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  1. Buzzard75

    DIY Lunar Filter

    The threads fit inside the dew shield and the threads on the scope, but the housing of the filter does not. The OD of the filter housing is about the same as the OD of the dew shield. It mates up pretty nicely with the dew shield actually. There are not a lot of threads sticking out of the filter to be able to wrap anything around to give it a firmer fit, good thought though. I'll just secure it with several pieces of tape for tomorrow and get myself a step-down ring for future more permanent use.
  2. Buzzard75

    DIY Lunar Filter

    Oooh, that might work. I didn't even know that was a thing. Won't do me much good for tomorrow night, but I might have to get me one of those. EDIT: I looked at it a little bit closer and I think I might need it to go the other way. The filter is too small so I need something that has a larger thread on the bottom that would screw into the scope. I'll look for a step-down ring
  3. Buzzard75

    DIY Lunar Filter

    Didn't work. As I suspected, the thread on my scope is slightly too large to fit the 82mm filter. Oh well. I should still be able to tape it on or something. As I have no intention of using this for anything other than my little spotting scope for public outreach or personal observation, I'm not too concerned about the adhesive sticking to the filter and the filter housing itself is slightly larger than the actual clear objective so it shouldn't be an obstruction.
  4. Buzzard75

    DIY Lunar Filter

    Got home and checked the scope again. It does actually have threads on the objective so a photography filter may just work. The problem is, the threads appear to be slightly larger than the 82mm of a standard filter so I have no idea if an 82mm filter is going to fit. Next size down is a 77mm and next size up is a 95mm. I bought an 82mm anyway. If it fits, if fits. If it doesn't, I'll make it fit or find some other use for it or someone else who can use it.
  5. Buzzard75

    DIY Lunar Filter

    I'm not worried about it coming into contact with the objective. It has an extendable light/dew shield that normally sticks out a centimeter or two past the objective. I'd just need to find one large enough and with a fairly low transmisivity.
  6. Buzzard75

    DIY Lunar Filter

    I have a nice 80mm spotting scope that works great for the moon. Problem is, it's really bright. The other problem is it uses proprietary eyepieces. The easiest thing to do would be to construct a filter for the objective, but not sure what to use for filter media. The only thing that comes to mind is window tinting material. Anyone have experience making such a filter?
  7. Buzzard75

    Lunar Eclipse 21st January 19

    Ours is going to be middle of the night cold around 11:40-12:40 local time, subfreezing temperatures, 20-25mph winds and looking like 60-70% cloud cover.
  8. Buzzard75

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    For all of those that care, all seems to be in order. I was able to get out for a few minutes this afternoon before the sun got too far down. Probably not the best time to try and view the sun, just before sunset or right after sunrise, but it's the only time I've had free this week when the sun is still up. In any case, I was able to get the sun focused and was able to pressure tune to the point that I was able to start seeing granulation in the sun. The rest of the fam couldn't, but I'm not sure they really knew what to look for either. There wasn't a LOT of contrast, but I wasn't expecting there to be as there isn't much solar activity at the moment and I'm only using a single tuner. I just did a quick scan around the disk for any solar prominences, but I didn't notice any that were immediately obvious. If I'd had more time, I probably would have played with the tuning and scrutinized the limb a bit more. Now I need to start saving up for a DS and a focuser.
  9. Buzzard75

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    They didn't appear to affect the function so I was never overly concerned about them. I suspected what they were from, I was just extremely surprised and disappointed they were present on a new scope. I have no intention of returning unless there's something wrong with the etalon. Unfortunately, it's not going to clear up around here any time soon. I think they put too many clouds in the box for packing material and they all got out when I opened it.
  10. Buzzard75

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    Just received a response from Lunt. They said the wear is normal and can actually occur from testing and sent me two pictures of their own. While I find it mind boggling that a coating designed to help prevent wear is actually wearing, at least I have piece of mind knowing it most likely came like this from the factory. Now I just need a sunny day to test the etalon.
  11. Buzzard75

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    So response from the shop is that the telescope is in fact new, as I suspected, and had not been opened since it left Lunt. They also stated the wear of the anodize coating is normal and will occur after only a few travels of the focuser, which it would have done under testing. If that's the case, that's some pretty terrible coating. I work with aircraft components and am very familiar with anodize coatings and I've never seen one wear that fast. One of the main purposes of anodizing is to prevent wear. Now I think I'll get in touch with Lunt and see what they have to say.
  12. Buzzard75

    Finally, everything fell into place for one night.

