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  1. You will need to stop it down to f2.0 for good stars. If you want if for daylight photography, then yes, it's the best EF I have. But just for astro use get the f1.8. Cheers Ian
  2. Nice, I like. Yep, don't use cookies for between session data retention, they are off the way of the dodo. Think the easiest, HTML5 way, is localStorage. You could, if you have good 4D datasets, calculate Cn2 for seeing forecasts, but it doesn't really work for blended forecasts, you need to choose the best set and then apply it to that. Transparency also relies on 4D datasets for humidities plus aerosols and is probably a little more difficult to blend. Would be interested to hear how you are using a statistical method to choose best/blend forecasts but still keep them meteorologically consistent, if that's not proprietary, as that's a difficult one to solve. But all that aside, it's a great site, easy to use and pulls all the relevant stuff together. Much kudos to all involved. Cheers Ian
  3. The link to the CAP site was for the spiral bound physical book, not an eBook.
  4. Oops, my bad, missed the "double" bit. Yes, people do this when Amazon cannot supply it, e.g. Out of print/stock. Always try from CAP themselves: http://www.cambridge.org/gb/academic/subjects/astronomy/amateur-and-popular-astronomy/cambridge-star-atlas-4th-edition
  5. Anything wrong with the copies supplied by Amazon rather than 3rd parties, e.g. http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Cambridge-Star-Atlas-Tirion/dp/0521173639/
  6. No, you are not doing anything wrong Keep looking straight ahead and move your head/bins then the stars towards the edge are on the edge of vision. Takes a little getting used. Cheers Ian
  7. I feel your pain. For years I've been after the super goggles but everything in the x2 - x6 range has been garbage, or plastic and mainly both. If you can, try the Vixens, they are lovely, but might not suit everyone. Otherwise I'm afraid you are into the x8 range which I feel is missing the point of the Vixens but not powerful enough to be useful for real detail. Tough one. As always, nothing suits everyone for every condition. The day they bring binos out for looking at the green woodpeckers at the top of my garden, for scanning the Milky Way, to look for enemy aircraft, to look at detailed sunspots and view individual stars in M31, I'll be writing a cheque. Cheers Ian
  8. With my eyes, and my moderate LP, I reckoned on these giving between one and two magnitudes improvement. I would have to sit down with some star charts, these and my naked eye to be 100% on that. Cheers Ian
  9. 12.5mm BGO is my *most* used EP in my PST. Always said there aren't any bad EPs, you just have the wrong scope(s) right now. I've never sold an EP. Cheers Ian
  10. OK, been busy the last few days but I got a good evening outside with just these and a sun lounger over the weekend under very clear skies. Spent a good hour or so just scanning the night skies and they really are very very good. There were no nasty internal reflections or weird flare issues. I just spent the evening scanning. It is very hard to describe, so stay with me. It is a little like having super vision as the image doesn't really feel magnified much, if at all (but is), but does look much brighter and clearer than your normal vision. Just looking naked eye and with these, i suggest maybe a magnitude more, maybe two, is what you get. So scanning Ursa Major, you get all the main stars rather than the usual seven. Once your eye is "in" you start to see things you don't see with your naked eye and which are lost through a scope/normal bins. It is also very immersive in that if you remember to just look straight ahead you don't really see the edges of the image. Just remember to move your head rather than your eyes when scanning. It is something you have to try. Gave it a rest for a couple of hours and went and watched TV until around 1:30 a.m. waiting for the Milky Way to clear my Eastern horizon/trees. Back outside and up to the top of the garden. Just Wow, with a couple of expletives. Cygnus area was my main focus and it is really rather lovely. But I scanned for around 3/4 hour up and down the Milky Way and was blown away by what more you can see. I would even argue you could see "more" then with say an 8x bino or a low power scope setup. Just amazing. They did say these bins were ideal for scanning the Milky Way and Vixen are not wrong. I must have seen a lot of things I've never seen through a scope. By this time I was getting rather tired so time for bed. They really are amazing. Setup time? Ten seconds And you know what, I didn't spend all the time using them thinking "I wish I had a better EP or bigger scope". I'm not one for hyperbole, but would go so far as to say with these you have a completely different view of the night sky. Wish I had a pair when i used to do imaging, that would have complemented that well. Bottom line? 10/10 for everything. Vixen have nailed it. If I had to pick any holes at all I would say the lens caps are a little loose but that is easily fixed. Cheers Ian
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  12. I'm not 100% on my prescription as I cannot find the paperwork, but I'm pretty bad in my right eye, e.g. reading 12pt text printed out I need to hold it to within 10 inches of my face to read it if that helps. If you can try them, i would, as you need to wind the EPs inwards to get focus on furthest off objects. if you are going to IAS, try them there if you can on a distant tree.
  13. John, Not in our climes. Body heat wouldn't affect an open truss as much the residual heat of a closed tube. Once temps get down in the minus 20 C, maybe. Well, anything at that point. Cheers Ian
  14. DS will lower the amount of light so frame rates will drop for imaging, drastically. If visual, go DS. If imaging, go aperture/resolution (to a limit). Cheers Ian
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