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  1. Hi, Further to my previous post, tonight I had a brief chance to direct them towards some celestial objects. First let me say that i had already ordered a mounting arm ( the usual fair ) from Strathspey that arrived with the Binos. I mounted the Bino on to my Manfroto 410 pan and tilt head, this head is a relic of the time that I used to do a lot of close up, macro, still life photography and is extremley well made with micrometer control on all three axis of movement, the whole thing was then mounted on a Gitzo tripod that used to support my 5X4 field cameras. Total overkill as the head only costs well over twice as much as the Bino and don't ask about the Gitzo please, the set up was rock solid and the weak point if any was the Bino mount. The view of the moon was breathtaking, I had forgotten how beautiful this close neighbour of ours in the sky is. A very small amount of colour fringing was evident but not distracting, the lenses are really sharp and the coating was working, the view was very contrasty with well defined shadows of the craters and the grey of the seas contrasting against each other, so far so good. I then found a break in the clouds and pointed the Binos towards M42, beautiful, even though there was a lot of moisture in the air the stars were pin sharp ( given the seeing was not good ) and the nebulasity showed very well indeed ( a very light blue grey tinge ) amongst the myriad of blue stars , it was a sight to behold. Then I pointed almost overhead towards Jupiter and the disc could just hint the at two brownish cloud bands, the four moons were all on one side and the view was a bit lobsided but nice, big Jup hardly ever dissapoints and while I was in the area I quickly pointed to M45, what a sight, there are some objects in the sky that a telescope even with low power doesn't do justice to. As usual just as I was getting warmed up and calling my wife out to share the experience the ever present clouds took over. For the few minutes that I managed to glimpse at the sky I really had a good time. On this occassion the Binos really delivered and my initial fears proved not to be justified. Lets hope that I get a chance to do some comet hunting in due course and do these fine instrument justice. Many thanks for listening, Regards, A.G
  2. Hi, The blurb says that the above mount is already equipped with the main board and the stepper motors of the HEQ5 pro Synscan- go to. I already have an AZ synscan go to mount for my 127 MAK, Could the handset be used to upgrade the syntrek to synscan go to? This could be saving of about £150.00. I see no other difference in specs and I think the handset with the latest firmware update is usable for both AZ and EQ mounts. Regards, A.G
  3. Hi, I read on the 365 site that a field corrector and camera adapter combined is on the way for about £180.00. If this is correct then the combined price of this scope will be around £490.00 which puts it up against the new WO ed70 2013. I would be grateful for any input as I would like to get a ed scope of about 70 to 80 mm aperture. BTW what mount do you recommend for this? Regards, A.G
  4. Hi, The Bino arrived yesterday and so far I have not had a chance to give it a good testing but these are the initial impressions. The box has no markings or motifs whatsoever, rather generic. The Binos themselves are rather lighter than I expected for a 15X70. They are rubber coated and the rubber is anti slip and feels good in hand. Focusing is stiff so is the right eye diopter control and the bridge movement. The last one is a good thing, the diopter control does not matter as once set it should stay there and the focus is OK for looking at the deep sky as it should be left at infinity all the time anyway, how these things change with time will have to be seen. The printing at the eyepiece end states that the optics are broadband multi coated and looking at the objective supports this as there are purple and green reflections of the sky and clouds. The construction seems adequate but nothing to write home about, the innards appear to be clean and the collimation, well is not off but could be better. My most concern is about the very strong purple fringing while looking at some radio antenna about 1/2 mile away against what could photographically be called a neutral gray sky ( typical Manchester fair ). I need to remind myself that these are in the end very cheap ( not as cheap as Celestron15X70 though ) Binos for casual stargazing but having owned some of the best lenses that were available to photographers in the last 30 years my eyes are still very sensitive to CA and colour fringing. If the lousy weather permits tonight I shall try and give it a go and will report in due course, and one last thing as far as I am concerned these Binos need to be tripod mounted even for casual observing. Regards, A.G
  5. Hi, I have a SW 127 SynScan az scope and on the rare occassion that weather and seeing permit I would like to observe some of the brighter nebulae around Orion, what type of filter if any is suitable for this size scope please? I have rulled out the Oiii filter as it will not suit the scope but would a UHC be a better option? Many thanks, A.G
  6. Hi Paul, I have been looking at this one at the 365 Astronomy site and a Williams Optic ed 70 from FLO and an ed 80 from OpticStar, mainly as an introduction to astro imaging using the SynScan AZ mount that i have with my 127 SW MAK. Look forward to reading more of your reports and thanks for posting. Regards, A.G
  7. Hi, I got myself an SW 127 SynScan a couple of weeks ago too . The supplied 25 mm ep is usable but not great, I don't like the 10mm that SW has supplied. I got myself an explorer ( starguider ) 15 mm which is very good for the price, £47.00 ( eBay) and a 9 mm Celestron Xcel lx from FLO, arrived the next morning, I also have a 2.5x ED barlow lens just in case we get exceptional seeing condition. You may also consider getting a 32 mm super plossl of some sort for observing the DSOs as it gives you about a 1.1 degree field of view. Don't be tempted to go for ultra wide ( waste of money on this scope ) or very high mag EPs as the seeing in the Uk at the best of times limits the mag to about 170 for the 5" aperture of our scope. Regards, A.G
