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  1. Does anybody know or has anybody fitted a focus motor to one of these telescopes Andy
  2. just ordered an ir emitter so will try that and update when it comes Cheers
  3. Does anyone know of an IR intervelometer for the EOS M.
  4. When I started my electronics apprenticeship at British Aerospace i spent 6 months learnig how to solder properly to military specification. when i watch you tube videos it saddens me how awfull peoples soldering is. Agree with the chap above me too
  5. it only has a payload of 4kg what solar scope weighs less than 4kg
  6. i have just found a male to male plate so i shall get one of those, taken me all day to find this. but thanks to those who looked and replied. Andy
  7. This may well be a stupid question and if it is forgive me. I was considering buying a celestron 80mm guidescope and i notice it has mini losmandy mounting clamps. i dont want to mount it on top of my telescope i was going to get a dual mount and mount it side by side but cant see how to mount it , unless i screw to losmandy plates back to back to give me the ability to attach it. any help laughter grately received. Andy
  8. Thanks for the comments, no i havent tried a webcam yet but i will look into it.
  9. I have spoken to a nice man at Tring and basically there is nothing that can be done this scope is not really designed for astrophotography. and it wont allow the camera to focus and get a full disk of the moon, as i have to use a barlow to get the camera to focus. Time for a new telescope yee haaa
  10. I have a problem when i try toimage using my camera through the telescope i have to use a barlow as im guessing the chipinside the camera is to far away/ too close for it to focus. Last night i was trying to image the moon as im using a barlow i can get the whole moon in shot. I treid unscrewing the lens on the barlow but this gave me a black spot on the moon which im guessing is the secondary mirror inside my scope. Any ideas
  11. Well i will have been at my present employers for 20 years this october so nice bonus ofr me, i think i shall invest in a scope of my own.
  12. I belong to the MKAS and yes there are two people there Dave and Zoe who produce the most amazing images and helpful friendly people too.
  13. Greetings from MIlton Keynes. I have always been interested in the night sky but have never done anything about it until I asked my 16yr old daughter what she wanted for Christmas 2013. When she replied a telescope it was where did that come from. So I bought her a Celstron 150 eq. I must admit we joined the Milton Keynes Astronomical Society together but she didnt enjoy that but I have stayed a member and renewed for this year . I use her telescope more than she does. I LOVE IT. My only other hobby is MUSIC
  14. I thank the last two people for their comments. I did spend some money on a small box of other eyepieces from Tring and a barlow. so i have 6 10 and 20 eyepieces. Think what i also need are some anti vib mounts as my patio and my decking are not particularly condusive to a stable image. I shall persevere as I find this subject completely fascinating and absorbing. having said that still want a bigger one. Andy
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