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  1. What a mess!

    You have my sympathies, just thinking if telescope equipment is covered by a normal house contents insurance?
  2. Taken off my evostar 150, this auto focuser is in good shape. I would like £25 collected £28 posted. Sold now
  3. I have this 70mm , 400mm ota for sale £15 collected or £18 posted, prefer bank transfer to avoid PayPal fees. i think this is a popular choice for a guide scope.
  4. I recently acquired a skywatcher dual speed focuser which came with 2 flanges, I needed the large flange to fit my evostar 150 scope. So I have for sale the smaller flange. The smaller flange was fitted to a st80. So if anyone is looking for a this flange adapter it is £20 collected or £23 posted. Payment by bank transfer preferred. the last photo shows the small next to the large flange
  5. Skywatcher refractor 2" focuser slop

    Thanks Dave My focuser is the standard R & P focuser and I did find two grub screws. I also managed to lose the top plastic strip when I stripped down I must have inverted the scope while talking the pinion shaft off. Anyway I put it all back and tightening the top screws does improve the slop a lot but I still think the drawtube strips need to be replaced to make it a bit smoother. i might be getting one of those focusers soon after a recent purchase.... regards will
  6. I've noticed a lot of slop in the draw tube of my 150 evostar refractor. I noticed this can be fixed by adding teflon shims to the drawtube. Has anyone succeeded with this and if so is there a good thickness and width of tape I should buy? I think the original shim has just disintegrated. regards will
  7. You certainly can, first time I've sold on SGL so I'll send you a PM with details.
  8. I have a Philips spc900nc webcam for sale £35 including postage. £32 for collection. SOLD great condition and I tested this last night. This has the 1.25 nose piece modification. payment bank transfer
  9. Ep types

    Thanks john i'm happy with the bst starguiders, I think the quality and comfort feel good. I must admit I'm enjoying the feedback regards the complexity of these EPs. My main interest is to then get a feel for EP type preference for diffent viewing specialisms...planetary,dso etc. regards will
  10. Ep types

    Ok just used google for a quick search which suggests a link between MA and Kellner type EP. There are so many variation but I'm starting to build a picture for myself.
  11. I've already got bins, head torch, glasses holders. You have to draw the line somewhere:-)
  12. That looks fab, I would use that at night to save my knees getting damp.
  13. Ep types

    Thanks Ronin and Charic for the great replies, just what I have come to expect on this forum. This helps build my EP education.
  14. Ep types

    My questions are about EP types Ok I'm one of many who has bought some BST starguider EP and I have built up a stock of Sky watcher stock 25 and 10mm EPs but I have no idea what type of EP category they fall into PLossl, ortho etc... So with my interest now flowing I asked the eBay supplier and his quick response was he did not know either. So has has anyone worked out what type of EP the bst starguider is and also the skywatcher stock EPs. It is a confusion subject as I see lots of EP questions and EP categories are mentioned in replies but then Brands get used a lot as well without reference to the type. I.e buy a good TV or BGO. Being from an engineering background and usually I don't always fall for brands and I think my gut feeling is to build experience on more specific EP type first rather than brands. I've seen some great charts being added to topics and then I was shocked that I had no idea what type of EP I had bought.