    I haven't touched my telescope in probably close to three months because I just haven't had the time and when I have had the time, it's cloudy. It's just been a miserable winter here except the last week or so. I keep saying I need to retire so I can get out my gear and stay up late whenever I want. Tonight though, the skies are supposed to be completely clear and the wind will be around 5mph. But it's going to be chilly on the coast of Carolina! Looking forward to seeing Orion through my 12" dob again though. Glad you were able to get out yourself.
  13. Buzzard75

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    No, not at all. I'm still excited about it and as I said, it all seems functional. But yes, if I purchase something that I am led to believe is new, I expect it to be in pristine condition. I am more than capable of adding my own personalized markings. When I get a chance to fully test it, I will certainly do so. As I said, everything seems to be functional. I'm mostly concerned with the etalon. If everything checks good and it provides good performance, then no, I see no reason to send it back and risk getting a worse one since I know they're not all created equal. I would just like someone to tell me why a brand new item has such a glaring quality escape. I don't know how deep it goes into the parent metal, if at all. I'll see if I can catch my finger on it and I'd use the loop more out of curiosity. Part of my job is to inspect broken and damaged aircraft parts and figure out if we can fix them and how. Like I said, it all seems functional, I just really need to test the etalon with some good sun exposure and not through a tree. I completely believe it to be simply a cosmetic issue, but would like some answers as to why it even exists in the first place if this truely is a new item. Another part of my job is quality control. Per Lunt's policy, if you purchase from a dealer and that item is found to be damaged upon receipt, you are to contact that dealer and follow their return policy for inspection and repair. So I'm going that route first. If it is a new item though, I believe this should fall into Lunt's warranty, as this was obviously not shipping damage and appears to have come straight from them.
  14. Buzzard75

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    The mark on the focuser wheel axle boss appears to be from the molding process. I believe that part is made of plastic. I'm willing to let that one slide. I got a pretty good discount on it at purchase. I've since contacted the store I bought it from and asked about the origin of the scope. They were closed for the day when I tried to contact them so I'm waiting to hear back from them now. As I said previously, all indications are that it was a new, in box item. All the orginal packing tape from Lunt on both boxes was intact. In fact, the shipping label to my house from the store I bought it from online was placed over top of the original shipping label directly from Lunt to the store. The Lunt-to-store label was on top of all the tape so I'm fairly confident it was an unopened item. I will most likely upgrade the focuser at some point though. The stock focuser works well enough for me and the mount and tripod I put it on is sturdy enough that the image doesn't bounce too much. A motorized focuser sounds nice. I'm at work now and I'll have to look at it more closely with a magnifying loop when I get home, but I don't believe it's gouged into the drawtube. It appeared to just be the top layer of anodizing. As I said, I did get a really good deal on it. I actually got such a good deal on it, the money I saved would pay for the Lunt feather touch focuser upgrade and then some. It appears to work correctly otherwise. I knew it was a good deal going into it so I was actually suspicious of it, but took the chance. For that reason I printed out the page listing just in case. My real concern is there were no indications on the website listing that it was a used, open-box or refurbished item. If it falls into any of those categories, it must be advertised as such. Again, other than this mark, it appears to be new. Whether they come back and tell me they did or didn't know about it, but are willing to do something, great. If they aren't willing to do anything about it, then we've got an issue. If they claim it was new and no fault of their's, then I'll go to Lunt as it should fall under warranty. If they claim it wasn't actually new and aren't willing to compensate somehow, then they're going to have a problem of the legal variety.
  15. Buzzard75

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    But when it's brand new?

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