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  1. Hi All. I'm trying to work out if my QHY5L-II Colour will make a better guide cam than my currnet guide cam the original QHY5 (older shape black) or do I need to purchase a new mono for guiding? If anyone can throw any light on this it would be much appriciated (sorry)
  2. Thought the aurora pics were from Birmingham.......I was about to rush outside!

    1. GyCx


      You never Know ?

  3. Celestrons site saying 5.475 im using a SCT camera adaptor, the standard 'Celestron' adaptor
  4. C11 5.475 in from 3 in-2 in Reducer Plate 5.975 in from 3 in Primary Mirror Baffle Tube Lock Ring
  5. Just tried the SCT - T2 it fits the camera. Not sure if this will need an extension tho. Going to try to get focus tomorrow.
  6. Would I also have to extend to achieve focus?
  7. Hi All. Can anyone tell me what adaptors I need to attach a QHY8 onto a Celestron C11 OTA (non edge) Many thanks.
  8. GyCx


  9. GyCx

    Star Party Nov 2017

    Astro in the field
  10. Hve you tried these? http://www.astroboot.co.uk
  11. I agree the QHY8L would be a good fit and thank you for all your input. I have had to do a bit of research to comprenhend it. but it has been invaluble.
  12. Hi All. Im looking at getting a CCD camera, OSC/used, I have about £700.00 budget. Im am wanting to target mainly galaxies. I know mono is more sensitve and I will one day go this route when I can have a perminent OBSY. I will be using a C11 with a F6.3 Reducer on EQ6 Pro. Is there any other kit I would need with the CCD filters/Etc If it was your £££ what would you put it on?
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