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  1. Now trying to remove the motor. Wedges are inserted between the base boards and I've sprayed the area around the base of the spindle with penetrant oil. A few persuasive taps to follow. This may split the upper board however I'm expecting this.
  2. by the way any advice on lifting the motor out - especially pictures - would be gratefully received. I found a post from 2012 on this forum however the pictures were missing
  3. Managed to get the bearing off with the help of some specialist penetrant. Worked very well considering the thing wouldn't shift by other means. On to next steps now.
  4. To be more specific it is the seized bearing I am having a bit of trouble removing. I will try to get a picture on here.
  5. Hi, has anyone tried to maintain/repair the Skywatcher Synscan auto mount? I need to take it apart to replace the fibre(?) board which has suffered water damage. If there are any useful resources - diagrams, pictures, videos etc I'd appreciate some pointers. I'm pretty sure the electronics still work fine however the board has swelled and the main base bearing has corroded both of which have caused the mechanism to seize.
  6. Hi Ed I've made up a cutting template and a parts bill of materials in case any more of the bolts shear when I disassemble the existing base (One of the bolts holding the motor to the upper base sheared when I tried to remove it leaving me holding a head and part of the bolt body - well rusted). I'm considering either birch ply (and treating it thoroughly) or marine ply for the base material. The existing base is 18mm thick or very close to it which will be very close to the new material. I am considering using an alternate bearing (to replace the teflon setup) - perhaps a large lazy Susan type setup and the original thrust bearing is a bit of a mess so I will need to replace that also. Might need to borrow a jig saw or router from family/friends to work with the original pieces as templates. Then there is the challenge of cutting out the motor from the upper base board whilst leaving a recognisable template behind and damaging as little as possible around it. Thanks for the wishes! Dom
  7. Hi Ed, Thanks for the reply - I'm fairly sure it's particle board. Yes it was left outside...I know, not my best moment. I can be into DIY. I suppose if I was careful how I cut the motor out I would have a template to work from (the existing base). Having a lighter base would be a strong positive. I don't suppose anyone out there has a template or drawings with dimensions? If I go down the plywood route.I will try to post pictures here. Cheers, Dom
  8. Hi, I have a Sky-Watcher Skyliner 300P FlexTube GOTO which I am enjoying however after a period of no use the base has become very stiff. My fault, as it became wet not realising that the cover I had bought for it was not waterproof. Looking through the threads in here I found one which I followed to try to strip down the base however I have become stuck at the point of trying to remove the motor housing from the base after removing the 4 machine screws. I suspect that it is a combination of corrosion and the base material swelling which is preventing me from removing the motor from the base. When I release the worm gear from the static gear using the release lever the motor turns easily which is what is fuelling my suspicion. Any advice or suggestions would be useful as I've come to a halt in my investigation for the moment. It looks to me like I'm going to need a new base which may be a better bet anyway as the original supplied is heavy and definitely not good in the damp. Dom
  9. Hi Does anyone have experience of observing in south east Florida in late November? Just wondering if we should be thinking of seeking out any local events or bringing something portable when we head that way. Any thoughts welcome
  10. First clear night for our dob with newly acquired XW7 and Jupiter looks wonderfully bright
  11. Managed a good bit of observing on Pleiades...amazing pin sharp view and the colours...wow
  12. Well tonight we found out the problem with the finder scope.... The main scope was so far out of collimation that it made alignment impossible without matchstick shims! Solution: collimate main scope and the finder scope alignment becomes straightforward. Many thanks to Rik
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