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  1. I notice that some members are looking at ways to provide a live feed of their observing session. Is there currently any part of the lounge were links to these sessions can be found and shared with other members. Personally I'd find it very interesting to be able to view other members views especially if weather or light pollution hinders your own viewing sessions.
  2. Setting up the heq5 is always a problem when you first start, the first time I just moved the mount manually using the handset and finder. The trying new things each time, so practice pays dividends and playing in daylight and indoors helps to improve your setup time. I tend to leave the mount on the tripod and I find I can move both together to my viewing spot. I have 2 of these mounts now and my rough sequence is as follows. 1 move tripod and mount to viewing point roughly north. 2 add telescope, counterweights, handset and power. 3 setup home and level, I had to practice this
  3. I can split to sell Heq5 pro for £574 and crayford focuser with red dot finder for £110 plu p&p
  4. Hi I am selling my large 6" refractor and HEQ5 pro mount for £1100 . Since it is so heavy I would like local collection with bank transfer or cash on collection. Will update with pictures tonight. The mount and telescope are in excelent condition with the ususal marks on the dovetail bar. I have upgraded the telescope with the lovely Skywatcher black dual speed crayford focuser and high end finder. Key features HEQ5 with latest goto handset and reticule. Large 6" aperture refractor with upgraded focuser. A range of EPs 25, 20,10 and 6mm computer rs232 connect
  5. I can post this, just need to work out cost, I expect to be between £5 and £10
  6. Hi i had not thought of a swap as I have been trying to downsize my Astro gear. regards Will
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