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  1. Got to see the comet last night! Actually saw it first through the live view of my camera. Then great sight in 70x15 binoculars and an ETX 80. Found it hard to make out with the naked eye. Picture below with Nikon 5200 ISO 800 1 sec exposure f/1.8 lens, cropped and rotated.
  2. I have a Nikon D5200, with a 50mm F 1.8 lens. Any advice on ISO and exposure times for the comet... very new to this.
  3. https://ras.ac.uk/news-and-press/news/look-out-comet-neowise It is basically passing beneath the Plough over the next couple of weeks...
  4. Tomorrow night is the night I think! Predicted almost cloud free here. Hoping to snap a picture too.
  5. Does anyone go to large supermarket car parks, or service station car parks to observe? Not sure if the supermarket's would allow you to park there out of hours?
  6. Not sure if there is a mechanical way you can make the RA axis = azimuth and Dec = altitude like in Az-Eq mounts. I don't think goto or tracking would work though.
  7. Is there some slack or space between the hole in the tripod base and the bit from the mount that sticks into it? I.e. the fit is not snug? Is that what is causing the movement?
  8. So my shed has arrived, but not yet built. It's a plastic shed I'm going to house my 10 inch SCT, mount and tripod on wheeley bars, and roll out as needed. I have a Geoptik telescope cover I'll put over it too. I wondered if there are any tips for storage to prevent damage or rust to the scope, mount, electronics, metal etc? Should I get dessicants for example? Thanks!
  9. I approve of the trashcan Mac Pro . Nice mount and set up.
  10. Hello Col, Here are some pics. Not perfect set up by any means but it works. The L-bracket holding the binos is free to move on the furthest out knob giving it a micro-azimuth action. The centre knob does not allow movement and secures the long bar to the original attachment for the L-bracket, offset at an angle as shown. There are some bits of foam and padding for protection incase things swing about before everything is tightened up and balanced. If you are referring to the L-bracket I don't think that can be bent easily as it is too thick. The Orion accessory I think sits w
  11. Also for your tripod I'd check that the mount could sit on it without hitting the azimuth knob you've got there.
  12. So I'd say it's a decent mount but might need some mods by the owner to achieve its full potential. In my view a parallelogram has the following benefits over a regular photo tripod. 1) it puts the binos at a distance from the central pole making it easier to sit underneath and observe objects at high altitude, 2) it provides a smooth ('knobless') action to adjust the vertical position (which is needed together with an altitude change to observe a higher object) - this replaces the crank shaft in a phototripod, 3) useful in outreach to show the same thing to people of different heights.
  13. Definitely recommend a P-mount. My bino observing has been transformed using a Paragon mount, albeit with my own mod that makes the up-down action more fluid and stable.
  14. I had as a kid (and still have) the 50mm "200 power" one bought from Argos. Used to dream as a child about having the reflectors or even the 60mm, but way too expensive at the time. I saw Halley's comet and Saturn through that scope. After a gap of many decades I bought myself a fancy 8 inch SCT, which unfortunately got used far too little due to its weight and my poor planning. I bought wheeley bars for it, and then found they couldn't get through my door. Had to lose the 8 inch, but in more recent times have been building up a better planned set of equipment. I still have the Tasco re
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