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  1. Thanks a lot. Not at the triple stage as yet just double, I also use x2 binning when I use the Quark one up or in the Lunt. With my set up I have a JMI focuser and need about 150mm of extension once the blocker of the Lunt is out of the way. it was a bit Heath Robinson as it was a hack of extensions .I have some ali tube on order that will find its way to the lathe chuck once it arrives on Weds ( I hope) then i will try triple. I will put a picture up once I have it more presentable.
  2. Lunt 60mm D/S SM60 ZWO 178mm cam don't miss the proms below Do the clicky dance for full res. The close proms were taken with the Lunt 60 and the Quark daystar and a rather large extention tube.
  3. Seeing in the UK is somewhat limiting so i think 100mm is about as far as I would go.
  4. Ibbo!

    Found it!

    The trick is not to get distracted by the other precious items you rediscover on your search. I fail on that quite regularly.
  5. Continuing catch up time Taken while on a 3 day break in Derbyshire Lunt 60mm D/S SM60 ZWO 178mm cam Do the clicky dance for full res.
  6. Ibbo!

    Sol 7-9-21

    Thanks Charl. I have the following days capture to sort out today.
  7. Catch up time Taken while on a 3 day break in Derbyshire Lunt 60mm D/S SM60 ZWO 178mm cam Do the clicky dance for full res.
  8. To be fair mine usually ends up as a bit of corrugated cardboard scrounged from the bin held together with duct tape cos I forgot the dew band or proper dew shield.
  9. How well I know that feeling. Turn it off before I damage it.
  10. I think you need to reset the "Stack(name ) options " to default if I remember rightly.
  11. Lunt 60mm SM60 D/S Zwo 178 for full disc SW 80Ed Quark ZWO 178 for the close up
  12. Sounds like a bit of a trying session.
  13. William Optics FLT 132 QSI 690WSG-8 QSI690 Takahashi NJP Temma 2 Astrodon 31mm 3nm HA Dates:27 Aug 2021 , 28 Aug 2021 Frames:Astrodon 31mm 3nm HA: 24x600" (4h) bin 1x1 Do the clicky dance for full res.
  14. A relatively clear patch of sky. Lunt 60mm D/S ZWO178 cam
  15. Ceslestron C11 Zwo 178mc NEQ-6 Pro AS3 · Registax6 · IMPPG · Photoshop CS4 · Firecapture ZWO ADC Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector Time: 00:05 Frames: 1000 FPS: 140.00000
  16. Nice one Charl. Not looking good here again.
  17. I have an event I'm supposed to be giving a talk and showing "live" views using a cam and PC at the end of Oct and I am thinking of pulling out looking at the latest data.
  18. Thanks . It was indeed. Cheers Peter. Yes they are, I hought they were playing noughts and crosses. Thanks Pete. Took me a whle to sort out how to use the scale.
  19. Eventually got a few images out of yesterdays session. Either the seeing was soft orr I have lost the abillity to focus properly. Lunt 60 RTF D/S 80mm SW Eddy Cak lunt filter FS102 and the Quark all with the ZWO 178 cam.
  20. I sometimes put my WO132 and FS102 up together . The 102 is in collimatable rings and yes I need a bracing plate which ups the keepers to 90% rather than 50%. Brace not in place but seems to have gained another passenger.
  21. Good to see you imaging again. Glad you managed to get a session in. Still trying to beat my data from this afternoon into some sort of image, I seem to have lost the abillity to focus properly.
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