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  1. Hi Am I not right in saying it can be short as this would just allow the lens to focus past infinity
  2. Not a bad price it cost me £60 have m48 version knocked up at a fabricators in UK but it was a massive pain to do
  3. Yeah potentially clear here too. Might try stopping down and a few test shots. I've got the ts ring also but would prefer something a bit more fitted
  4. I will look forward to seeing it. Also one of my faves being flirting with it since I started AP. This is the perfect focal length to frame it nicely. I'll try stopping it down if all good ill look into getting a ring as you mention. Regarding auto focus I was contemplating an opposing toothed belt but found with it under tension it seemed fine. What is the size of the rings you have holding the asi.? Hi Alan its a badaar 7nm Ha I'm sure I read it was OK at F2 1.25in but as Adrian mentions above he had the issue with both 1.25 and 2 inch but I won't rule it out
  5. Hi Mark I don't think its the focus, its all mechanically controlled and seems to be in focus across the majority of the picture. Hi Adrian Ill try stepping it down a couple of stops and see if that clears it up, I don't want to go down to far else start to lose one of the main reason for having the lens.
  6. Hi All Took this one a week or so ago, first go with a my new 135 and ASI1600, can somebody let me know if they think the corner star shapes are spacing related or something else. I should be well inside the 44mm back focus
  7. Cheers Carole I think I underestimated how faint it was. Even with all the subs it needed quite harsh stretching. Moon probably didn't help much either
  8. Hi This is my first attempt with the ASI1600, probably not the best target as the galaxy is relatively faint. Lum 154 x 180 Blue 62 x180 Red 48 x 180 Green 30 x 180 Had a surprisingly large amount of issues and had to throw away a couple hundred frames due to poor star shape
  9. If you want the camera at prime focus you need an extension tube
  10. I'm on hol never thought to bring anything with me. The milky-way stands out to say the least
  11. I'm currently in a class 1 bottle area 21.99 sky's but only have a smart phone what can I do?
  12. Thanks it does appear to be between the elements, no where near as bad as that though. anyone ever taken an ED80 front cell apart?
  13. Bad connection is a good shout I just crashed my system by knocking the camera usb cable while it was downloading
  14. Hello Alan The CDC problem is the date in CDC correct, mine drifts for some reason and I end up pointing in the wrong place. The other parts are you using a USB hub? how are the various cameras connected, I couldn't have the guide camera running anywhere near the imaging camera as it jammed everything up. Thumbs up for the HP desktop im using an old refurbed one
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