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  3. Hi All. My Synscan controller has the word Synscan, (in Gold) under the LCD window and Synscan AZ (In White) at the bottom. When I boot holding down 0 + 8 I het hardware ver 1.7 If I boot normally it states "Allview Pano" 3.9.24 I am using this on a Skywatcher EQ6 GOTO (Upgraded with GOTO kit) This hand set has been working fine up until now. So I have been trying to update firmware but I cannot decipher which firmware update applies to me. I did buy the handset separate to the kit. any help much appreciated.
  4. Phew! Fixed! It was the bearing from the retaining ring side getting stuck and not going down far enough. the ring must of played loose and the bearing slipped. Stay with a problem long enough! I had to use the circlip pliers on the edge of the bearing and a gentle tap with the rubber hammer and down it went mm by mm stiff little bug**r tho. Think my problem now though will be lack of play. still I know how to deal with that now tho. Taking things apart ....... priceless! Thanks everyone
  5. Thanks Dave. I have checked this and the retaining ring is in the right place. I did notice a slight buckle in the brass gear on the worm shaft could this be the culprit. Im considering a belt upgrade kit but not sure if this will fix or should I get to the bottom of this issue first?
  6. This maybe a silly idea! but the worm gear endcaps are hollowed in the middle which allows for the excessive movement in the worm gear shaft can one or both of these caps be filled with something to limit the shaft movement. As I understand it the shaft does need to be able to move but by how much?
  7. The worm shaft movement is there even with the end caps screwed down tight. the locking ring on one side seems to have no effect whether its tight or slackend off a little. Astro babys guide has been followed. Hence mount now stripped down cleaned and re-greased. (needed a good clean and I thought maybe this maybe this could be the cause!). Following the worm gear adjustment guide I can 'lock' the RA gear tight ( 1/4 turn, loosen one side/tighten other) but the slightest minute turn and the large amount of play is back! I have noticed that the worm gear bearings slide within their housing's and on the gear side protrude into the inner chamber is this normal?
  8. After getting my EQ6 out for the first time in ages I noticed a LARGE amount of play in the RA. After engaging the RA Clutch the mount/scope would rotate about 1 cm. after removing the worm gear end caps the movement is in the worm gear shaft. as I rotate the RA axis the worm gear shaft protrudes in and out in tandem with the rotation movement. I have followed the procedure of adjusting the worm gear grub screws but no matter how careful I am the large amount of play is still there. Should the worm gear shaft display such a large amount of movement or is something wrong?
  9. GyCx

    Help needed

    Thanks Rik,
  10. GyCx

    Help needed

    Thanks for the offer I will give that a try maybe if I joint one or two together I might be able to do it. Cheers.
  11. GyCx

    Help needed

    Thought of that I only have a 2 x celestron barlow, took the lens out last night and used as a T adaptor but was not long enough.
  12. GyCx

    Help needed

    I setup my guiding scope and camera last week at Kelling for the first time. Obviously it did not work but I have since found out that I need a 1.25 3 inch extension tube so my QHY5 Camera can find focus on my ST80 guide scope. I can only find these on ebay but I would like to try guiding at SGL9 this weekend. Has anyone got a spare or know where I can find one at short notice FLO do not have these and suggested a Celestron T adaptor but this was tested last night and did not work. Any help much appriciated.
  13. Hi All. Would using a CLS filter with IR block on un-modified EOS have a un-desirable effect?
  14. Thanks Dave, i'm still at odd's as to the performance of the Celestron SCT LPF I may have to try it and see!
  15. I'm looking at getting one of these Astronomik CLS EOS Clip filter or Celestron SCT LPF for my C8 & Canon EOS 1000d, Which one would be better of do they perform the same? Also can the Celestron filter be used in conjunction with a Celestron F6.3 Focal reducer? Many thanks.
  16. Thanks have ordered one now.
  17. Hi All. I have recently acquired a Synscan handset and need to connect it to my EQ6 mount which has been upgraded to GOTO. The mount has a DB9 female socket on t and the handset has what looks like a RJ45 and RJ11 ports. I assume that its the RJ11 port I need to connect to. Where can I get a cable for this or is there a Wiring diagram so I can make one. Many thanks.
  18. Thank you, that's much better
  19. Hi all, Im using CDC and when I select 'star common name' and put in say Polaris when the scope slews to the object on the chart it calls Polaris by this name 'Alp Umi' What does this mean and can I set the software to state the 'common name' on the chart also? Many Thanks.
  20. BBC says game over! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25143861
  21. Nice job, I built one of these 18 Months ago it has been working fine. http://emediadesigns.com/focuser/
  22. NB: You may need to copy the link and paste it into your browser address bar
  23. Hi Mick. Have you tried. www.celestron.com/c3/support3/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=2644
  24. GyCx

    Watts per inch?

    I did think about LED's but measuring with a volt meter I know that just past half way round with the control knob gives half power so quite easy to know where im at with power setting. Whole build cost less than £20.00 so happy with that. (Thanks IanL **proto star in previous post)
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