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  1. I agree, but my thinking was that the overall weight of the system will be more with the extra weight. There must be a limit to the number of weights before the mount struggles
  2. Interesting as i do agree with the shorter length camp. But by increasing the mass there must be an overall greater downward force simply due to it being a bigger weight. Is there not an effect from this ?
  3. Focuser drawtube extension

    Think I might have used the wrong term with prime focus .... As it does work and I can get focused, am I really worrying about nothing. As I image my CCD Inspector software says I am suffering from very little tilt - I am thinking if it's not broke why try and fix it. Just doesn't look too good, but I guess the focuser (Moonlite) should be expected to handle it.
  4. Hello, I have noticed that when I achieve prime focus on my refractor I am very very near the limit of its extension. It does work but, but it this anything to worry about, or should I get a focus extender? The thing with extenders, I believe, use compression rings, and I am not a fan, hence why I use a Hotech SCA (Self Centring Assembly) that does not use compression rings. Thanks
  5. I hate .... I love

    I hate the necessity that are USB cables. I don't even mind hubs, but cables always seem to give me tempremental problems and they never seem to be the right length- grrrr. However I love fuses. Managed to connect my rig to the 12V battery with reverse polarity. Heard the fuse on my distribution pannel pop - saved a lot of heartache and money. Just need to pop a new fuse in.
  6. My viewing area

    Many thanks
  7. Hello, So I live on an estate and have a small garden where my pier is set up. I am surrounded by houses. Today I went out with an iphone app and measure the angle from my scope to the roof of the house - it was 35 degrees. I guess this means I would not be able to view\image anything until it was it least 35 degrees (this is in the East direction). Is that particularly bad though ? - I think for imaging the nearer the Zenith the better, due to having to cut through less atmosphere. One fortunate thing is the house stops light from the new LED street lamps from ingressing on the garden, and generally it is a fairly dark area. (I was wondering if there was a simple way to put your horizon in to a tool like Stellarium?) Thanks Alistair
  8. Hello, This is probably lunacy, but I need some extra height to get over a garden wall. If I were to fully extend my tripod, and then put a further 80cm of height I would be ok. So I was thinking in order to get the 80cm is it even possible to connect two HEQ5 pillar extensions (from Skywatcher). Then connect the double pillar extension to the tripod, and finally the mount to the top of the extension ? Total height would be about 162cm and I would be putting 10kg of OTA\imaging gear on top. Lunacy ? Thanks Alistair
  9. Does anyone know is a HEQ5 pillar extension will fit on a Berelbach tripod. I sort of assume that it must be able to. Alistair
  10. Astro Clear out (go on treat yourself ;)

    That's a shame but understandable. Was wondering if I might bump in to you again on the Mendips. Hopefully now it is getting dark I can make an effort to get down there - if the weather ever gets better. Enjoy the dobs šŸ˜€ Alistair
  11. Hello, There are plenty of second hand 135mm prime focus lenses on ebay. I am thinking of buying one purely for astro on my modified DSLR. What should I look out for when buying a lens and are their any pitfalls or things I should avoid. Thanks Alistair
  12. Hello, I was thinking about Mini PCs and the like, and how people use these mounted on their OTA to enable wifi and to remove cable clutter and enable automation. This all sounds good in practice, but I worry that using a mini PC or compute stick in the open elements is just asking for issues. I use a Carnetix USB, which has never let me down, but I actually run a heated element to it, so that dew does not form, and I treat the USB connectors with a special paste\glue that forms dew barrier, but is conductive. Surely mounting a mini PC, unless protected in some 'bulky' case, is going to ask for problems ? I like the idea, but I can see it being more infuriating. (My actual idea was to (in the field) have Teamviewer or Tight VNC running from a laptop in the car, whist the rig run remotely outside - but I think I will stick to having a wired PC connection). Any thoughts ? Thanks Alistair
  13. Slightly off topic, but mounting these externally when there are sub zero temps and dew to deal with make me wonder if they are really suitable for outdoor use. Anyone have any experience of running these on the OTA or similar?
  14. Hello, I am looking at the spec of this mini PC It says it runs on 12v DC. Would this be safe to connect up to a 12V car battery ? Thanks Alistair
  15. Anyone know where you can get a RJ45 to USB FTDI cable (the control cables for HEQ5/NEQ6) other than 1.8m. Ideally I only need 1m, but everywhere seems to be 1.8m. Thanks Alistair