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  1. Hello, What the most important thing to monitor in your Obsy ... Too Cold \ Too Hot \ Too Damp (Humid) \ Too Dusty \Not enough air circulation. How have you combated these - heaters \ dehumidifiers \ extraction fans \ HEPA air filters ? Thanks Alistair
  2. Hello, Hoping this should be an easy one ? I have been imaging a target and have a set of associated flats for that session. However I have knocked my rig. I still want to carry on with the same target but want to do another set of flats. So my question is: How do I stack the two sets of data, as they will have different associated flat files. Do I stack separately and then combine for example ? - and combine how ? Thanks Alistair.
  3. Hello, My camera slightly rotated on the filter wheel today as I was handling the scope. It was just a fraction, and I have moved it back to the usual spirit level position. Will I need to retake my flats ? - My image train is fairly clean, but will vignetting be affected ? If now I take some more images on a target I have been working on, will I have to stack two sets with respective flats ? Thanks Alistair
  4. Hello, Has anyone used the Temperature Compensation Trainer in SGP. Is it worth doing for the UK climate ? Thanks Alistair
  5. Hello, Not too sure where to put this question, but I have always had it .... Initially I am in Sequence Generator Pro with my Atik attached and cooled to -20C. Next for some reason there is a crash and I need a reboot - (no big deal). When the Camera connects (given there has probably been 45 seconds gone by since the crash). The starting temp is usually around 0 degrees. This means I have to wait another 20 minutes for it to cool down to -20C. Given there was only a short period between it being at -20C, I find it had to believe that this is the case. Thanks Alistair
  6. Hello, If I want to upgrade to Win 10 Pro (from Home). What's the easiest way ? (I would like to avoid a full reinstall) [Specifically I have found that Win 10 Home does not fully support RDP - so I want to enable that functionality that Pro has]. Thanks Alistair
  7. Hello, This is about 16 hours of Ha 7nm data. Still getting to grips with processing - all comments welcome. Moon was over 90% for this capture - so quite pleased with how it has turned out. No noise reduction, not sure I should though ? Thanks Alistair
  8. Hello, I am using curves in Photoshop CC. My issue is that when I push a curve in the standard way it is actually darkening, rather than lightening it. It almost as if I have inverted the way the curve works. Any idea why this is happening - driving me mad at the moment ? Thanks Alistair
  9. Hello, When not in use I tend to remove my scope from my EQ6, but leave the counterweights attached to the bar. The weights are only a couple of inches down from the mount head, but I was wondering if this is adding unnecessary strain, and that perhaps I should remove them ? Thanks Alistair
  10. Thanks Carole, I have subscribed to your youtube channel - looking forward to more episodes already. Alistair
  11. Hello, I managed to get about 20hrs on the Eastern Veil in Ha. Just wondering if anyone knew of a step by step tutorial to process Ha only - (can be Photoshop or Pixinsight)? Thanks Alistair
  12. Hello, If I can I want to try recording a PEC graph tonight. When trying this, do I guide at the same time or leave guiding off until the PEC is complete ? Thanks Alistair
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