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  1. Excellent, nice colour balance
  2. Nice, the core is well maintained and not blown out
  3. Wonderful detail, a very nice collection of images! Mark
  4. Very nice, and quite stunning at full size Mark
  5. Wow, very nice images, I especially like the full disc images. Were these single images, or composite. Mark
  6. These are not complicated, and I am sure are available in Bulgaria https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/d-link-refurbished-dhp-309avre-powerline-av500-network-kit/6000195966809?cmpid=sem_pla_google_en_none_6000195966809_1000320038305526000189936486_1282&cmpid=sem_pla_google_en_none_869128514_43896172956_None&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIovLDkPiR2gIVBlgNCh0XbwKkEAYYASABEgI3P_D_BwE You connect one to your internet router in the house using an ethernet cable and plug into power in the house, the second goes in your observatory. Key things to remember is plug directly into power, do not use a power bar. The only time I have seen this not work is when a second fuse panel was installed in an older house and created two separate power circuits in the house M
  7. Very nice, cool to see it like this Mark
  8. Its been a long time since I have been able to get out and image the moon, too much bad weather and too much time dedicated to DSO when we had decent imaging skies Here are my recent efforts, APM 130mm/780 with ZWO 174mm and 224MC. 2X and 4X power mate and CGX. Seeing was remarkably good Comments and criticism welcome Mark
  9. Thanks I appreciate the commenta mark
  10. Very nice the tadpoles are stunning
  11. Very nice, I love the subtle colors
  12. Here is my attempt at IC 417, took 2.5 months to collect 13 hours of data, some of it with competition from the moon, resulting in the purple gradient in the upper left side that I cannot seem to remove. All of the Ha was collected during a full moon, I am glad that the 3nm Chroma filter seems to not really be affected much by the moon All in all I am pleased but wish I could get more LRGB That will have to wait till next year Comments and criticism always welcome and appreciated Mark https://astrob.in/336666/0/ ITakahashi FSQ 106N f/5 Imaging camera: Atik 383L+ mono Mount: Meade LX850 Starlock Software: Adobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit), PixInsight, Main Sequence Software SequenceGeneratorPro 2.4 Filters: Astronomik LRGB IIc, Chroma Ha 3nm Resolution: 4645x3435 Dates: Jan. 19, 2018, March 2, 2018 Astronomik LRGB IIc: 48x600" -20C bin 1x1 Chroma Ha 3nm: 10x1800" -20C bin 1x1 Integration: 13.0 hours Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 6.00 RA center: 82.059 degrees DEC center: 34.422 degrees Pixel scale: 1.509 arcsec/pixel Orientation: 1.253 degrees Field radius: 1.210 degrees Locations: Home, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Locations: Home, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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