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  1. Thanks John, actually I havn't but will read it shortly.
  2. Maybe they should make some Pentax XO design eyepieces- are they patented?
  3. Terry O had an association with Discovery that greatly benefited the purchasers of these scopes. The association ended at some point I think and so did at least part of the reputation of these scopes. Don't get rid of this scope.....
  4. I must re frame this comment- there might be APM inspired LZOS lensed scopes out there around this aperture that compete.
  5. My next comment could hinge on a question: does Astro Physics make their own lenses from crystals they grow themselves? If so there might be a possibility if not then I doubt any association but don't know. There is a bit of a performance difference between these 2 fine top scopes possibly.
  6. I have been told by an astronomer whose opinion I highly respect that this scope is at the very top of the food chain... the only contender I would think out there is the TSA102 but this is a total guess. Baaders former association with Zeiss has greatly benefited the astro community. Everyone wants top optics, but not the price tag- this 95mm Baader APO is an example of a no holds barred top quality optic- that has a limited market. How many would buy a Baader Classic ortho at $800.00 USD each? Espc when the 10mm BCO comes very close at a hundred bucks... What Baader is trying to do in general is provide the best possible optics at an affordable price IMHO. The Baader Morpheus is a great example of quality at a price point that will sell.
  7. Years ago I bought a Baader prism diag that was said to have a true Zeiss prism. If performance is any indication I believe it. I would tend to think that Zeiss had some input on Baaders coatings, which I find to be superb. The Morpheus ,BCO benefits greatly from these I think.
  8. I sure wish there was a 5mm Vixen HR.... totally satisfied with these.
  9. To mount the 8" or 10" newt you need a massive mount like my AZEQ6- works great but is a beast. Depending on your budget there are options... A C8, C9.25 or better yet a Takahashi Mewlon 180 or 210. What do you like to observe? There are 100mm-120mm refractors out there that offer fine lunar/planetary views.
  10. Ok youve hit a weak spot! I really want one of these... right up there with the ZAOII's
  11. This diag points out why I was separating the true Plossl from the achromat pair... we can see what happens to the colors and spot size as we veer off axis. This really does show why I like orthos- excuse me I better be specific- Abbe ortho lol! as we all know that orthoscopic is not a design but a condition Even the beloved very narrow monocentric suffers "bigly" off axis. I'll take an Abbe any day. Never heard of the H orthos being around- true ones.
  12. Vg idea Alan, but after a couple of years of trying to find out-nothing. I just threw it out there on the off chance someone might know as related to Baader COO. Not sure if many know but Baader bought out Zeiss's inventory and design info when Zeiss left the astro world. This is how it was explained to me. No big deal really.
  13. When I was seriously looking at these many said the 9mm was the best of the whole line up. Not to insinuate the rest are poor.
  14. What I'm very interested in is where that superb 95mm APO by Baader is made- rumours in the coffee shop say is bests the Astro Physics... and others. anybody know? ps when I asked Baader they wouldn't reveal where the optics came from...
  15. German optics have a deserved reputation for excellence. Insinuating a German connection is purely a marketing ploy IMHO.
  16. Like I said- I do see on axis differences in sharpness and the Delos is right up there in this department, bested by the Zeiss zoom and Docter by a bit under the best of conditions. You were right btw- years ago a discussion led to the idea that the Zeiss zoom loses a bit of sharpness right near the high end of its range, barlowed or not- and I see this. The Delos is the deepest widefield out there and I've been comparing the Doc to it in this regard and its very close, but the nod might be going to the Delos. I test scatter in the TSA120 and Zeiss prism diag. Televue has a very good build on all the Delos I've tried- my 17E is on the chopping block due to the super 17.3mm. With regard to complex lens eyepieces- not only does the design matter but possibly more important is the execution of the design and the quality control so there no "good ones" but all of equal and top quality. My 7mm KK is top tier, my 5mm KK sub par... Eventhough I don't own "top" orthos, I've sorted through a bunch to come up with good ones and use these on the faintest of galaxies and PNs with great luck. The vg 25mm TV "plossl" is my goto Horsehead eyepiece was the first to show it in my 10" dob. My pair of 32mm TV plossls are a fixture in the Binotron 27s for low power lunar viewing in the 15". So maybe I won't use the 10mm MA after all (worst EP Ive ever had) and keep on going with the TV's, Doc/Zeiss and the superb Vixen HRs- and of course my beloved cheap orthos.
  17. This is fantastic news! I only observe on axis and as such will just use the 10mm Ma and not my 10mm Delos as the on axis difference will be comparatively small.
  18. Yes I'm feeling very very blue right now I just new I should have stuck with the 10mm MA supplied with the H130! What a blunder - I bought other eyepieces...
  19. Back a couple of years ago I checked all my newts for this, including the H130. For the H130 I used a simple 1.25" Celestron cheshire/sightube combo strapped with weights simulating eyepieces. I checked for weight "height" also simulating taller eyepieces. It is amazing how well these scopes work when used with appropriate eyepieces. I'm wondering if the H150 can take a bit more EP weight than the H130- are the truss tubes the same diameter and length? Btw, checking my 15" dob revealed that past 1/2 travel on the Moonlight would de collimate (focuser flex) using binoviewers and on the VX10 the tube would flex and de collimate. Actually very hvy eyepieces in conjunction with the needed focuser extension would aggravate this. I really like your videos Chris and look forward to watching more
  20. I would be interested in your findings if you test the effect of eyepiece weight on the collimation of the H150.
  21. Sadly it seems as if I have wasted a lot of money on eyepieces when I guess theres not much difference between them. Apparently no need to keep buying new ones. Good to know.
  22. It is my experience that excellent seeing shows up the differences in eyepieces more than anything else. It is under these conditions that I rate my eyepieces and there are differences in on axis sharpness between some of the "top" contenders. Obviously vg optics are needed for a discriminating test and ones that are in good collimation. After noticing differences in the 15" dob, I checked all again in the TSA120 which is as close to a perfect optic I'll ever own and the differences remain. Is it possible that those who don't see the differences don;t have the eyes to see them? Don, do you see differences in sharpness between the Nagler 3-6 zoom vs the Vixen 3.4mm HR?
  23. Personally I find the Docs AMD minor but again maybe its the interaction of the eyepieces design AMD and my eye/brain. No I don't see the moon getting "squashed" lol! Years ago I tested every eyepiece I own for distortion- wrote it all down, comparisons etc, it was enlightening but I threw the list out and now just enjoy my shortlisted eyepieces. BTW, there is more pincushion in many EPs than there is AMD in the Doc- to my eyes. Interestingly enough there are a few sets of eyes that report the same.
  24. Lunar, hands down binoviewing. Planets are vg in binos too but under my best seeing the bino optical train limits my mag to about 435x whereas mono goes 700x+. This is with my 15" dob.
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