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  1. I think most astronomers should own one of these or the H130- for travel or the quick unexpected session- or just plain old observing. Personally I respect the simple, rugged, nothing go wrong focuser and the ability of these light mirrored scopes to hold collimation. The secondary on the H130 has never been touched and the primary is never far off even after a snowmobile ride. I'll burrow into areas with this scope in the snowmobile bag that would surprise many here- zero problems with the scope or mount.
  2. Me too, but these 2 filters are welcome additions to the permanent line up. I understand these Televue filters are individually tested, no hocus pocus surrounding batch testing and this should eliminate the "good one" issue. So unless I got "good ones" all their filters should perform this way- I never thought my 2 older Lumicons could be equaled or actually be edged out and beat. You know, I had these 2 filters checked on an independent spectra analyser via Astrosystems and the numbers and profile were confirmed before I got them. I then put them side by side in the filter slide(s) to see what the visual differences were there. My current thought is that these filters maintain a tight profile but with better transmission- my Lumicons numbers "might" be a bit optimistic in the transmission dept. Eventhough experts say "small" differences in transmission cannot be detected I humbly think that when it comes to tight filters we can. Oddly enough the Lumicon UHC feels tighter but the Televue Nebustar II shows more? Man, you should have seen IC1318 last night John, this is a huge area of nebulosity and the Nebustar performed beyond expectations again.
  3. I believe this telescope will excel under these conditions Stu, espc in the IC1318 area and the North American nebula. It will be perfect for the Pleiades Bubble, an object complex that I truly hope others can observe. The f5 gives flexibility to up the mag a bit on objects like the Swan etc. It will also be perfect on the Rosette nebula and many more. Once I can get astro equipment again, I will have the H150 sitting here for my grab and go- the H130 is actually my grand daughters that she kindly lets me use. Skywatcher has stepped up and created another affordable, portable and super effective telescope in the H130.
  4. We have had a few days of heavy rain and thunderstorms which have cleaned the sky - tonight was super transparent with the sky offering 17 Umi at 6.8 mag in direct vision.I believe averted would approach 7 mag. Under these conditions so many targets reveal features brightly including the mass of nebulosity in IC1318, unbelievable actually. The 15"/21E and the new and excellent Televue Nebustar II worked magic here, it is a must see. Using the new Televue OIII (top of the top in OIIIs) Pickerings Wisp started to show features that the 24" presents easily such as a "bubble" in the tail end of the Wisp. The whole Veil was photographic like. I got hung up here for about 45 min lol! And then there was the Pelicans head... I love this feature and obviously the NAN was very bright and again the Nebustar II proved itself again. This was a really simple observing session, no DSC and 2 eyepieces, the 21E and 10mm Delos, the latter chewing up M51 spirals so easily, another wicked sight. I'm pumped that a mag 6.8 star showed so well in direct vision, a testament to the rains power to clean the sky and the MW showed its split brightly up over my pine trees. I need skies just like this- great seeing and super transparency to have a chance on Einsteins Cross, its too bad they both don't happen together often here. Good seeing with good trans yes but skies like tonight are just a teasing gift I recon!
  5. Just look through one... In comaparison to my 17E the Nikon 17 HW offers a more contrasted view on nebula which is quite a feat actually. The Swan, through the 17HW is a stunning stunning sight, filtered or not. Thing is you get both a 17mmm and 14mm for the huge price... I bought mine directly from Japan when our dollar was more friendly to the Yen and did not pay near the quoted price in this thread. And yet! the 20mm Lunt can hold its own in this crowd...
  6. We love the H130 and the H150 is going to end up in my scope collection. From our perspective the helical focuser is very practical- it works in extreme cold down to -40c where my other focusers do not, yes we observe in these temps. I'm happy to see the H150 offered for sale.
  7. If we were going to replace the word "bang" what would it be with? What is the proper description of the event? I want to drop the phrase big bang and replace it with something so when I ask about it at least I know what to call it lol!
  8. I am humbly going to ask what the definition of a singularity is? Any and all aspects of its definition is greatly appreciated and is the instant of the universe creation a singularity?
  9. Good to know- I was asked about this Docter clone and if it was a contender. Maybe I'll pick one up to compare to my Docter.
  10. Yes a singularity was explained to me as point where the math breaks down. I guess my concept of infinity (in reference to the dense state) needs work- I think by framing it as an object I'm wrongly imposing spatial limits. I sure like these threads thats for sure.
  11. Well, Lumicon used to have top quality filters and maybe they do again. I don't live my life on maybes however and now like the newest Astronomiks and for sure the Televue OIII and UHC. I have superb older Lumicons -OIII and UHC- and got a very bad Hb... My new TV's are excellent. Of course all this is just my opinion.
  12. I'm not even sure if my question makes sense- this very hot dense state, was it "everywhere"? or was it "in" anything? I remember Alan Guth saying we don't know what banged, where it banged or what it banged in.
  13. Hows the scatter with these Don?
  14. @andrew s I have no doubt about the universe and its formation even with almost zero understanding. A question that keeps popping in my mind is: if the big bang happened (I believe it did) what did it bang in? Has there been any progress made with this one?
  15. A high transmission low scatter widefield around 12mm would be a great addition for the 12" dob IMHO. The Morpheus comes to mind eventhough I've not used one (yet). Less than 82 deg AFOV EPs seem (in general) to offer less scatter and higher contrast IMHO.
  16. Over time I've found that orthos or Delos class eyepieces fit the bill for me starting around 12mm as these designs offer less scatter and enhanced sharpness if conditions allow the difference to be seen. The large hyperwides are a challenge in the fracs- the 20mm APMs substantially less weight help here. You mention filters... the right choice is crucial for success IMHO...
  17. I own TV Ethos, Delos and the 20mm APM. With the Paracorr II in my f4.1/f4.8 dobs the APM 20mm shows slight astig when unmasked from coma, whereas the 21E does not. The thing is I use the 20mm APM more- it equals or betters the 21E on my favorite objects- nebula. Each one shows things a bit differently but I can say that the 20mm APM is excellent and for the price difference I can't say I would buy a 21E again... The highest contrast hyperwide I have owned was a 10mm Ethos, sold only because in this fl I have other personal considerations or preferences if you will. I use my equipment a lot weather permitting but I don't sit and examine slight edge performance differences, I'm too busy observing objects for this.
  18. Awesome! Eagerly waiting reports!
  19. Did you order this Steve? Very nice telescope!
  20. When dealing with these top optics I'm not so sure some of the specs will be a deal breaker. What will show for sure is a difference in cooling ability and a friend here had an Intes and while a great scope prefers his Mewlon... Excellent considering the driven mount - the AZ EQ5 should be more manageable than my AZ EQ6, a real beast. I can put a planet in the FOV and comeback way later with it still in there. This mount has upped my observing ability. Eagerly waiting info on your choice!
  21. Used Circle T orthos are good eyepieces as well that can be bought for a reasonable price.
  22. What type of scope is the 127?
  23. Someday I'll have a Mewlon, one is on the top of my list actually. The only thing is the gymnastic ability required to use one, exacerbated by a manual non goto mount. A dobsonian is much easier to use for me over my AZ EQ6 and TSA120. The TSA 120 appears technically perfect to my semi educated eyes but my 10 VX shows so much more... IMHO you will love every bit of the 180mm Mewlon, including the optics. @Stu might be able to add to the conversation.
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