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  1. Hi Guys Some fairly steady seeing early this morning here, although transparency was only around 7/10. Hope you like it Best Wishes Harvey
  2. Superb Mars Simon, I was out later on, the seeing here was very jittery. Well done again! Regards Harvey
  3. Hi Guys thank you all so much for your encouraging comments. They're very much appreciated. Clear skies to you all! Best Wishes Harvey
  4. A nice image Pete. As mentioned elsewhere it's a little over exposed on the pole. It's difficult to tone this down, so may need a repro. It may be worth reducing capture times down to 3 mins to be safe, - I know that's what I do Regards Harvey
  5. Hi ADC stands for Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector. It's basically 2 lenses where the angles can be altered to compensate for light that defracts when it goes through the Earths atmosphere. By setting the positions correctly it ensures that the different wavelengths all hit the sensor as they should, which basically means that the image becomes noticeably sharper than if you didn't use one. The lower down the object is, the more benefit these give you. I hope this explains? Regards Harvey
  6. Hi Guys It's been a little while since I posted anything on here due to personal commitments. I finally managed to get out at silly o'clock on the morning of the 19th. Seeing was reasonable so I had a stab at Mars. Taken with the C14, ZWO 224 and a Pierre Astro ADC Hope you like it! Best Wishes Harvey
  7. Hi Radek, thanks once again. Main processing was done in Pixin, with a little bit in Astra Image.
  8. Thank you so much for the positive comment and encouragement Radec. I've done very little DS imaging, and with the lack of other comments I thought it couldn't have been very good! Really appreciate this Regards Harvey
  9. Lovely shot, well done!
  10. Hi Guys I thought I'd post this as I've not posted on this section before because I'm mainly a planetary imager. There is around 5 hours 45 mins of data here, taken with a QHY8L OSC camera and the C14 with a reducer. Focal length was 2.7 metres. Comments and constructive criticism always welcomed, but I hope you enjoy it. All the best Harvey NGC 4565.tiff
  11. Hi Guys Not as good as some images on here I know, but I am quite pleased with how this mosaic turned out at just a tad over 12 degrees. Thanks for looking
  12. Hi Guys I've not been out imaging for some time mainly due to personal reasons. I did however get out on the nights of the 17th and 18th. I was allowing the C14 plenty of time to cool whilst viewing through my binoculars. I was quite surprised at how saturn was looking, particularly on the 18th. I decided to slew the C14 towards it and started imaging it after it had cooled down. Here is the result, which I should add is a mosaic, because the moons needed to be captured separately. I'm pleasantly surprised at the level of detail captured bearing in mind its altitude here, which was just 1
  13. Hi Guys. Thank you all so much for the supportive comments! Very much appreciated! Regards Barv
  14. Yes, it didn't take me long to capture on video Peter, I think I was capturing 1 frame every 10-15 secs. I'd be interested to know if you'd captured Miranda? It was actually in my fov but too faint at mag 16. Cheers Harvey
  15. Hi Guys I've not posted anything on here for some time. I did however get out with the big cat on Saturday. After testing collimation, allowing time to cool the scope, and aligning to get the tracking going, I noticed that conditions were very steady indeed. I slewed to Uranus and looking through a 38mm eyepiece. I realised that the seeing was also very respectable. (I have been meaning to have another go at Uranus, as from my location the altitude is very decent when due South). I inserted the ZWO 120mms mono camera and a 610nm long pass filter and set the imaging run for 20 minutes
  16. Ah OK, thanks very much. I do know of him but thought he sold only whole scopes. I'll email him thanks Harvey
  17. Hi all Can anyone tell me please where I might buy truss tubes and fittings etc for building a dob? I've tried googling this but am struggling here in the UK. Most sites seem to be geared more for this in the US. Thanks for any help given Harvey
  18. Great job on that John. I’m just wondering if you put that through Registax and did an RGB align, whether that would improve it even more? Or maybe you’ve already done it? I’m in bed now so can’t do it! ?
  19. Here's my 8" bins, purchased at Kelling Heath Star party this year. Although I haven't had much of a chance to look through them yet! Regards Harvey
  20. Hi All It's been a while since I posted. I found myself being unable to sleep very well last night, so decided to go outside and open the obsy. I was greeted by a waning Gibbous moon at a fair altitude so I decided to image it. Conditions were fair but with light breeze. The capture details are at bottom of image. Comments and criticism always welcome! Regards Harvey
  21. First class as usual Darryl, particularly the Saturn. Envious of those altitudes, though it will be reversed at some point! regards Harvey
  22. Excellent work Stuart, and it's good to see you posting again. Seeing must have been good that night, Frustratingly, I couldn't get out there due to other commitments! Well done again! ?
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