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  1. AlistairW

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    I have it please
  2. AlistairW

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    Interested - is this still available?
  3. Hello, Not too sure where to put this question, but I have always had it .... Initially I am in Sequence Generator Pro with my Atik attached and cooled to -20C. Next for some reason there is a crash and I need a reboot - (no big deal). When the Camera connects (given there has probably been 45 seconds gone by since the crash). The starting temp is usually around 0 degrees. This means I have to wait another 20 minutes for it to cool down to -20C. Given there was only a short period between it being at -20C, I find it had to believe that this is the case. Thanks Alistair
  4. Hello, If I want to upgrade to Win 10 Pro (from Home). What's the easiest way ? (I would like to avoid a full reinstall) [Specifically I have found that Win 10 Home does not fully support RDP - so I want to enable that functionality that Pro has]. Thanks Alistair
  5. AlistairW

    Heart in Ha

    Thanks Peter
  6. AlistairW

    Heart in Ha

    Hello, This is about 16 hours of Ha 7nm data. Still getting to grips with processing - all comments welcome. Moon was over 90% for this capture - so quite pleased with how it has turned out. No noise reduction, not sure I should though ? Thanks Alistair
  7. Hello, I am using curves in Photoshop CC. My issue is that when I push a curve in the standard way it is actually darkening, rather than lightening it. It almost as if I have inverted the way the curve works. Any idea why this is happening - driving me mad at the moment ? Thanks Alistair
  8. Hello, When not in use I tend to remove my scope from my EQ6, but leave the counterweights attached to the bar. The weights are only a couple of inches down from the mount head, but I was wondering if this is adding unnecessary strain, and that perhaps I should remove them ? Thanks Alistair
  9. Thanks Carole, I have subscribed to your youtube channel - looking forward to more episodes already. Alistair
  10. Hello, I managed to get about 20hrs on the Eastern Veil in Ha. Just wondering if anyone knew of a step by step tutorial to process Ha only - (can be Photoshop or Pixinsight)? Thanks Alistair
  11. Hello, If I can I want to try recording a PEC graph tonight. When trying this, do I guide at the same time or leave guiding off until the PEC is complete ? Thanks Alistair
  12. AlistairW

    EQMOD and Mount Limits

    Do you know if the upgrade preserves settings ?
  13. AlistairW

    EQMOD and Mount Limits

    hmm did find this comment - which I thought strange: http://welshdragoncomputing.ca/eqmod/doku.php?id=setting_mount_limits It infers that manual slews can go past the meridian limits. Maybe that is what I am missing here ? Operations to which limits not applied are: Park Unpark & Goto (*new feature) Manual slews initiated by the EQASCOM direction pad or external gamepad
  14. AlistairW

    EQMOD and Mount Limits

    Hello, I am on EQMOD v2.00k and have been trying to set Mount Limits. I am following the guide on youtube by Chris, but when I finally enable limits I am still able to slew pass the limit. Anyone else had this issue. Happens if I set the default limits also. Thanks Alistair
  15. AlistairW

    PHD Calibration

    Hello, Not had to do one of these for a long while. but having changed my set up I do now. Is it best to be pointing as near to Dec 0 as possible and close to the meridian. If I am out at 9pm today from my SW UK location I can see Altair is at RA/DEC (J2000) 19h50m47s/+8deg52min13s. Does that sound like the right area to be in? Indeed why does it actually make a difference as to getting a good calibration ? Thanks Alistair

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