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  1. Thank you both for considering me for these . I also need a good sturdy tripod i believe, have you any advice on brands , just so i can look out for what may be suitable. Thanks Mark
  2. Thank you again for all your advice , i now have an idea of the camera i need , i dont suppose any of you kind people can recommend a tripod or mount for the camera , i believe it has to be a sturdy one.
  3. Thank you laser jock. Great information thank you.
  4. Thank you all , you have given me some great information. I now have something to look out for. Your all so knowledgeable. Thanks again.
  5. I want to do some photography of the night sky , i am aware that i need a good sturdy tripod, a preferred Canon DSLR camera and a good quality lens i believe a 300mm . Could someone give me some more advice on anything else i need and what type of Canon camera i need , having read on this site a Canon is the way to go. Many thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking on getting a DSLSR camera for taking photos of the milky way and stars as I will be going to a dark sky sight , I am looking at a used camera so my budget is limited, I have been told a wide angle lens of 24 mm is the lens to have. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any help will be truly appreciated. Mark
  7. Thank you guys for all your advice ,I certainly know what to look for now. People are so helpful on this site. I will keep you informed of what I invest in . Thanks Again Mark
  8. Can anyone help me I am looking at doing some astrophotography ,I know I need a dslr camera but I am on a budget . I would prefer second-hand as long as it is one you guys can recommend . I also would like some advice on lens`s . Looking forward to a few replies Mark
  9. Reflector or refractor

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    2. todd8137


      Both if you have he ££££££

    3. foundaplanet


      The contrast part is not true that is down to the focal length of the instrument. Plus you will see more with a skywatcher 200p than most smaller aperture refractors.

    4. emadmoussa


      For deep sky, my refractor achieve better contrasts than the 200p. The image is slightly richer.

  10. Thanks DP thats very interesting thanks for the reply. Mark
  11. Thanks Paul i have seen those ,I may go for some of those. Mark
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