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  1. Hey Fellow Astronomers. I was curious about Sky-Watcher Synguider Autoguider II, and the Celestron StarSense Accessory for Sky-Watcher Mounts. Can you use these together on the same mount? Lets say with an EQ5 pro ? or a lesser mount. Also can they be used with an alt/az mount? say a goto dob. I know you cant really do any good astro photography with the goto dobs but I@m wondering would the auto align work, and then the auto guide keep it aligned for longer so to speak?
  2. what would you say is the best double star splitter per price category? £2000 and up £1000 to £2000 Under £1000 I had an old mak 127 years ago and was amazed how well it split doubles.
  3. When you look through the EP you see all that colored noise? if so then it would REALLY put me off, especially considering the price.
  4. An object a dark orange/brown travelling north to south. Half pea sized at arms leather with a fuzzy outline. Object travelling fast, after about 40 degrees above horizon sharp right angle towards west for approx 20 degrees. Then another sharp turn back to south, could see the drop off curve as it approached the horizon.
  5. Are there any reports for early hours of 30th June at around 0021 to 0025, observing location walsall West Midlands of anything strange? I saw something I cannot explain. Thanks.
  6. Hey SGL's how is everyone doing? I've been looking at the current EQ platforms going, Tom's from abroad with are very expensive but also the watch house platform, unfortunately I can't seem to get through via email and also only just noticed you have to actually lift this to reset it with i don't like. Is there anyone on here that has the expertise to build a platform or has on from the UK? Thanks
  7. I need to check again on another night as the clouds rolled in. I considered its sister star's but because of only getting focus when defocusing caused me some alarm, and the fact it stayed next to Vega as I slewed away. Maybe I'm just going insane from having two clear nights back to back
  8. Doing a start test to test my 9.25 collimation. I noticed on defocus there seems to be a blue star, but this is only visible when you start to defocus as it starts to focus in. Very weird. I slewed the scope around check its not the scope or eyepeice but the object stays close to vega. The only reason I saw it was because of defocusing to do my star test, First time I've seen this. What is it ? its very blue visually.
  9. What location are these captured from ? I think that IS THE best Mars capture on here I've ever seen. Incredible.
  10. Here are my custom dew shields for my 10 inch orion and 12 inch skywatcher a few years ago... Really crude but hey it did the job
  11. Hello, Took the evo 9.25 out tonight "still only have the terrible 40mm celestron plossl" I'm wondering what you guys use to split the double double? Doubles are probably my favorite object at the moment. I used to split the 4 stars easily with my old 5 inch mak at high mag but cant remember the actual mag I used. Tonight I used my 40mm plossl with my 2x barlow to give 117x and it just about split it. Whats the lowest magnitude you clearly split with black space between in the double double ?
  12. Thanks Dave that made have changed the diagonal I'm getting, I thought it may effect where it reaches focus, I remember the old days using extension tubes
  13. I'm using a Celestron 9.25 SCT, the only reason I wanted to use them in my 2" barrel is so I dont have to keep putting the 1.25 adapter back in.
  14. Hello, I'm planning on getting the SW 2" diagonal wich has the 1.25" adaptor too. My plan is to not use the 1.25" adaptor as I'm planning on purchasing some 1.25" Hyperions that slot into a 2" barrel. My question is will the view at the EP be different, will I lose FOV by slotting them into a 2" and not into the 1.25" ? These are the EP's and diagonal http://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-planetarium/baader-hyperion-68-degree-eyepiece.html http://www.firstlightoptics.com/diagonals/skywatcher-di-electric-star-diagonal.html
  15. Didn't realise they only do the colour of the 224. Seems a very good camera, how well would the moon be captured with this? Cant seem to find any images of the moon with the 224, Also is an IR pass filter an option for a colour camera? Thanks.
  16. Thanks Neil. Is the mono version much more sensitive than the color ? I know in the past from the spc900 days Mono was significantly sharper than any color cameras.
  17. Hello Neil thanks for the reply, always like seeing your pictures and strive for similar. Are you talking about the ZWO ? I'm still pondering with one to get and if to go mono.
  18. That's excellent. Did you use rs6 or photoshop ?
  19. Started using AS2 and then wavelengths in RS6. Noticed on some data I captured 3 moons i nthe same shot. Rather pleased with these 2 images.
  20. First light a few weeks ago with my friends SPC900 and IR Cut filter I noticed Jupiter looked very blurry and I couldnt seem to focus, yet when I removed the filter It was noticeably better.
  21. I see so for high f ratios this camera isn't the one to go for. I'll keep researching also, all a learning experience
  22. First attempt at trying something like this. Captured over an hour, spacing is 5 minutes apart.
  23. The SPC900 I have is actually my friends on loan. I'm planning on getting a camera soon but unsure what to go for. My budget is £300 - £500 I'm keen on the ZWO cameras. the ZWO ASI178MM USB3.0 is in the price bracket, seems high resolution for planetary imaging though ? I'd also be using it for lunar, I also did consider a Color camera but planning on getting a filter wheel down the line.
  24. Thank you all. Wanted to stay out until reached peak height but unfortunately had to be up for work
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