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  1. That's very good from that little Mak, well Done indeed!
  2. Well done Pete for the conditions. I did one run then packed up.
  3. Great work Ralph, as always! Regards Harvey
  4. Many thanks for your kind words, - Pete, Angie and Ralph. Regards Harvey
  5. Truly Stunning Darryl. I'm surprised that it looks like there's not much going on on Saturn. Well done indeed. Regards Harvey
  6. Hi Guys I've been playing with my data and am more happy with this. I have built in more data which has made the image stronger! Thanks for looking Regards Harvey
  7. An excellent result there Peter! Nights like these really don't come around that often! Well done again, - persistance is paying off! Regards Harvey
  8. Cheers for the heads up on that Pete, -I've corrected the red but looks a bit green now! Funny, it looked really different on my other monitior, and way too bright! I've dropped that too. Hope this is better? Regards Harvey
  9. Hi Finally had some pretty decent seeing on the night of the 10th here, although it was a little patchy. It gave me the chance to test out the Altair Astro 178 Hypercam. This image was shot at a focal length of just under 10 metres which is pushing things somewhat for 5.6 micron pixels, but I figured the conditions might allow. I am quite pleased with the outcome all things considered. I could push for more detail but have elected to keep the image looking as natural as possible. Comments always welcome! Kind regards Harvey
  10. Fantastic work again Angie with the little C8. Was that taken from your balcony or have you got something more permanent now? Did you get out there on the 10th too? The 10th was good here, not processed the data fully yet though regards Harvey
  11. Excellent again Simon, lovely belt detail there as you've said. My data from the 10th is deffo the best I've had this year!
  12. Excellent work Simon. Well done!
  13. Well done peter. Plenty of detail in that one! Regards Harvey
  14. A truly excellent first light there Martyn! Regards Harvey
  15. I'm admiring your persistance in less than favourable conditions Peter. Regards Harvey
  16. Martyn, Simon and ralph, - thanks for your input! I must admit, it has been a lousy showing this time here in the UK. Makes me wonder why we even bother. Although looking at a couple of your recent ones Ralph, I think you've had marginally better conditions further West! Regards Harvey
  17. That's very good Ralph, well done! Regards Harvey
  18. I thought I'd have a play with my previous image and data from the 8th April. Pete kindly mentioned the slight colour inbalance towards the yellow, and I do agree with him. I've incorporated another image into the processing to strengthen the data. Personally, I think this is much better? Comments always welcomed. Regards Harvey
  19. Where doI start? I have persisted with mine, - determined not to give up like so many others have. Chris Garry, (he wrote the great program Pipp) for one left his on his floor for a very long time. - Not sure if he uses it now. Cooling the optics and air turbulence in the tube are the biggest problems. I had to drill a 3" hole in the side of the tube and insert a fan to eliminate the tube currents. I also purchased a fan kit from the states and inserted a push pull fan into where the only vents are at the bottom of the tube. The Edges in particular are much worse than the normal ones for
  20. Great work there Angie, Well done! Regards Harvey
  21. Yes they perform pretty well once cooled. There is a lot of glass there and an enclosed tube which doesn't help. I think I'd prefer a good Newtonian to be honest. What with the reduced size of the secondary etc, - I've had to do a lot of mods on mine! Regards Harvey
  22. Yes I agree Simon, probably best to take up something else till about 2023, - like Aero-modelling or something! Regards Harvey
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