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  1. GyCx


    From the album: Kelling Heath

  2. GyCx


    From the album: Kelling Heath

  3. GyCx


    From the album: Kelling Heath

  4. GyCx


    From the album: Kelling Heath

  5. I should mention I was using a F6.3 focal reducer, Im looking for a QHY5 so I can venture into guiding. Hopefully I can pick one up second hand from kelling next month.
  6. Image one is the unspoilt data, Image two after photoshop and three the same image cropped and zoomed. Much better than my first efforts with a bit more experimentation (and knowledge) I think I could do better. Although I still like the Registax image! ahhh ignorance is bliss. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Rik.
  7. GyCx


    From the album: DSO

  8. GyCx


    First attempts at DSO's
  9. GyCx


    From the album: DSO

  10. GyCx


    From the album: DSO

  11. So if I save as 'embed adjustments' and persevere with photoshop I will prevail, Thanks Rik i'll give it a go.
  12. Thanks Rik, do you think I will get better than I have already got?
  13. This is my attempt at the Ring nebula I used 16 x lights 5 x Darks & 5 x flats ISO 800 60 secs exposure. After running the data through DSS the processed image lost nearly all of the colour I had captured in the original data, and no amount of amateur fumblings in PS could cure. What I ended up doing was to convert the RAW images into TIFF and stacked them using Registax this, to my novice eyes seemed to be a much better result. Can anyone throw any light on this? (excuse the pun) Image one (DSS + PS) Image two & Three (Registax)
  14. GyCx


    From the album: DSO

  15. Would the Opticstar PL 130m be worthwhile or should I hold out for a QHY5?
  16. GyCx


    From the album: DSO

  17. GyCx

    Ring Nebula 2

    From the album: DSO

  18. GyCx


    From the album: DSO

  19. GyCx

    Ring Nebula 1

    From the album: DSO

  20. GyCx


    From the album: DSO

  21. Good guide camera for about £100 does it exist? advise welcome. Im using a ST80 as a guide scope. I have been advised not to use webcams due to sensitivity is this correct? Many thanks.
  22. I think I have probably worded this wrong, or I have confounded some of the greatest astronomy minds in the universe
  23. will the PS2 controller work? I know I have a few of those in the loft!
  24. Hi All. what adaptor do I need to attach a Celestron Travel Scope 70 to a Celeston C8 XLT OTA assembly to use as a guide scope?
  25. GyCx

    DIY Power tank project

    DIY Power tank
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