  8. Hi, I read somewhere that these Binos are all made by the same factory in China, the cheap price is achieved partly through a very loose QC procedure relying mainly on the end user to detect the faults and ask for replacement or exchange, this works out cheaper in the long run and does not slow the production line. There are apparently some differences between the Binos partly to do with different coatings and some superiority in batch production which may explain why some brands are a little more expensive or perform slightly better than the other brands. A.G
  9. Hi, I maybe a bit late with my 2 pence of input but if I were you I'd get either a 9x63 or a decent 15x70, the former will give you immense light grasp and the other one is just about the best compromise between maginification and portability. Have a good holiday, A.G
  10. Hi, Has anyone had any experince with this scope? I am interested in doing some DSO imaging and this one seems quite reasonable in price. I would be grateful for anyinfo. http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Telescopes-Opticstar.asp?p=0_10_1_1_10 Regards, A.G
  11. Hi Mate, i was bidding on that one too but stopped at £50.00, but found this one, by the time the 1.25" adapter is added on and with messing around it works out cheaper and it is USB 2 which means less data compression and faster rate.. Let us know how you progress please. Regards, A.G http://www.365astronomy.com/scopiumcam-ccd-planetary-imager-p-2525.html
  12. Hi to everyone, Just wanted to say that it was worth waiting up till 3 am to see Saturn again, It has been nearly 18 years since the last time that I looked at it through a scope and none of the magic is lost, using my SynScan 127 Mak and a 15 mm BST explorer it was as beautiful as ever with its many moons and the rings are not placed too badly either shame that it is so low down. Seeing was not good, perhaps moderate with a lot of atmospheric undulations but still it was worth it, now need to get some sleep. Regards, A.G
  13. Hi Chris, I too spent an hour or so observing Jupiter tonight between 7.30 and 9.30 pm using my Synscan 127 MAK and a 15mm BST EP. I am quite sure that I saw the giant red spot at about 8.30 pm right in the middle of the cloud band, once the seeing improved a bit from my light polluted back garden. I was quite elated to have spotted it. As a whole it was a very good couple of hours of star gazing as I even manged to align the Synscan using only the brightest star alignment. I then managed to auto guide the scope to M31 that was a lovely view with a 25 mm wide EP, then at about 9.30 pm clouds came over and that was the end of the session. I am busy for a couple of nights and I hope that we have a clear Saturday evening for observing. Regards, A.G
  14. Nice to hear that your 15 X 70 is perfoming well, I have ordered a pair of 15 X 70 Strathsbeys and hope that these are at least better than the run of the mill Chinese 15 X 70s that are around ( I know that Strathsbeys are Chinese made as well ). Regards, A.G
  15. Hi, Thanks for the info, do you know a supplier in the UK for the ASI camera? Regards, A.G
  16. Thank you for your advice, will have to wait a bit for that kind of outlay. Will practice with the XBox webcam first and then consider the DFK. Regards, A.G
  17. I am mostly interested in the moon , Jupiter and Saturn if I could get to it, Manchestre weather is not great at teh best of times. A.G
  18. Hi Richard, The 200p on the EQ5 is a beast of a telescope and a completly different animal to the Celestron 6 SE. Before you sell the scope you need to decide what you want the scope for . Is your interest deep sky observation or moon and the planets. Any half decent scope with a reasonable aperture on a good mount is going to be bulky and will need setting up . Do your homework before you make your decision. It may just be that a pair of good astronomical Binoculars are all you need if you are not really serious about astronomy. Regards, A.G
  19. Hi, I am thinking of putting an order in for a QHY 132e, has anybody used this camera or one of the OPTICATAR ones and what do you advise? I have a Skywatcher Synscan 127 GOTO, 2.5X ED barlow and a selection of EPs. Regards, A.G
  20. Hi to James and all of the good people of the forum, May I just say my thanks for your warm welcome and wish you all clear skies and happy observing. Regards, A.G
  21. Hi John, Many thanks for your warm welcome, I really did have a good session even though it was short. I will enquire about the mirror recoating as soon as I pay for the new scope, credit card payment I am afraid. Years ago I went to Bacup to look for the observatory but I had to come back as my children were getting restless, perhaps this time around I will have better luck and no children to bother me, grown up now, just the wife. Regards, A.G
  22. Hi to everyone, As a child I was always fascinated by the sky and used to use my late father's binoculars to look around the sky. In the early nineties after having watched the Sky At Night program for quite a while I eventually purchased a second hand Bosh and Lomb 4" schmidt cassegrain scope from the telescope house in London. I had a lot of fun with this for a couple of years but as life changed so did my hobby and observing the sky was forgotten. Last Dec, Sir Patrick Moore passed away and I suddenly got the urge to take the old scope out again and have a look around with it. I was in for a shock, the Aluminium coating on the secondary mirror had all but disapeared and that was the end of that telescope. I have now got a Skywatcher Synscan 127, not the same build qualityas the B&L and made in China not The USA but the optics seem to be good. Last night was the only night that I managed to take the scope out to my heavily light polluted back garden ( I live about 5 miles from the Manchester airport ) but I still manged to get a very nice view of the Jupiter ( I easily made out two cloud bands and a small elongated narrow band) and its moons using EPs of 40 mm through 20 mm with a 2.5X ED barlow and it was like seeing and old friend, Orion nebula looked majestic with the 25mm wide EP. I then tried for the Pleiades but the clouds had returned with vengeance and that was the end of the session. I am back at work tomorrow morning and hope to get a clear sky sometime in the evening as it is the only night that I am home ( I work funny hours during day and night ). Look forward to sharing my observations with you. Regards, A.G
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