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  1. Hi Wes, which Baader eyepiece are you thinking of? I own the 18mm BCO- very good, the 10mm BCO- excellent and the 6mm BCO- pass on that one...IMHO
  2. This is a good sign! This means you were well dark adapted. Under 21.8 mag, transparent skies I see the sky as grey and can see well in the open. If I turn a light on to read something for instance and then turn it off the same sky is now jet black. As Vogel says: "All cats are gray in the dark" http://www.reinervogel.net/index_e.html?/Hickson/hickson_e.html
  3. You're most welcome. Excellent selection of eyepieces and they will serve you well. A good addition to view planetary nebula such as M27 and M57 will be a tight OIII, such as the new Astronomik version. The tight OIII's will greatly enhance your views of M42 and planetary's M27/M57 and espc from your skies. On M42 with OIII your 32mm is a superb combo IMHO and M27/M57 will be great in the 10mm and 5mm (barlow) with the OIII. These ones will take much more mag (planetary's) than nebula like M42. On M81/M82 try the 10mm after finding them Great hunting to you!
  4. In the 24" around 250x-300x it looks like a little waving carpet lol! Glad you got out to obs Iain.
  5. My dob maker worked in the coatings industry years ago and the info he passed on was valuable to me. My 15" has a very small spot of coating deterioration, all my fault. It started to condense in the mornings in my garage and with dust/pollen/bug stuff on it etc. I was warned... Now I have a new, better storage place with a small light bulb to help and less humidity in there. Its not only fungus that eats coating its the reaction of organics with water on the optics too. The good new is your eyepiece should work fine as does my 15"
  6. Sorry to hear this about your eyepiece. There seems to be a culture of "not cleaning" optics on SGL... I clean my optics regularly and one of the issues with not cleaning them is organic matter and fogging or dew. Mirror coatings are more sensitive in general than eyepiece coatings but over time tree pollen, organic dust etc mixed with water (dew, fogging) will eat coatings. Not sure if this is your case, but its a possibility.
  7. Excellent report Iain! Sh2-91 is such a transient object, any one of numerous things happen and its just not visible. The Magic Carpet- did you see the little wag of an extension- the carpet feature? That feature just makes this object for me, that and the color.
  8. Maybe thats why you didn't find the Leica zoom/VIP better than your Ethos!
  9. Yes your right I just looked at Neils link to the VIP- it does include the spacers. Its 1.6" . I forgot all this stuff lol!
  10. I'm puzzled- is the 10 BCO with its 1" nosepiece and no 15mm spacers not 2x for 5mm?
  11. I think I misled you on the numbers...
  12. You know I used to have this all figured out- now I just use the stuff to observe! Ok I think I got it... With both spacers its about 2.7" from the BCO shoulder to the VIP element, so 68.6mm +64mm/64=2.07+1= 3.07x So if true then 10/3.07= 3.26mm for 2499/3.26mm=766x. If I pull it out another .6" =15.2mm. 15.2mm + 68.6=83.8+64=147/64= 2.3+1=3.3x 10/3.3=3.03 for 825x max mag So far then 766x seated and 825x pulled out.
  13. This is correct-thanks Piero! These dimensions are from the top of VIP to bottom shoulder of 10BCO.
  14. I bought some nose pieces from Agena Astro years ago to play with this and they are .75" and 1" long. They can be used alone or screwed together for the 1.75" measurement. They are screwed on the BCO's existing nose piece, holding the EP farther from the barlow. It works extremely well with this EP. It also works great with the Docter and this is how I get so much mag with it, after using all the VIP's T2 spacers. These spacers work well with some ep's better than others. https://agenaastro.com/blue-fireball-1-25-spacer-ring-1-extension.html
  15. Does f4.8 show more coma than f5.3 using the 21E John?
  16. Thanks Neil, last night was VG- after packing up I came back down where I could see the southern MW split and the other horizon features as well. The MW was horizon to horizon and extremely bright- not the best for here but really good. The Milky Way lit up my obs spot enough so I had tree reflections on my car hood and I had zero issues seeing once dark adapted. My Alum ladder rungs were plain as day to see etc. Question- can you get Cheeseburger separation with the 10"?- how high mag do you go? The Leica failed miserably on these objects for some reason-transmission issues possibly? Great on lunar/planetary though.
