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  1. Hi Guys A clear night back on the 8th April with some unheard of reasonable transparency too! I managed to capture the GRS transit. Taken with the C14Edge and a ZWO224 coloured camera, de-rotated in Winjupos. Looks far better on higher res monitors. I don't spose they'll be too many more chances this apparition, with the next one looking a lot less favourable too! Clear Skies everyone! All the best Harvey reduced.bmp
  2. Superb Pete You must have found a pocket of excellent seeing! Regards Harvey
  3. Another thing you can do which is quite helpful is to reduce the gamma setting when focussing. Don't forget to re-set it though before you capture! Good luck
  4. Yes, you can't compete with that here in the UK!
  5. The folowing programs were used: Image Analyser, Astra Image and GIMP. Regards Harvey
  6. Angie, Peter, AKB and Simon, thanks for your further input. Good to hear from you all again. best regards Harvey
  7. Hi Guys Thanks ever so much for your kind words. Much appreciated. Harvey
  8. Hi all Been some time since I posted on here due to the Notably cr*p weather of late. Steady conditions on the night of the 16th allowed me to get something a little reasonable. Seeing was actually pretty good here but transparency was notably poor. thanks for looking. Regards Harvey
  9. Hi Guys I captured this on the 4th Feb. Used an Altair Astro 102 Wave Apo and a ZWO224MC cam. Best 650 frames out of 4500 captured. I've done very little lunar imaging so please be gentle with me! Thanks for looking Harvey
  10. You've got a nice disk on the first one Pete, is that Uranus? Regards Harvey
  11. A great capture, very well done. That camera is very sensitive so who knows what you can achieve. Very important to ensure collimation is absolutely bang on and to have the very best of seeing. ? Regards Harvey
  12. Many thanks for your comments Simon. yes things are starting to go better for me now. It's just so annoying that Celestron doesn't admit to the issues with this scope and do something about it! I'm lucky I have sorted it because drilling a huge hole in any scope will render the value useless, - unless things work properly afterwards of course, I'm just thankful it has worked! I wish in many ways I'd stuck with that C11 Edge HD, - I've now come to realise what a great scope that was for planetary. What needs to be realised of course is that the jump to the 14" results in twice as much glas
  13. Many thanks Stuart. I've finally managed to sort out the thermal issues with the scope I think!
  14. Hi Hi again William. OK. I'd like to thank you very much for helping me. I am a lot further on with the problem than I was before. I'll keep you posted if I ever resolve things. Kind regards Harvey
  15. Hi again The hub has a 1.5 metre usb cable and the lodestars is 3 metres. I have tried both the lodestar and the memory stick on the end of the 1.5 metre one though. Regards Harvey
  16. I'd just like to say to anyone that posted on here, - thanks very much for taking the effort and your comments. Kind regards Harvey
  17. Hello All. I have made a teeny bit of progress. I managed to uninstall the Lodestar then installed the Polemaster. Although the Polemaster drops out I did manage to see the camera connect first. This is more than it ever did before in W10 so this must be a good sign! As mentioned in the reply to William, i have also managed to be able to connect the USB2 hub aswell, but this drops out with anything plugged into it at all, - even a small memory stick. I think this may be a little step but I am not too sure? Regards Harvey
  18. Thanks again William. I'm sorry I forgot to mention earlier that I can now connect the Belkin hub with the new cable and it doesn't drop out. It only drops out if I try connecting the lodestar into it afterwards. regards Harvey
  19. I have just changed the settings as you mention in the BIOS but nothings changed. Tried a shorter Belkin cable that came with the hub I purchased yesterday. - All to no avail i'm afraid
  20. The cables are quite long but they were supplied with the camera. I have just tried a shorter one though that came with theusb hub that I bought yesterday.
  21. Hi Guys This is so frustrating. I have done all this and am back to Windows 8.1. The prognosis is not good: I checked for windows updates and there weren't any which seems a bit strange, so I downloaded the latest software from the starlight xpress web-site, installed the lodestar and the files arent even loading now with the green adjustment box that comes up when you insert into the usb port. Needless to say that the port is still accepting then continuously rejecting the usb cable. I am really at the end of my patience with this now. Dell support are adament that it's software rel
  22. Hopefully William yes, although I am unsure weather or not to update the drivers as soon as I boot up or not before downloading the lodester/polemaster software? What do you think? Regards Harvey
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