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  1. Hello, If I guide North only in Dec via PHD2 and then invoke a Meridian Flip, do I then need to guide South, and would PHD2 know about this? (I am running this all through SGP). Thanks Alistair
  2. Hello, I was imaging the Pleiades up until my EQMOD mount limits were reached. I did not do a meridian flip, but instead manually ran another routine to simply pick up from where it left off. The image just looks inverted now. How do I take account of that in stacking software ? Thanks Alistair.
  3. Strange RA activity when guiding

    yeah - hopefully gone
  4. Strange RA activity when guiding

    good point - can't figure out how to remove an uploaded image though :-(
  5. Hello, Could someone explain to me when you should guide North and when you should guide south. How do you decide when looking at a PHD2 graph? Thanks Alistair
  6. Hello, Although I think my guide graph is ok, I am getting 8000ms pulses in RA. I can't think of any reason for this. Thanks Alistair
  7. I was thinking ... there are few great astro books coming out in time for Christmas, and I am really looking forward to Steve's "Dark Art or Magic Bullet " book. However as Steve says, astrophotography is a two stage process, the acquisition and the processing. Unfortunately my library of data is limited (queue the excuses of family and work etc.) ... and I would really love to improve my processing, but having limited data is a bind (I even have Adam Block's tutorials!). But has anyone ever thought of sharing their data publically, or to be honest I would be perfectly happy buying decent data for a fair price just to learn skills in lieu of my own data at the moment ? - Gap in the market, or just not feasible? Alistair
  8. Just saw this on FLO - have since ordered - really looking forward to this :-)
  9. Hello, I have a F5.9 refractor with a 478mm focal length. I recently bought a Hotech field flattener, which stated backfocus as 55mm. I had no problem in achieving the 55mm backfocus, but my subs all had stars streaking away from the middle of the frame. To me this has usually says my spacing is not sufficient. So I went to 57mm, and the subs were near identical. I was only taking 20s subs so there was little change of trailing etc. However, I have recently read some reviews where people with faster scopes than me have has to use 70mm backfocus. Is this really the case(?) - what would be a sensible approach to getting correct backfocus, as I don't really want to go incrementally from 55mm to 70mm in 0.5 delrin spacers? Thanks Alistair.
  10. Horizonmap

    Thanks for that - looks good
  11. Horizonmap

    Hello, Could one of you good folk please tell me how to go about creating a horizon map? I was thinking I could load this in to Stellarium so that I knew what was available to image\observe from my location. Thanks Alistair
  12. Hello, I often hear mention of the 2/3rds focusing method that suggests not focusing on a central star, but rather on one 2/3rds the way from the centre. Obviously this can be done manually with a B mask, but I was wondering has anyone managed to do this with software packages. For example will SGP allow for this scenario? Alistair
  13. Hello, My scope has tube rings that are attached to a mounting plate via 6 screws. The gaps the screws go through allow a fair amount of wiggle room. But what I was wondering was, what if, when tightened down, the scope is not square to the mounting plate. How would that affect the image Thanks Alistair
  14. Adam Block Tutorials

  15. Just wondering - does dust on the objective make that much of a difference to flats, or are dust motes more of a factor the nearer the sensor the dust artifact is?