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  1. Yes, I'm being mean and sticking to the free software for now. I expect it will be years before I exhaust the capabilities of the free software.
  2. Thanks happy-kat Downloaded now, thanks for the list. I recognised Sharpcap and registax. But DSS will be a new toy for me to play with, I don't think i had my Nikon DLSR the last time I tried to capture images. Regards Will
  3. Hi Can anyone provide me with a list of software needed for imaging. I have a Nikon 3100 camera and a Phillips SPC900NC webcam. I'm being a bit lazy I know but I did have this all setup around 6 years ago but never got much chance to use this...children, work etc:-( Now my laptop is updated with Windows 10 and all my old apps have gone. So I'll have to install everything from scratch. I know have an HEQ5 PRO mount so expecting some good results. Regards Will
  4. I had one of these 'short tube' reflectors many years ago and was disappointed finding that getting good focus even on stars let alone planets was difficult. However that aside I would recommend the budget range bst starguider 8mm eyepiece (around £45) to get a good experience. You'll keep the eyepiece after you upgrade from your starter scope. I would prefer manufacturers to provide one good eyepiece rather than 2 very average eyepieces.
  5. I have the bst starguider 5mm and I can confirm they are a good quality comfortable eyepiece at a reasonable budget price. They don't appear often on the second hand markets (maybe beacause their owners hold on to them). If you do eventually want to spend more money to upgrade to TV then you would get reasonable second hand prices for the BST.
  6. Great question, I tend to be an early starter for the early commute to London. By the time it's dark I only have the energy levels for short viewing sessions. Roll on retirement when work won't get in the way.
  7. Thanks Spill I have tried setting up during the day myself, but it seems that the accuracy of setting home will determine how well the goto function will work. I have been reseaching and have found at least 3 different methods for setting home now. I'm starting to think of doing some long exposures so looking at the most exact way to setup home with least effort and best accuracy. Up till now I think just eyeballing home and north is good enough for general viewing. Moving onto AP I know this will need more work from me on scope setup. I have seen one solution that uses a rough home initially but then slips the RA and DEC clutches to centre the first alignment star manually, this should correct any errors on the rough home setup. The downside of setting home during the day is that the mount needs to be within the range for the polar alignment to work without moving the scope. If it turns out to need a nudge then home will be out. But I think i have a lot of options to try and see which one works best for me. Will
  8. Thanks Pat, that looks just what I need. Will
  9. Looks good, what exposure did you use and any stacking?
  10. I found the youtube demo shows the use of the PEC esc feature to improve the tracking before DSO images were captured. This guy makes it look so easy, in fact he has insired me to try the same when skys improve.
  11. Hi Thanks for your input, Yes I do realise that these are 2 separate aspects of setup and that i have to polar align before the home setup. The home setup is my real problem as this is tricky enough in daylight with setting the RA and DEC using a spirit level and setting circles. So I was looking to see how others cope with the home setup part in the dark. The polar setup is ok as I clearly need the dark to find polaris, so no problems with that part. I think the feedback is I just have to get through under some level of red light to help get levels correct and reading those small setting circles. Will
  12. Yes, I was coming to the same conclusion that I need to use a well sited redlight source, not handheld. I tried using a torch but you really need two free hands for my scope to balance and set to the got home position. Just thinking that a head head torch is the way to go, I just worry what the neighbours think I'm upto!
  13. yes and good idea to remove your finder as that is just as dangerous to your eye. you can get used to just having a quick look in the finder.
  14. Thanks for the link, I have already looked at most of these and funny none really cover the problem I mentioned was that it all fairly straight forward during the day but setting home for the goto is not that easy at night. So I'm looking for tips on how owners get round this setup in dark conditions. Most youtube examples are filmed during the day and I can do that as well but I have found it tricky as the standard home setup need a spirit level while setting RA and DEC setting circles.
  15. I'm still getting used to using my new mount and can't quite get the best sequence to setup for an evening. basically it's the order of home setup vs polar alignment that I would like some input on as to what to do first. I think I have to do the home setup after polar alignment but in the dark I find it difficult to use the spirit level to get the scope set to home. So could anyone give some feedback on the best way to get polar alignment and setting home position in a dark setting. Will