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  1. Sorry to gatecrash! does anyone one know the motor shaft diameter?
  2. Hi Jamie. The collimation is out, the point of light should be dead center. I have turned the secondary mirror when cleaning my C11 and it always needs collimating I would try that first. Collimating is like balancing a saucer on 3 fingers and trying to get it perfectly level : ). This is worth a read too telescope - What are the aberrations of an SCT? And how can they be eliminated? - Astronomy Stack Exchange Your 80ED will have a wider FOV and will be much more forgiving, the optic configurations are different too. But for a big SCT on a NEQ6 those stars aint so bad I
  3. Hi All. I have a ZWO asi071mc pro and will be using it on a C11 with a 6.3 focal reducer I have been advised that i will need 85mm BF from the back lens of the reducer, the issue is if I use the 85 mm measurement the vignetting is massively pronounced compared to a shorter BF length. Can someone point me in the right direction to a formula that I could use to work out the BF myself. Thanks.
  4. I have also looked at the ZWO ASI 071MC-PRO USB 3.0 Cooled Colour Camera but at a pixel size of 4.78 microns maybe a little bit too small for the C11, I would go for the QHY10 but I have had problems with flats with my QHY8L and I have tried everything. short exposures, over 4 second exposures using dim light. Morning sky, evening sky ,white screen on TV, cotton over the scope, paper over the scope, adu from 9k to 40k, bias subtracted nothing seems to work my flats always over correct or degrade the image in some other way! So this puts me off the QHY10 I guess the Atik acis 2.4 is th
  5. Does anyone know if there is a supplier holding stock of the Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO SynScan Mount I want to get my hands on one before Christmas?
  6. Hi All. I have been using a QHY8L camera and I want to upgrade, my scope is a Celestron C11 which I nearly always use a F6.3 reducer on. I chose the QHY8L as it has a large Pixel size which suits my C11. After many hours of research my 2 options at the moment are the Atik acis 2.4 with a pixel size of 5.8 um or the QHY10 which is 6.05 um pixel size can anyone suggest an alternative cooled OSC camera with a pixel size of 5.8 or greater at around the £1,500 price point? thanks
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  18. Hi All. I need the brass worm gear for my old school EQ6 has anyone got one knocking around or can anyone point me in the right direction to a replacement supplier. Thanks all.
  19. Hi All. I'm trying to work out if my QHY5L-II Colour will make a better guide cam than my currnet guide cam the original QHY5 (older shape black) or do I need to purchase a new mono for guiding? If anyone can throw any light on this it would be much appriciated (sorry)
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