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  1. No problem. Glad you sorted! (I am UK though.......)
  2. rockinrome

    Canon EOS 600D / 650D

    Hello I am after a Canon EOS DSLR body in good working condition with no modifications. Either the 600D or 650D (or US Rebel equivalent T3i / T4i). Can anyone oblige? Best regards
  3. Heh! I've done the update recently and all OK here. Make sure you also have the latest updater. If you like you could send me your handset - I'll try the update and send it back of course ..... (I have the USB to serial adapter with the correct chip inside - forget the spec, but it DOES matter......... I've been through the headache myself ........) All the best.
  4. Hmmmm, just what I thought. I was "hoping" for - "Yeh, you can just remove those 2 and replace with these .......". Thanks fro your reply Cornelius....
  5. Hi everyone I have the CG4 Head (same as EQ3-2 but apparently smoother in operation(?) ) with the Synscan upgrade. I have read that the new Skywatcher EQ3 PRO mount has "upgraded" cogs - 180 teeth as opposed to 150 I think .... Does anyone know if there is a cog upgrade available ....? Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for your reply Adam. Appreciated.
  7. Thank you for this information.
  8. Just ordered this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/skywatcher-dslr-m48-ring-adapter.html
  9. Yeh, seems sensible. Thanks for your quick replies.
  10. Silly I know ...... but .... erm no ......... Was just trying to pre-empt buying kit .... Good call though, ...... do you think worth using the 2in stuff though as opposed to 1.25in or no difference ...??? Thanks
  11. Hello all! I have the Altair Astro ED72-R and have just purchased the 1.0x field flattener for it. My question is: Do you know if it requires a (suggested in the blurb) 10mm spacer to connect it to my Canon DSLR to obtain correct back focus? I have the smaller (1.25in) t-ring that I used to use with the 1.25in eyepiece t-adapter. The flattener does have the ability to work with 1.25in or 2in adapters too. I guess I am asking which one of these is best: 1. SCOPE + FLATTENER (2in) + T-MOUNT + CAMERA 2. SCOPE + FLATTNER (2in) + SPACER + T-MOUNT + CAMERA 3. SCOPE + FLATTENER (1.25in) + T-MOUNT + CAMERA 4. SCOPE + FLATTENER (1.25in) + SPACER + T-MOUNT + CAMERA Any others ...?!?!?!?! Thank you in advance. As always .... clear skies .......
  12. rockinrome

    Canon 1100d Light Leak

    May be a long shot (haha), but do you block the view finder with that little rubber cover that normally resides on the strap?! I have fallen fowl of that a few times - it does work to reduce stray light ..... Hope you sort it soon.
  13. rockinrome

    Mars 6th Sept

    If those features are real and not artefacts of any post-processing, then I'd say it's pretty good!

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