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  1. Thanks Jkulin - I have PM'd you.
  2. This is now reduced to £10.
  3. This ST80 is now sold. Thanks for all who looked and contacted me.
  4. I ditto this. Spent ages faffing around in DSS to no avail. Use PS/GIMP/Lightroom. Levels and Curves are your friends.
  5. I would use software like Stellarium to get info on this (although it will be a background star), but none the less will show you the names of the moons you are looking at. Regards
  6. Sorry, local pickup only - can't guarantee how it would arrive.
  7. You could also consider trying to get hold of a Celestron CG4 tripod. This has tubular legs and is more solid. The CG4 head is the same as the EQ3-2. Tripod and head shown here: Regards
  8. Haha it's always the way ....... see you soon ...............
  9. Hello (again) I have a Skywatcher Deluxe 2x Barlow for sale. Hardly used, so in great nick! £15 inc. postage. Thanks
  10. Hello I have recently upgraded so have my beloved Orion ST80 for sale. It is OTA only with tube rings and Vixen style dovetail bar in the original padded case. It has been very well looked after. Collection from Chesterfield. £60. Thanks.
  11. Just to be clear (sorry if this has been noted :/ ) - if looking in the direction of Sagittarius (not that easy from UK) you are looking towards the Galactic Centre. In the opposite direction looking into Taurus/Auriga you are looking out of the Galaxy towards the edge. Auriga is one of my new favourites as it contains a few Messier objects.
  12. Nothing yet. Been using Windows 10 and DSS for about 1 year now. It would be very beneficial though to upgrade your computer RAM if you can - more is better.
  13. Sky Map is surely the best (free) app for this ..........
  14. Ditto that Jim - my first adapter was a cheapo ebay special and worked with nothing, I might as well have made it from cheese!! :/
  15. Thanks Steve, much appreciated.