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  1. D1 has a more severe cutoff of the IR than P2 but looking at the spectrum analysis it appears to eliminate some way into the Sii emission line too. This is probably why it is thought to reduce the background red glow of the OSC captures. The question is how much Sii emission your target has? Quite a lot of the DSOs are quite weak in the Sii region so it may not be such a big loss. A.G
  2. The Ha regions and the dark lanes are extremley well defined but I do find the background a little clipped and the continum is not representative of such a rich data. A.G
  3. The 3rd one is closer to what is expected from a DSLR. The first one is too Magenta and the Second one is too Yellow/Orange. A.G
  4. This is not possible unless your guide software can download the images taken by the DSLR video function. Get a proper guide camera and save yourself a lot of hassle. A.G
  5. You are using the wrong software for planetary imaging. You need to have either Registax or Auto Stakkert. These are free downloads. DSS is for long exposure Deep Sky Imaging and what is asking for is the calibration frames. My advice to you is to read a lot more about basic astro photography. Regards, A.G
  6. Very good detail in the horse and excellent control of the killer star Alnitak, the double has been clearly resolved. A.G
  7. Hi, This has been an abysmal year for imaging, at least in the north of England. I have not seen a proper clear night since the beginning of last OCT. May I wish the new year bring health, peace and prosperity to all the members of the SGL and a few clear nights up here wouldn't go amiss either. ATB, A.G
  8. This is not so straight forward I am afraid. Although in essence I have sympathy with the seller and the courier has some responsibility, at least as far as the loss of an item is concerned, you must also consider that people are fallible in general. If the total responsibility was with the courier then there is no way of telling if a posted item of a claimed value is actually worth the amount claimed and therefore the courier is then open to abuse. The other problem is the obligation to declare what is in the package, at least as far as the Royal Mail is concerned, and declare a value for it. This surely leaves the door open for abuse if people in the handling chain are not of 100% moral standing. It is best if insurance against loss of the item is taken out separately for all concerned but a degree of compensation at least for a nominal value must be attributed to the courier. At the very least the courier should refund the insurance premium and a nominal value for the inconvenience caused. Happy new year to all the members, A.G
  9. Hi, Here it is with a bit of messing about in PS. Some good advice here so follow them up. Good first try BTW. ATB, A.G
  10. This is very good. Lots of dust showing around as well is a bonus. A.G
  11. Having known these guys at a personal level, I too share your disappointment. Unfortunately the ever present pressure to keep prices low and the terms and conditions placed upon these guys by the importers/agents does not make for running an economically viable showroom, hence the rather impersonal cyber only presence. Regards, A.G
  12. Hi, Many thanks for the pointer. Last night I managed to find my way round the archives and downloaded the files that I was looking for. Now the curious thing is that I can open the fits files with FITS Liberator but neither PI nor StarTools are able to show anything at all. Very strange. Regards, A.G
  13. Thank you sir, I am off to cloudy nights to see what is going on. Regards, A.G
  14. Hi, I have not seen a clear sky over Manchester in the last 10 weeks. I am beginning to get rusty at processing. Does anyone know how I can download the data for Barnard 33 from HST please? Grateful for your help. Regards, A.G
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