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  1. Give the device hub a go it seemed to work fine when I was messing last night.
  2. exactly what i have done and all seems to be working fine. got to do proper tests though and that will be after i fix my dome issue. Tomato have you tried it through Device Hub? also what version of Ascom are you on
  3. Hi Does anyone know how to enter a negative GEM value in Device Hub, i need it to be -46ish. Also not sure if somebody could confirm but in POTH my radius was set to .9935m so assume it is just going to be 994mm
  4. hi tomata i have managed it now through device hub, but just got the next problem of trying to configure the dome settings in it. I cant work out how to put a negative gem offset value in
  5. Hi tomato, i also have this problem but cant get my to work with your work around either
  6. Starnet, remove the stars then add them back in in PS layer set to screen. I've being experimenting with it so stars don't get white clipped.
  7. Hi Ive been messing with this one for quite a while but ultimatley had terrible RGB data especially in green, i think at the time of shooting the green had either been affect by high cloud or even sunrise, this was shot back at the start of September. This is taken with ASI1600mm with Samyang 135mm Ha - 29 x 300sec R - 30 x 120sec G - 12 x 120sec B - 30 x 120sec
  8. Cheers Stu, I thought the view would be to wide to get a planetary nebula
  9. Hi This is my attempt at Kembles cascade, if you stare it is there. Did try to selectivley enhance the stars In the cascade but still kept bringing out too much background. Image details AS1600M RGB 120s subs 2hours each channel with samyang 135mm Also there is a strange blue object top centre anyone know what it is, Artifact, star gone strange?
  10. Hi I have for sale as a packed the following :- Sky-Watcher Evostar 80ED Pro Outfit Sky-Watcher .85x flattener/Reducer MoonLite CF Duel Speed Lakeside Motor Focuser Kit New with the various adapters this would set you back about £1400 - £1500. All this for £800. Collection Only Details The ED80 has a few marks on the tube especially around the bolts for the Moonlite. The Moonlite is flawles and a joy to use, I do still have the original unit also. As you can see the motor fucusser is attached and ready to go. The lens ha
  11. Hi mAnKiNd Where did you get the bracket for the Stepper motor?
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