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  1. Hello, What the most important thing to monitor in your Obsy ... Too Cold \ Too Hot \ Too Damp (Humid) \ Too Dusty \Not enough air circulation. How have you combated these - heaters \ dehumidifiers \ extraction fans \ HEPA air filters ? Thanks Alistair
  2. Hello, Hoping this should be an easy one ? I have been imaging a target and have a set of associated flats for that session. However I have knocked my rig. I still want to carry on with the same target but want to do another set of flats. So my question is: How do I stack the two sets of data, as they will have different associated flat files. Do I stack separately and then combine for example ? - and combine how ? Thanks Alistair.
  3. Hello, My camera slightly rotated on the filter wheel today as I was handling the scope. It was just a fraction, and I have moved it back to the usual spirit level position. Will I need to retake my flats ? - My image train is fairly clean, but will vignetting be affected ? If now I take some more images on a target I have been working on, will I have to stack two sets with respective flats ? Thanks Alistair
  4. Hello, Has anyone used the Temperature Compensation Trainer in SGP. Is it worth doing for the UK climate ? Thanks Alistair
  5. Hello, Not too sure where to put this question, but I have always had it .... Initially I am in Sequence Generator Pro with my Atik attached and cooled to -20C. Next for some reason there is a crash and I need a reboot - (no big deal). When the Camera connects (given there has probably been 45 seconds gone by since the crash). The starting temp is usually around 0 degrees. This means I have to wait another 20 minutes for it to cool down to -20C. Given there was only a short period between it being at -20C, I find it had to believe that this is the case. Than
  6. Hello, If I want to upgrade to Win 10 Pro (from Home). What's the easiest way ? (I would like to avoid a full reinstall) [Specifically I have found that Win 10 Home does not fully support RDP - so I want to enable that functionality that Pro has]. Thanks Alistair
  7. Hello, This is about 16 hours of Ha 7nm data. Still getting to grips with processing - all comments welcome. Moon was over 90% for this capture - so quite pleased with how it has turned out. No noise reduction, not sure I should though ? Thanks Alistair
  8. Hello, I am using curves in Photoshop CC. My issue is that when I push a curve in the standard way it is actually darkening, rather than lightening it. It almost as if I have inverted the way the curve works. Any idea why this is happening - driving me mad at the moment ? Thanks Alistair
  9. Hello, When not in use I tend to remove my scope from my EQ6, but leave the counterweights attached to the bar. The weights are only a couple of inches down from the mount head, but I was wondering if this is adding unnecessary strain, and that perhaps I should remove them ? Thanks Alistair
  10. Thanks Carole, I have subscribed to your youtube channel - looking forward to more episodes already. Alistair
  11. Hello, I managed to get about 20hrs on the Eastern Veil in Ha. Just wondering if anyone knew of a step by step tutorial to process Ha only - (can be Photoshop or Pixinsight)? Thanks Alistair
  12. Hello, If I can I want to try recording a PEC graph tonight. When trying this, do I guide at the same time or leave guiding off until the PEC is complete ? Thanks Alistair
  13. Do you know if the upgrade preserves settings ?
  14. hmm did find this comment - which I thought strange: http://welshdragoncomputing.ca/eqmod/doku.php?id=setting_mount_limits It infers that manual slews can go past the meridian limits. Maybe that is what I am missing here ? Operations to which limits not applied are: Park Unpark & Goto (*new feature) Manual slews initiated by the EQASCOM direction pad or external gamepad
  15. Hello, I am on EQMOD v2.00k and have been trying to set Mount Limits. I am following the guide on youtube by Chris, but when I finally enable limits I am still able to slew pass the limit. Anyone else had this issue. Happens if I set the default limits also. Thanks Alistair
  16. Hello, Not had to do one of these for a long while. but having changed my set up I do now. Is it best to be pointing as near to Dec 0 as possible and close to the meridian. If I am out at 9pm today from my SW UK location I can see Altair is at RA/DEC (J2000) 19h50m47s/+8deg52min13s. Does that sound like the right area to be in? Indeed why does it actually make a difference as to getting a good calibration ? Thanks Alistair
  17. Hello, I keep my mount only outside under a good waterproof breathable cover. However being paranoid about wet getting 'in' I also use a bin liner on the inside, - but I have begun to notice condensation on the inside of the bin liner. Just looking for thoughts on what i could do. I was thinking of putting some sort of heated fan under the covers, but I only have a 12v dc supply, and any heaters I have found will draw too big an ampage from my supply (rated about 8A). There are pet blankets which I thought also might be a possibility, or maybe just blowing air around would work (without t
  18. Hello, Got myself a EQ6r this week, and have been reading the manual. However, what do I need to know to enable PPEC. In the most recent versions of EQMOD I see there are two selection boxes "Record PPEC" and "Enable PPEC". I am after a guide on how I can use those I think. Thanks Alistair
  19. Thanks for the replies. I have moved the scope forward on the plate, and that has allowed me to remove 1.5kg of front loaded counterweight. I am guessing as the rig is balances, that having the scope more forward than before is not an issue ? - that was my remaining concern . I expect he answer to be that it does not matter, as it is to do with moments about a centre point. One thing I have noticed is that the remaining weights I do have placed a the front of the scope, need to be placed slightly off to one side to attain perfect balance. But I think that makes sense too as the dist
  20. .... or does it just make more sense to move the scope forward anyway on the current plate ? I think my question would then be would if having the scope "so" far forward would affect balance\turning momentum etc ? - or does that matter - as simply if it's balanced then it is balanced ? ... thanks
  21. Hello, My scope is fairly well balanced, however I have to put probably nearly 2kg of counterweight on the front end of the scope in order to counter the weight of the camera at the rear. This has always seemed an unnecessary burden on the mount. My question is if I were to get a "long" Losmandy style plate, and fling the scope "forward", would this then allow me to possibly remove this excess weight ? - Indeed is this a better solution at all ? Thanks Alistair
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