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  1. I’m very glad you did know this one..lol...and thanks for replying. Ray
  2. Hi all, I’m helping a friend out tomorrow with her EQ3 pro, she wants t guide with it...o.k. No worries....limitations with this mount but it’s a start! so..my question is can the EQ3 pro use the eqdirect cable......??......I can lend her my ftdi cable is it can. Ray
  3. Hi all, been a while since I’ve posted! Ive not done much imaging lately, the weather for me has been the biggest hurdle, however; I’m of to Spain for a few weeks in February and I plan to take a Coronado PST and a tripod... i plan to use my guide camera the QHY5-Lii mono for imaging and a 4x Barlow... I’ve not done much solar imaging so I need a little advise on the kit I’m planning to use...i.e. is it good enough, is f40 going to get me close up (I’m assuming it will) what software would you recommend and what frame rate is achievable? i have an opportunity to purchase used Imaging source DMK 21AU618.AS MONO camera.....would this be better than the qhy5-Lii? Ray
  4. It’s a great idea in principle, I’ve been doin* it for some time, however in the uk; it’s really fraught with difficult our weather doesn’t lend self to long subs, our average seeing is pants due to the moisture that lingers so good conditions are rare. but...it is worth it and I’ll continue to do it, you just have to have patience and don’t get eager to accept subs that just aren’t good enough because they are long. thats a great sub and well done. Ray
  5. I have just completed a 4 pane mosaic with friend and we found it very difficult, in mainly due to the uneven background, so the 1s answer to the question is to try, insofar as you can to balance the backgrounds of the two halfs. the next thing is to try and separate the stars from the nebula or whatever is in your image...pixinsight does this well and so does Stratton software. but then you have to recombine...not easy to do. but the short answer to the question you ask is: for us, we used pixinsight, Stratton, photoshop CS5/6 and Images pus software..
  6. After 10 weeks of capture, 101 hours of data, 2 EQ 8's.... 2 Takahashi FSQ106 Ed's... 2 different CCD cameras with different filters, we have finally together IC 405 (Flame Nebula) NGC 1893 & IC 410 Tadpole Nebula...after 30 hours of processing for a difficult target. Ha 150x20min's O111 76x20min's S11 77x20min's Processing with Pixinsight, Photoshop CS5/6 & Images Plus ComboAll18_Resized.tif
  7. Hi all, I've had a USB cable fail, can anyone recommend a good USB over Cat 5 option...I need about 30 mtrs coverage Ray
  8. O.k folks cheers for the replies, I have got pause guiding ticked so to speak, but it doesn't work for me! Odd....I'll recheck it out.. yes it is the focus I bother about, my offset is quite large between the Astronomik lum filter and my 3 nm Astrodons. Ray
  9. I'm currently guiding using a guide scope, quite successful I might add.. but...I'm looking at guiding with longer focal lengths and off course off axis wins out here, I use a QSI 583 wsg so it has the off axis capability and with my qhy5L-ii mono it's a good system potentially. What prevents me from switching over completely to off axis is the filter offsets between my Astrodon nb filters and my astronomik lum filter... my question is: how do imagers find the issue of offsets in off axis guiding? i generally only use my lum filter for plate solving and focusing so that's not a major issue, but Sgpro doesn't yet allow me to pause guiding during focus etc Ray
  10. The 3nm are good to be sure, however..signal can be very very weak, I've run 20 x 20 mins on a target recently without much to show for it, be prepared to take long and lots of subs. Ray
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