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  1. Hello, I have a Uni 18 with the wooden tray. Does anyone know if i by the optional spreader stopper whether I need to buy any additional parts to connect it, or do i just remove the tray and fit ? Thanks Alistair
  2. Dark matter may be the answer to the 'missing mass' issue. But have a read up on Modified Newtonian Dynamics - or gravity behaving differently at slow acclerations - interesting stuff. Doesn't discount Dark Matter , but it's predictions are very exacting. Just goes to show we really don't know.
  3. My HEQ5 is great - I can get smooth guiding. Best tip I can give, is spend a lot of time on balancing it correctly, - and minimise cable drag. Mine handles 11kg no problem.
  4. Hello, I have nearby potential dark(er) site. It's in a country church car park. The sky is nice and dark, but there is one sodium lamp in the car park, and a downwards facing security light on the church. I can position my gear so that there is a tree blocking the security light, but there is little I can do about the sodium lamp. Maybe a temporary screen would block the majority of the direct light. But my question is how much of an issue is 'one' light in a dark area ? - it won't be contributing a great deal to any sky glow, but having a direct light so nearby seems a problem. I just know some nearby residents are going to wonder what going on if I set up, but I guess I will cross that bridge if it comes to it. Alistair
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everyone
  6. I have my eye on a couple of dark sites near me, but not actually taken my scope there yet. I was wondering how you plan your visits ? Do you arrive at twilight and then wait for 'astronomical darkness' ? - I think that is like 9:30pm now, so between twilight and total darkness, there might be a couple of hours, and then there is X number of hours imaging. Do you limit the number of hours you do? - I am not sure I fancy standing around for 5 hours capturing subs, whilst being in the dark. I had thought about sitting in the car, but like I think you mention the vibration from the engine is probably not a good thing. Great image by the way ! Alistair.
  7. Hello, Confession, I am an imager, but still love using eyeballs to look around the sky whilst imaging. I have been looking for dark sites, and I have found quite a few candidates. I live in the foothills of the Mendips Hills (Somerset) which is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I was surprised, even when in the heart of the hills, that there was still some light pollution form the big towns, which were probably 15 miles away as the crow flies. Moon was something like 32% last night, and appeared quite bright, but I could, for example, see all the main stars of Ursa Minor. But no sign of the Milkyway even at the Zenith. Is it simply the wrong time of year to see it, or was the moon washing it out ? - I was sure the conditions were at least sufficient to see at least some sign. Bit why was I struggling ? Thanks Alistair
  8. Hello, I currently have a 5 position filter wheel with HA\OIII\SII\Clear\Neodymium SkyGlow - and this has been my set up for winter Nebula. However I would like to try galaxies, so need to change this set up. Does the following work ? In the wheel RGBHaClear. And then I was thinking that the Neodymium could act as a IR\Skyglow filter and screw on to the front of the filter wheel (or would it be better at the (far end from camera) on the FF/FR?). Then I would be able to have RGB\Neodymium Filter and the Clear\Neodymium for focus\luminance and Ha\Neodymium as Ha (I am assuming the Neodymium won't really effect the Ha, apart from the 5% transmission loss). Does this sound sensible. I would like a IDAS, but thought I should try what I have first. Thanks Alistair.
  9. Hello, Could I for example use RGB filters together with a Neodymium skyglow and moonlight filter - i.e. Doubling up the filters, so help eliminate light pollution? Thanks Alistair
  10. +1 for the IP4AP suggestion. Under "Legacy" there are a few free vids. They range fron AA3 to AA4, but the principles are still relevant. Mostly based around pre-processing- but that is AA's strong suit.
  11. Finding this an interesting thread. I live near the Mendips in Somerset, and have started scouting around for dark sites - with some success. I need to build up my portable set up but I am nearly there. Eventually I plan to go to my sites to image - I am not scared of the dark but company would be great.
  12. Simple question. Is RGB considered Narrowband ? (or is in only Ha\SII\OIII) ? Thanks Alistair
  13. duplicate post - removed
  14. Lol no - the tube goes in to the pot with a load of holes in the side and rebar at various angles. There is then a load of rebar the connects the pot to a slab; and finally the slab is in a small block of concrete. All filled with concrete of course. Very solid. Thanks. I have been on such a quest with cabling you wouldn't believe. It for me was essential to get right, and when I did my PHD graph for an HEQ5 is now sub arc second. My set up has completely changed again though. The junction box and USB box are now all called on the actual scope. I have attached pics. It actually means I can be more mobile, - which I want to be, so that I can image from dark sites. I now have a watertight box housing the electronics along with a Minix PC and control the whole thing via Teamview. I can set up in under 5 mins, which is I think the best I can do given I don't have an obsy. The box is attached to the main column - (sorry no pic yet). I am going to have a separate box similar to the old pics for my mobile set up. (One thing I really like about this is that I can get balance just right, and the load on the mount is just right too). Alistair
  15. Did you ever find a solution to this ? I had a feeling it wasn't being actively developed anymore and that it had been rolled up in to the SGP's notifications add on. Alistair