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  1. Hi Can I take the 21cm dovetail if it's still available? Thanks Steve
  2. Hi Graham It’s not ideal but if you have a Barlow lens you could try attaching that first and then try adding the camera afterwards and you might get enough focus. Good luck Steve
  3. Started 5 mins ago on BB2....looks interesting.
  4. I think a lot of us on here have been through this quandary at one time or another and it's a really difficult one. In part because there are so many options and in part because you are unsure which option is going to best suit your preference. Over time your preferences may evolve too so this can be a bit of a moving target. You will also find that your mood and energy levels may also play a part any given time. For me the main the considerations are usually along the lines of: What targets I want to look at (or maybe image in your case) Ease of set up for what I want to a
  5. I was pleased with this, although although taking pictures afocally with a DOB mount and a phone camera is a bit like threading a needle with a pair of gloves on!! I nudged the scope so that the object of interest would be just out of view then carefully tried to move the phone so that it was in the right place - One minute you see the white dot that you are aiming for but more often than not just as you are about to click on the screen the phone camera adjusts focus and you can’t see a thing!! This time I was lucky and managed to take the picture just as Copernicus had drifted into view.
  6. Here are a couple of links that might be useful: http://garyseronik.com/a-beginners-guide-to-collimation/
  7. Great technical write up to go with the image, not being an imager I can’t say that I understand it all but at some point I might!!
  8. Well that was a bit trickier than I expected! I struggled against the wind bouncing the DOB, the alt axis dropping a bit and 3 Security lights from nearby houses, anyway got there in the end. I wouldn’t be so sure about the accuracy but it’s as good as I could get in the night. Star used: Betelgeuse (maybe needs additional declination correction?) Drift Times (s): 36.24, 36.31, 36.39 - last reading was better placed across the field of view than the first couple so will use that rather than the average given that you’d expect the highest value to transverse more of the field of view.
  9. Superb thanks, I didn’t even think about measuring the transit time, what a great idea. I’ll report back with an answer......(at some point)
  10. Hi Does anyone know the exact magnification that I would have with the following configuration: Revelation bino viewers 25mm volcano top ortho’s Celestron 2x Barlow 16” Meade Lightbridge (focal length 1829mm) First time using this combination and I was absolutely blown away by the detail on the moon. Any help appreciated!!
  11. Thanks for the replies and info. Yes, I still have those scopes but haven't used them in years, I always found the EQ6 hard work (although the views from the 10" OO scope were very special) and the big DOB was a pain to drag out. Yes, mainly visual but still interested in some webcam imaging. I'd be interested to know any more differences in respect of the views because that would be the primary reason to upgrade. I'm also interested in cool down times too. The dew bit sounds like a pain too but I guess everything is manageable.
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