacer, zwo 21mm spacer, mini filter wheel, camera. Quick exposure attached. After contacting Skywatcher they can apparently provide thicker felt for the rings. I have exact same issue - the tube just slides through the rings no matter how tight. The washers are in correct place. Not impressed with that at all as rings are basically not ft for purpose as supplied.
  15. Hi. Could I ask a query about point 3 please? How do you actually do the test to check the spacing is correct that you show in the two images under point three? Many thanks
  16. I got the zwo mains adaptor but far too short and bulky. Now switched to this cable, works perfectly. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/lynx-astro-mount-power-cable-for-sky-watcher-mounts.html
  17. Quick update on this one. A new AZ-EQ6 GT motherboard arrived in the post this morning. Very easy to install (despite no instructions) and the mount thankfully appears to be working perfectly again. Still not sure on the cause but from now on it's going to be powered by a nevada regulated mains power supply and I'm unlikely to leave outside permanently in all weather. Thanks for all the help and suggestions getting this fixed, much appreciated. I read that you can coat the electronics inside a mount with ACF-50 anti-corrosion spray. Does anyone know if this is ok and safe for the motherboard of a skywatcher mount?
  18. Great point on the auto-guider point, will put an empty plug in that. Just measured the old cable attached to tracer battery with multimeter and it measured 13.35 so I'm guessing it is the circuit board rather than the cable. I checked power on other side of the board so I don't think it's the switch as power is clearly getting in. With a moment of inspiration I suddenly thought of connecting the hand controller (for first time ever). It comes up with an error message: Initializing... CAUTION... RA/Azm.... No response! I assume this is possibly the RA motor? Any thoughts much appreciated.
  19. Many thanks for the thoughts. I've mostly been powering it with a tracer battery but sometimes use it with a mains AC to DC Power Supply. I've tested the cable for continuity and seems ok but I do sometimes put cables in a dry box and am wondering if the cable has been caught by the lid (though it looks fine). I've ordered a new, higher quality cable, a Nevada PS-08 6-8A Regulated Linear Power Supply and a replacement board which I can cancel/return if the cable fixes it. It's always seemed dry when taking the scope cover off so not aware of it getting wet or damp, might think again about leaving it out permanently though and only leave out multiple days in dry settled periods.
  20. Hi After using my az eq6 mount last night I covered it up with telescope cover and left it outside. I've done this many times with no issues. At lunchtime today I was going to create some flats so turned everything on but found the mount power light is not coming on. I've only one power cable to test with so have ordered a second one, but the fuse in the cable seems fine and I've switched it with another fuse and that makes no difference. Different power sources makes no difference either. I'm assuming it may be the board inside the mount so have ordered a spare. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before? Any idea what could be the cause or tips for fixing/preventing again? When connecting via EQMOD configuration finds the mount on port 3 as usual - however it won't connect. Many thanks!
  21. I thought I'd have a go at a picture giving more context to the local landscape it is taking place in. Taken with a 35mm lens.
  22. Thanks for all the input provided. Still not come to any firm conclusion about mono vs osc. However here is an image taken with the sony a7r3 which is proving to be rather good with astro. I lost track of exposure time, but measured in hours with a canon 300 2.8 @ f4 (won't stop down again as don't like the diffraction likes around stars). I can't help thinking if the unmodified dslr can manage this then surely something like the asi294 should be-able to do better? Will stick with the dslr until I can come to a conclusion.
  23. Brill thanks, I've not come across that forum before!
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