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  1. Hello, I often hear mention of the 2/3rds focusing method that suggests not focusing on a central star, but rather on one 2/3rds the way from the centre. Obviously this can be done manually with a B mask, but I was wondering has anyone managed to do this with software packages. For example will SGP allow for this scenario? Alistair
  2. Hello, My scope has tube rings that are attached to a mounting plate via 6 screws. The gaps the screws go through allow a fair amount of wiggle room. But what I was wondering was, what if, when tightened down, the scope is not square to the mounting plate. How would that affect the image Thanks Alistair
  3. Adam Block Tutorials

  4. Just wondering - does dust on the objective make that much of a difference to flats, or are dust motes more of a factor the nearer the sensor the dust artifact is?
  5. Adam Block Tutorials

    Just went ahead and purchased 😀
  6. Adam Block Tutorials

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Adam Block's tutorials - specfically the Photoshop one. My one concern is that to get the most out of it, I will need copies of PI, CCDStack and PS - which is a big outlay. I already have PS, AstroArt and PI Lite - so I guess i should be able to work my way round some bits. http://www.adamblockphotos.com/store/c3/Tutorials.html Alistair
  7. Charterhouse Observatory

    I believe Mark Woodland or Chris Starr would be your best bet for Charterhouse. Maybe see here http://www.exoplanetproject.co.uk/charterhouse-exoplanet-blog/what-are-we-looking-for or speak to Wells and Mendip Astronomers. The scope at Charterhouse is fully operational, as it had a lot of work done - but I cannot confirm how much it is used - although there was a messier marathon held there earlier in the year. It is a good dark site due to being in the mendips - think i did a SQL of 21 which was not too bad (pollution from Bristol airport to the North) - but good horizons especially if you to to Blackmoor reserve, which is 1 minute away. Personally I would love to get up there more, but you do need your own power i would suggest.
  8. Hello, I have LRGB and Ha in my filterwheel and use a mono CCD. I was thinking about adding a LP filter to the end of my field Flattener. Is the IDAS LP D1 suitable for my arrangement? I presume having Ha + a LP filter in a row, has no real advantage, but also not really an issue. It's more for the RGB elements I want the LP filter. Thanks Alistair
  9. David Malin

    Interesting ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05fzt1b
  10. Glad you have that sorted. Thanks for the update😀
  11. Let us know how it turns out as i am doing something similar too
  12. I am interested in how this turns out. I thought the 64.38mm was the correct distance. The 55mm is (i thought) the distance from chip to shoulder of flattener ( but crucially including the GT81 adaptor that is supplied). I would therefore imagine the adaptor is 64.38-55mm or 9.38mm ( which, as I remember, it is ). Now, I dont use a DSLR (or adaptor) so use the 64.38mm distance for my CCD.
  13. How Flat does a Flattener get things ?

    Thanks Ronin. I am actually using a Hotech FF only as the WO FF/FR gave me issues with compression rings (another story). I think I can actually get a flatter field with the Hotech, but I am in search of the optimal setting at the moment. Thanks
  14. Hello, Recently been struggling with elongated stars. I think I have now got to the point that the last thing I need to tweak is the Field Flattener back focus spacing, as my stars are slightly radially elongated from the centre. My question is should a flattener achieve near 0 percent curvature. I have a CCD Inspector plot from my most recent attempts, should I be aiming for 0 curvature, or is that physically impossible ? Thanks Alistair
  15. Cloud Warning Mechanism

    Gnomus - on the Good Night System (free edition) - do you understand the watchdog(owl) setting ? - it says if it (phone) does not receive any meaningful communication then it will wake you up after 30 minutes. Does that mean with the paid version you can extend that period. I am not sure what benifit the paid version gives - unless the paid version is essential for SGP. Alistair