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  1. TS71 qsi cam 6 x 600 binned 2x2 for each pane. Will I get the chance to finish it this year?
  2. 5 if you can find Neptune (6 if you count Pluto as a planet)
  3. Not the best of seeing today to say the least. 101 frames of 500 FD Ha Lunt 60mm Close up Ha Quark and SW ED80 mm Cak Lunt filter with SWED80
  4. It was pointed out that there are of course 4 planets in the shot (5 if you count pluto). 7D 14mm samyang and a phone snap.
  5. 10 x 300s/panel 2x2 binned TS71 QSI cam. Most subs were affected by clouds.
  6. Justfound this on You Tube. Everybody will have seen it but I had not.
  7. Thanks Bryan, I do have some RGB but it is not playing ball.
  8. TS IS 71 with QSI690 Ha. I have reduced this down to about 50%. 5 x 600s for each pane of varying quality. APP for stacking and mosaic creation, PI & PS for prodding and poking. If anybody shows interest I will post the full size image. Do the clicky dance for full res.
  9. For cloud top detail I have gone the IR -UV/IR -UV route, using a RC scope. Hoping to get another go once Venus gets a bit higher again. These others were with no filter through a refractor.
  10. Good to hear you are planning to get bak into it
  11. Getting more difficult as it sinks lower in the sky. Lunt 60mm RFT Coronado D/S ZWO178 cam 101 of 500 frames stacked in AS2 sharpened in IMPPG and further prodding and poking in PS Do the clicky dance for full res.
  12. Ibbo!


    LRGB 20 x 300 L 30 each x 60 s RGB QSI cam TS71 do the clicky dance for full res.
  13. In PS I use the magic wand (adjust the Tolerance to suit) then open curves and drag the whit point down.
  14. I would look at pipp and virtualdub
  15. Various processes of our star today. Lunt 60mm RFT D/S 178 mm cam 101 frames of 500 stacked.
  16. Was never happy with the first process
  17. Thanks Robin. Looks like I'm getting a view once a fortnight.
  18. It grew a bit overnight
  19. Not ideal conditions last night to say the least. I did not even bother to sort out the dross just stacked all 20 subs. TS71 QSI cam 3nmha filter 20 x 600s. looks like it could do with being one of those mosaic type things
  20. Lunt 60mm D/S SM60 ZWO 178mm cam Do the clicky dance for full res. SW ED 80 Quark daystar 178mm cam
  21. Glad you got something. Note the avatar pic
  22. Thanks daz. Yes I was, clean caravan as well don't forget.
  23. 10 x s2,Ha & O3 binning 1x1 600secs with the TS71 and the QSI cam do the clicky dance for full res.
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