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  1. Another thing to check would be the guiding scope setup in PHD. I had issues when I had not put in the correct focal length details here. Good luck.
  2. SkyTech CLS Clip-in filter for Canon EOS-C City Light Suppression filter for your Canon DSLR. AS NEW - no marks, in original case and box. £45 inc. free P&P to UK.
  3. COMPLETED - SOLD Can't seem to edit the post or title anymore, so this will have to do! Matthew
  4. Hi. Is the etx90 still for sale? Thank you.
  5. Not sure, but Altair says: "Works particularly well for refractors telescopes of F5.5-F8 focal ratios, however also known to work with RC telescopes."
  6. I have the Altair Astro 0.8x reducer/flattener - https://www.altairastro.com/lightwave-08x-reducer-290-p.asp
  7. ..... oh ... and .... those stars look pretty good to me at 4min subs!!!
  8. Great picture! Just a word of caution with OAG and refractor. I used (with some success) an OAG with a 72mm refractor. I say some succes as guiding was lost from time to time through loss of clarity in the star. My guiding graph was "OK" but was a bit saw-tooth like. I then moved to a 32mm mini-guider and my guiding is now near perfect everytime - guide graph is almost level with minimal nudges. This was the only change and my images are much sharper as a result. The final image is of course the real test! Best regards Matthew
  9. It will certainly improve your images. I use a 0.8x but not this one. It will reduce your effective focal length and therefore the f-number, allowing you to take deeper images (more light gathered for the same exposure time when compared without the reducer). Regards Matthew
  10. Agree with Chefgage - flattener/reducer is a must. You will also need the T-ring adapter to attach the camera onto the back on the reduder (I have the altair and this is possible - don't know about the OVL). With this you will need to handle the back focus of the reducer to the camera - so from the lens of the reducer to the focal plane of the camera (should be in the spec. of the reducer). For my reducer this is 55mm. I have a Canon 600D - from lens flange to focal plane this is 45mm, so I make up the 10mm difference (luckily) with the T-ring that screws into the reducer. Easy r
  11. A pleasure Brian - should give you years of great views!! - don't forget the camera thread behind the rubber cup!!
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