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  1. I was a bit worried about using the eqmod, but in the end it wasn't hard - just finicky... like all PC stuff the input has to be correct or it doesn't do what you want.
  2. That fan behind your head looks dangerous.... Sometimes a jet can pass in front of the lens (well between you and the target anyway) and the con trail will keep the view messed up for quite a long time. Betelgeuse is kinda neat huh? Amazing colour and size. Try looking for a globular cluster - they're amazing to look at in even a modest scope. Not sure which ones in the Northern hemisphere are cool as I live Down Under.
  3. This floored me until I realised that the end of the sentence qualified the beginning and should have been started on a new paragraph. So ignore the syntax on that article and extract the good intentions. Good intentions which I find a little unrealistic, I'm sad to say. Enthusiasm is one of those things that makes and urges us to make, instant decisions about what we want. Telling us to go to the library is going to make us stop reading the article almost immediately. I'd say, to be fair, that most people make the usual error in buying a cheapy "to see if they like it" and end up even more fr
  4. Alas buying a scope is like buying a car, do I get a people mover, sports coupe, sedan or 4x4? Do I go cheap or luxury? Do I get all the bells and whistles? There are more bits and pieces designed for different parts of the hobby than there are types of flying insect. I suggest trying out one or two at a local star club or something before you go off and spend money on what may become the Ancient Mariner's rotting carcase round your neck. General rule is you can't photo using an alt az and you can't buy cheap gear and expect amazing pics. Both rules are easily broken by luck but not by judgeme
  5. I have to admit that it' the one thing I look at just about every time I turn on my kit. Except of course when it is not visible before 2am! We are actually part of Orion arm in the Galaxy so we're considered to be quite close to the nebula - there's a few things worth looking at thereabouts but not all visible in small scopes (less than 10") It's a wonderful way to start off your Astrophotography once you get some capable kit. You can of course do quite a bit with minimal kit but it can be frustrating. Hence the catalogues with ever better mounts and cameras. Most of which none of us will eve
  6. point the mount axis (not the scope) at the pole star and go from there
  7. Sometimes it's the obvious we miss. I had the same thing on my NEQ6pro and found it was the connection to the power supply - it lost track of where it was because the connection limited the throughput of watts. Cleaned up the cigarette lighter socket and it worked fine
  8. Odd, my lx90 is bog standard and there isn't even any backlash never mind flop. I can adjust my focus using x10 on APT and a batinov mask - which equates to 800x - without the image shifting more than a few pixels.
  9. The isopropyl alcohol has difficulty staying on the tissues out in space so I'm not going to clean it EVER
  10. Sigma Octans is the proverbial needle in a haystack. Except there's no needle and no hay. I can see it on a clear night in the polar scope, but any crud in the sky and don't bother. Have to admit I only did it once then marked my mount as it is on a pier. This weekend I'm going to a different site so I'll be using it again if it's nice - though the forecast isn't good.
  11. Quite correct lukeskywalker. Clever you are. Ask the wife you must mmm yes.
  12. Formula is focal length over the diagonal size of your sensor equals magnification. There is no light lost in the use of smaller diagoanal or adaptor.
  13. Or mount your ota on the mount with your gt81 and use one for guiding and one for ap. You can swap to either no problem. see pic
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