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  1. Welcome UHF:) I agree with the above, Turn Left At Orion is almost regarded as a classic these days, and it's very useful indeed!! Dave
  2. Me to!! I used to have a scope similar to the one you're talking about (I had an AstroMaster 70AZ), and it was great for me as a beginner. I highly reccomend both Stellarium and Turn Left at Orion, the're both great. Have fun!! Dave P.S. I'm the same age as you!!
  3. I was looking at it too!!! Very beatufil, and I agree that the 25mm EP is the best for this job! Dave
  4. Explorer 130P SynScan Report - 08/04/2010 Clear Sky - No Moon 130P scope - 650mm FL (f/5) EP's: 25mm, 10mm, 9mm and a 2x Barlow Visual Mag. 3.8 bordering onto 4 Location: Lat = 52 degrees, 45.5 minutes North, Long = 0 degrees, 53.8 minutes West (N 52.6 and W 0.54 is what I used for the SynScan) Started to set up at about 6p.m., to let the scope cool. Went out at about 8.30 p.m., when I started to see some stars around. Aligned using Betelgeuse and Denebola, which proved to be successful. At that moment, The batteries went dead. :). Ran inside, got 4 new batteries (cba to change all 8!!). R


    Hi people, haven't really been posting lately... anyway as you may have already noticed, I now own a new scope, which is easy to use!! UPDATE ON SCHOOL RESULTS:: Maths: 154/159, 95%, 5th highest in my year group (highest MALE score though :p) Science:: Biology: 48/50, A* Chemistry: 44/50, A (1 mark off A* :mad::mad:) Physics: 43/50, A (2 marks off A* :mad::mad::mad:) Thats all for now folks, A level Italian mid-may, and about 1 million more exams at the end of may and end of june :icon_eek::icon_eek:!!!
  6. Can you control a AZ SynScan mount with Stellarium??
  7. BTW, my first pic was taken through a digital camera, try one of them too
  8. well played... my mobile wouldnt be able to take something like that Dave
  9. no diagonal, and I tried your method john with all 3 eps, but still no luck
  10. Last night I (finally) set up my kit, pointed the scope at the pleadies, slotted the EP in and....it doesn't focus at all. The 'longer' the focusing tube comes out, the more it focuses, but it never reaches to be a sharp image. Help? Dave
  11. the one with the depot closest to you!
  12. good considering the seeing....!
  13. you will definetely get a better result with a camera, as long as the object is tracked and it has a fairly long exposure on it... a ccd would be even better, but costs a lot more. hope this helps Dave:)
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