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  1. Great stuff. NGC 206 is a bright star cloud in M31 and a good feature to spot. I really enjoy using my 92mm refractor from dark skies. Cheers Paul
  2. That is a very long list for a short talk to 9 y.o. audience. 'Less is more'. All the above is good stuff, especially models/planets. Teach them...my very easy method just speeds up naming (planets). Cheers
  3. I have the complete Astrotrac set up. Pier, wedge, head and AT-AG. I now use a Polemaster for alignment. This carries a William Optics Star71, Canon 7D MkII and unit power finder. I have found that my problems with the AT system have disappeared with using the Polemaster. Easy to align and re-align during a session. Paul
  4. Just in from 30 mins out the back picking clear spots twixt the clouds. Just had to get some starlight!!! Canon 15x50 IS binoculars. MW easily visible from Perseus through to Scutum. Much mottling with dark dust clouds. M26 and M11 and lovely Scutum star cloud and dark nebulae. Barnards 'E' in Aquila. M71, Brocchi's Cluster. A quick branch off to M!3 and M92 in Hercules. M27 aside the Cygnus Rift. NA nebula prominent and the Eastern Veil a faint arc. M39 a triangle and the long dark 'rift' leading towards the Cocoon. Caroline's Cluster, M52, Pacman, NGC 147, M103, NGC63 in Cass, 'cluster central'. M31, 32 and 110. M33, a smudge. M15 a gem in Pegasus. Double cluster and Kembles Cascade a favourite. The stars and objects seemed especially alive tonight Wallowed in the splendour. Hope y'all get your fill of the universe soon! Cheers Paul
  5. More here..! http://www.astronomy-mall.com/Adventures.In.Deep.Space/webpages.htm Good hunting! Paul
  6. Is NC 7006 in Delphinus on your list? Paul
  7. It will be visible through 10x50s. Should be visible naked eye, if the sky is dark enough... ...however, I think that you need to wait until your late winter/spring for it to be above the horizon. Hopefully, an Oz 'local' can confirm this. Paul
  8. Too true!!!!!! I failed to observe the Loop many times from the UK. A visit up on Mt Teide, Tenerife, sorted that out with views of nearly 180 degrees arc using wide field refractors plus/minus H beta filters. Also the nebula around the 'head' of Orion. Subsequently, I observed the brightest portion from Llyn Brenig in North Wales. There are significantly darker skies than high on Tenerife, just needing time and money! Good hunting, Paul.
  9. More like the centre of the Milky Way. Very nicely done... ...no, am not at all jealous Paul
  10. Hi I've managed Sh 2-91 through an 18" Obsession with filter from a dark site (Llyn Brenig) on a nice transparent night. Probably 10+ years ago. Will try with my 16" next season. Thanks for the reminder Paul
  11. Thanks for the responses. A bit more processing... ...darker background. Cheers Paul
  12. Returning to AP with a scope. William Optics Star 71 on Astrotrac and Canon 7D MkII. 12 x 120 secs @iso1600. Initially struggled to get depth in the image. Cheers Paul
  13. Sneaking under the clouds above our B&B in Swaledale. Youtube vid. Canon 7D MkII, Sigma 24mm f1.4, 1.5 sec @ iso1600. Processed in Adobe Lightroom. Cheers Paul
  14. Mmmm, looks nice field of view. Well done. May have a go with this using a Star 71, Canon 7D MkII and Astrotrac combo... ...cheers, Paul.
  15. After a brief foray into imaging with a scope about 10 years ago, I've not learned the lesson and am back for more pain! First light through new Astrotrac, William Optics Star 71 and Canon 7D MkII setup last night. 10 x 60 sec subs at iso1600, 2 darks, Deepskystacker and Photoshop CS2. Cheers Paul
  16. Have a look at NGC 663 when you're next in the area of M103. A much more impressive OC. Keep at it! Cheers Paul
  17. I sourced my TMB92SS direct from Astronomics in the US. It was one of the first batch produced. My observing posse repeatedly tell me that the optics are outstanding It is a solid, compact build. I use it on a mini Giro mount. Good luck Paul
  18. Giro is the way to go!! I've used many over the years. Great as a dual mount option and now with a TMB92SS APO. Good hunting! Paul
  19. I use these for observing in Dobson's Hole... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Curver-Two-Step-Stool/dp/B003N9CMPQ ...quite wide feet to stop sinking into the ground. Can just about sit down on them. Main issue is stability of the observer. Much better to have tall steps with lots of redundant height but lots to grab on to to steady yourself. Also better with people that are not used to looking through eyepieces. Paul
  20. Bubble wrap is your friend... ...insulates from temperature variations and bouncing around. Good stargazing Paul
  21. My favourite 'eye candy' DSO list after the Messiers is http://messier.seds.org/xtra/similar/rasc-ngc.html Hope for some clear skies. Paul
  22. I find the informal name 'Thumbprint Nebula' helps to describe what you can see. The faint edge of a print fading away to the side. Good catch! Paul
  23. The Medusa *is* a challenge however, the Rosette can be observed 'naked eye' through an UHC filter on a transparent night from very dark locations. Nice to be out!! Paul
  24. Hope to create a time lapse covering the years! Nature's light show!! All the best Paul
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