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  1. I bought a CEM120 and Tri-Pier 360 earlier this year. I could not justify the large additional expense of an EC version. Impression so far is that it is an excellent high quality mount that will take a massive payload. It will easily guide my 10" Newtonian at 0.35 as long as the sky is good enough. All the integrated power and USB cable management just works. Can't really fault it so far and the one query I sent to iOptron support was answered within hours. I'm using it with SGP and PHD2. The only issue so far was meridian flips ... you need to set Commander to flip later than SGP otherwise they fight for control of the mount and it the meridian flip fails. Very easy to fix once you know this.
  2. That's absolutely brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration.
  3. I didn't take an image with Alnitak in frame to see how it handled the flare directly but did notice the HA image was completely free of issues but in RGB you could see artefacts from such a bright star at the edge of the frame despite being out of frame. The cause of split diffraction spike is very nicely illustrated in previous post. Not ideal but I always try to avoid very bright stars in frame, saves a lot of headaches.
  4. I'm curious as to the cause too. Possibly spider not centred and square? This particular star will likely always cause problems though, all the other stars look great. I recently imaged this area and simply framed it so that Alnitak was simply out of frame so it could not cause problems.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I was looking at RC over the weekend and they have a huge selection of wall boxes but would obviously select a plastic/abs one. It's going to take some time to put together but this thread has been very valuable in understanding how best to approach this. The power supply, currently located indoors, is already protected with an RCD located in my office so hopefully I got that part right already.
  6. Yes it’s about 1.5 million miles away. If it’s not possible to refuel via some kind of automated mission why not some kind of nuclear power source that will last multiple decades? I’m sure there is a good reason.
  7. I get that and expect it will last way longer but Hubble was serviced several times and why not just build it with maintenance for many decades to come factored in?
  8. I remember reading about this telescope back in secondary school, really looking forward to it actually being launched. However the thing I don't understand is why build a 13 billion dollar telescope that only has a 10 year lifespan? Surely some kind of automated mission to refuel it to keep it in position must be possible?
  9. Last night's clear sky allowed me to manage to add some colour to the HA taken a couple of nights ago. Total 9hr 14min with 250PDS and 1600MM Pro. https://www.astrobin.com/v9ioic/
  10. That looks brilliant, may I ask what the box is (and where to get one) please? Many thanks
  11. Wow, thanks so much for all the info and ideas. Really, really appreciated. It sounds like the way to go is get the power much closer to the scope so I'll have a good look at running mains closer and into some kind of waterproof power box which can house the power supply. It should make for a much neater solution as I'd only need one power cable and an ethernet cable for the mini pc.
  12. Thanks for the input here. Yes the cable would be running between the 12v power supply and the load. So it would only be carrying 12v. Basically I don't have an observatory, only a permanent spot to setup at so I don't know how else to keep power there permanetly as the supply has to be indoors. I've positioned the power supply as close as I can possibly get it, just measuring now I'd says it's between 6 to 7 meters.
  13. I'm looking to clean up the power to my scope and wondered if anyone can advise on the load I can put on a Nevada PSW-30 25-30A Switch-Mode Power Supply? The power supply will be positioned less than 10 meters from the scope and will be powering a CEM120, up to 2 ZWO cooled cameras and couple of dew heaters. On occasion I'd like it to also power a AZEQ6 at the same time. Will a single 2.5mm length of cable be sufficient to power all of these or would it be better to run two cables? I do have a spare Nevada PS-08 6-8A Regulated Linear Power Supply that could run a second line but ideally don't want to add that in unless needed to keep cables to a minimum. Any advice much appreciated.
  14. Over the last few years I've had an expensive 100mm apo and a RASA8 ... but due to unforeseen circumstances I unexpectedly ended up with a 250mm reflector that cost a fraction of either of those ... and I'm more than happy with it. Much prefer it to the apo, will probably eventually end up with a RASA again for speed with UK weather but as an all rounder its an insanely good and affordable scope. Due to its weight the 250 is not a starter scope but 130mm / 150mm / 200mm reflectors are amazing value and can produce stunning images for the price. I'm no longer interested in expensive apos - perhaps just a good value refractor for solar one day.
  15. Thanks Adam. Yes Orion is on my list this year as most of it was obscured by a tree that I've had trimmed back especially Would love to get some RGB but the weather is pretty hopeless so far this winter. I'm finding myself drawn to one off quicker targets as its so unpredictable. For me longer targets needs a couple of clear nights close together as when you are setting the rig up each night as camera easily gets moved etc.
  16. Thanks, it felt like cheating simply by managing to avoid glare and internal reflections from it.
  17. It's not been good at all recently here but have managed a couple of quick images. Most of those have involved waiting up late if there is a chance of a clear period and getting a few hours imaging in should a gap appear. I usually call it quits if no sign of clear sky by midnight or if there is a chance of rain. Other than simply staying up and keeping an eye on conditions keeping a very close watch of multiple weather forecasts and satellite / radar imagery really helps.
  18. Quick horsehead with Baader 3.5nm filter which I'm really enjoying using. This is 4 hours 52 mins with 250PDS and 1600MM. High res on astrobin. https://www.astrobin.com/b5h0i7/
  19. Sorry I can't remember exact size but its not very long at all. Perhaps email First Light who can probably let you know. I used to attach mine to one of these - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/william-optics-dsd-210-plate.html - which gave better length for balancing in the saddle of my azeq6
  20. Not aware of multiple versions of the scope, just slight change in paintwork if I remember correctly. I used to have the scope and it was absolutely superb. The dovetail does let it down a bit though in my opinion. Its fixed to the scope and only a few inches long. I used to attach a longer dovetail to the scopes built in dovetail which made it a lot easier to balance. I've heard of people removing the dovetail and adding standard rings.
  21. Thanks Steve - I'll give those settings a quick go now before I switch filament tomorrow. The offer of printing is really appreciated but I'm not skilled enough to create a model without lots of test prints to tweak the design and it's also nearly 300mm wide so will take a least a day to print once I get it right. Thank you
  22. I had a go with PTEG but have finally given up. After much experimenting I thought I'd cracked it with the settings below, it was printed ok for first 30 mins so I left it for a while ... and came back to a big tangled ball of threaded plastic. Will try again one day but for now just bought a replacement spool of PLA which is fine for what I'm printing. Nozzle 245c Bed 70c Fan 20%
  23. Just saw this on astrobin too - it's an absolutely stunning and inspirational image Richard.
  24. Not yet complete but I've compiled a list of mods that I've made to this scope so far here - https://www.absolutelynothing.co.uk/blog/skywatcher-150pds-modifications/ First light image:
  25. Thanks - yes I'd heard the TS f4 focuser was not great. I'd have gone with it but as you've found out it adds a lot of cost needing to upgrade the coma corrector. All the mods now done so ready for first light. 18mm chopped off the focus tube, flocked inside, aperture mask around the mirror, bobs knobs added and dovetail switched to Losmandy. Just need a clear sky to test it ... hope I've not copped too much off the drawtube
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