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  1. As Simon says - (excuse the Pun), great wide field image Robin and to see you posting again by the way! Regards Harvey
  2. Congrats Simon, glad to see you're getting to grips with the larger scope. (Mine took 2 years)! Regards Harvey
  3. Exceptional work Darryl. Your processing here is superb. You must have had some seeing that night to produce these. Enke is difficult enough here in the UK but you seem to have resolved all of the rings! Really well done again. Regards Harvey
  4. That is superb Pete, - really well done. - Wall to wall detail! Regards Harvey
  5. Thanks for all your very nice comments everyone, - very much appreciated. Regards Harvey
  6. Well done Michael, you are starting to get some nice detail there! Harvey
  7. Looking great Neil and very natural. Some good polar detail coming through!
  8. Sorry Guys, I've done it again- posted up the wrong file! - Too tired from all this processing - LOL. This ones a bit better I think?
  9. Stunning Pete, - top work as ever. What was the focal length used out of interest? Regards Harvey
  10. Hi Guys I shot this on the night of the 17th. I am reasonably pleased with it as the altitude was only around 31 degrees at the time. Seeing definitely was improving steadily here as it was rising but I didn't stay up too late due to work commitments etc. 2 minute captures used here with 6 minutes winjupos derotation applied. Regards Harvey
  11. Great job Stuart, - really well done. I got so much data last night don't know where to start! Too busy at work now too so not getting any time to process. - Doh! Lovely colours on that too, so glad seeings come a lot better! Harvey
  12. This looks much better on here than the email you sent me Richard. - Beautiful! - well done. - No false colour either with that aperture mask! Lovely processing and excellent detail.
  13. Very nice Stuart, - you'll get some great stuff with that cam when and if seeing improves! Harvey
  14. Great shot Darryll, especially at 10 arc secs.
  15. Well done Pete, I'm glad you're cracking the barlow bit, I know you've had a few problems with this. Great post and this image is a big improvement. Regards Harvey
  16. Great job on those Neil. Colours are perfect. - It's the laid back one for me too. How much data on those Neil? Regards Harvey
  17. The 10" dob will out perform the masked 16" Richard all day long on better seeing nights!
  18. Yes, you are right, - looks very different on my other monitor. I'm looking into it at the moment. Cheers for your honesty Stuart! Regards Harvey
  19. Hi Guys Another process from some decent data of the 1st. No really decent conditions since then here so I am really pleased to have caught plenty on that night! Hopefully we'll catch something worth capturing before things get too far away! Regards Harvey 1000.bmp
  20. Great job. Looks really natural. Well done
  21. Great job on the repro Stuart! Harvey
  22. Great image there Pete under these trying conditions. Colours look lovely. I was out too on the 24th but you must have had better conditions over to the west. Good to see you finally got out there! Regards Harvey
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