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  1. wish I had 80 degrees lol and a c14 edge. oh and live in brazil lol. im imaging mars next week at 15 degrees oh boy. I suppose itll be like a jelly . very nice image
  2. ive also got the option of fastar f2 with my scope?
  3. my mount has load capacity same as your eq6 gt so my cgem is ok? the zwo 174 camera should be ok for many dso's. take a look at Emil Kraaikamp's dso's ( auto stakkert) they are amazing.my camera has 2.3megapixels 1936x1216, pixel size 5.86. with the f6.3 reducer I should get many dso;s? obviously not things like horsehead etc but enough for me at the moment
  4. have you got the original receipt for these? . did you buy these from new?how old are they? thanks chris
  5. what more suitable imaging set up would you suggest?
  6. thanks dave. im worried about the extra weight on the mount as well. something really light would fit the bill too.max weight on the cgem is 18kg. my ota is already 9 kg then my finder scope 9x 50 etc
  7. hi there ive only done planetary imaging. which guide scope/camera is best for beginning dso imaging. ive got a c925 with f6.3 reducer with a zwo 174mc camera.ive been looking at the celestron 80mm scope and celestron next guide autoguider. any advice please?
  8. im also using usb 3. on Jupiter I can get 80 ish fps if the histogram is low.640 x480. I keep my traffic at 80 to avoid dropped frames.
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