  17. Thanks Piero, this scope is working very well and surprisingly on objects like the Veil- I had more detail than ever last night. In the image I had both rings on and the distance from the top of the VIP to the bottom of the eyepiece shoulder is 1.6". I can use this as a small range zoom, pulling the unit out of the VIP a bit. Commonly used measurements are 2",1.6" 1" and .6". I don't have the bottom adapter ring on as I "sink" the VIP nosepiece in order to help with clearances using diagonals. Looks like after a certain point the HR3.4mm should be employed- I used it the other night at 735x - it is excellent in this scope as well. Thanks Piero, Gerry
  18. Dug out the SQM tonight just for fun and low and behold it registered a steady 21.8 after warming it up. The initial reading was 22. Transparency was a step up from the other nights so the 24" was wheeled out and already cooled, within 2 degrees. I'm liking planetary nebula at the moment and viewed a couple of interesting ones tonight- the Fetus nebula NGC 7008 and the Cheeseburger nebula NGC 7026. The Leica zoom was tried and replaced by the venerable 10mm BCO/VIP as the views suffered in the zoom, but this ortho brightened the view substantially. The Fetus nebula is a largish odd shaped object and I preferred no filter going way past 500x- more on this later. This one seemed to like around 500x for me anyway. This is a VG visual target. On to NGC 7026 the Cheeseburger nebula. I had the Sky Commander programmed with a bunch of objects and forgot the names, just using the identifiers to locate. When I put this one in the eyepiece with the 20mm Lunt, it gave hints of something other than a boring planetary... in goes the 10BCO native, more showing-into the VIP it goes for 500x and the separation became evident revealing its namesake. I have nosepiece extensions that I use with the 10BCO/VIP to increase the barlow effect- they are 1" and .75" I think and can be screwed together. The Cheeseburger took all the combo had! 2 great little "buns" with dark separation in between! If anyone has the chance try this one and crank up the mag, ortho preferably. So, now the question... I forget how to calculate the barlow effect with the VIP- does anyone know or remember? I had 1.75" of extensions on holding the 10BCO up in the barlow, plus the EP nosepiece itself.The mag will calc very high I believe and is useful on certain objects. Thanks, Gerry ps who put all those galaxies near NGC 6079?!
  19. Lets ask an experienced observer- @John- I think you have used f4.7-f4.8 dobs and you own an f5.3. What is the difference with the 21E (or others) coma wise in these? The f4.8 comes in at 2.4 waves and the f5.3 at 1.9 waves for a difference of .5 waves.
  20. F5 10" Manufacturer Type FocalLength FieldStop Field ExitPupil TrueFOV MagX PerInch Res MagLimit Etendue ComaAtEdge TeleVue Nagler 5 31mm 42mm 82deg 6.2mm 1.90deg 41x 4x/inch 5.9" 14.5 2317 cm^2deg^2 2.5 WavesRMS Nikon NAV 17mm 30.1mm 102deg 3.4mm 1.36deg 75x 7x/inch 3.2" 15.4 1190 cm^2deg^2 1.8 WavesRMS Clave Plossl 6mm 5.3mm 48deg 1.2mm 0.24deg 212x 21x/inch 1.1" 15.8 37 cm^2deg^2 0 .3 WavesRMS " F4.7 10" "Manufacturer Type FocalLength FieldStop Field ExitPupil TrueFOV MagX PerInch Res MagLimit Etendue ComaAtEdge TeleVue Nagler 5 31mm 42mm 82deg 6.60mm 2.02deg 39x 4x/inch 6.2" 14.4 2622 cm^2deg^2 2.9 WavesRMS Nikon NAV 17mm 30.1mm 102deg 3.62mm 1.44deg 70x 7x/inch 3.4" 15.3 1347 cm^2deg^2 2 WavesRMS Clave Plossl 6mm 5.3mm 48deg 1.28mm 0.25deg 199x 20x/inch 1.2" 15.8 42 cm^2deg^2 0.4 WavesRMS "
  21. Mel comes through again... punch the numbers in and it will tell you the coma in rms waves, very interesting. Just go to "eyepieces" and the calculator will come up. http://www.bbastrodesigns.com/NewtDesigner.html#is aperture king
  22. Great report Damian, one of many I hope to read!
  23. Congrats for seeing M42, and the fact that you could means you should be able to see a few DSO from your site. Pick the brightest ones when they are high up- M31, M13,M81/M82 all come to mind with the VG 200mm reflector. To see the ones listed I would try upping the mag a fair bit- what eyepieces do you own?filters?
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