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  1. Image taken 30/10/17 Celestron C11 (f6.3 FR) with EOS 1000D (Non - modded) ISO 100 1/25 Exposure. Have ignored the Moon for ages, this was fun. Thanks
  2. Hi I will find out this evening and post a link here if they provide drivers for windows 10
  3. Hi No its not, it is a skywatcher finder bracket it was used on a Celestron C8 albeit using one screw and double sided sticky foam pad.
  4. I have just upgraded my scope from a C8 - C11 and as such have a few spare items for sale. I can post items, buyer pays for postage. 8 " bahtinov Mask £10.00 Skywatcher finder scope bracket £15.00 Microsoft Life cam 1080p Modified for astro Inc UV filter £35.00 Celestron Dew shield for C6 C8 £15.00 (This has been modified to fit OTA with 2 dovetail bars, Some of the logo is missing see pics) 90mm Finder/Guider Scope rings £15.00 Scope rings £35.00 (for size see picture sticker on box) Celestron X-Cel 7mm Eyepiece £50.00 Thanks for looking. Ps I am looking for a Dew shield for a C11 and a Vixen style dovetail bar to fit a C11 if anyone wants to offer a swap.
  5. Here is my Celestron C8 XLT for sale, as I have upgraded to a C11. I have used this for the last 4 years, It has a Telrad adaptor affixed to the Tube and a second Vixen style dovetail bar. Which I use for my ST80 guide scope. I bought the scope with these modifications already in place I have never used the Telrad adaptor so cannot attest to its condition but the second vixen dovetail I have used to attach a ST80 OTA as a guide scope. this has always been sturdy with no issues. I used ADM Clamps. I have posted a few more bits and bobs I am also selling so please have a look as there is a dew shield and Bahtinov mask which fit this OTA. There are the usual marks on the dovetail bar used to mount the scope and the odd small scratch/chip here and there as you would expect but all the important stuff still works really well. I am looking for £450.00 Any questions please ask. I would prefer collection but I can post at buyers expense. Thanks.
  6. Hi All. I need a vixen style dovetail bar for a C11 OTA if anyone's got one gathering dust. Thanks.
  7. Hi I have a practically brand new Celestron X-Cel LX 7 mm if you are still looking Still in original box and comes with the eyepiece tube.
  8. I built one of these for my C8 and now C11, was fun to do and cost less that £20 http://emediadesigns.com/focuser/
  9. It looks like i need the losmandy saddle and clamp for eq6. I have C8 at mo using a celestron vixen style dovetail bar. Can someone point me in the right direction. P.s. it is an old school EQ6 (Black) which i have upgraded to belt driven goto Thanks.
  10. I need to mount a Celestron C11 onto a EQ6 Mount does anyone know the correct dovetail bar I'm going to need?
  11. Sorted used a M12 bolt from Tool station 80 pence Thanks
  12. No central bolt! From an earlier post I noticed its a M12 1.75 do you know the length of it?
  13. Hi All. I have just bought this extension (used) They had never used it so did not know how it was put together. Any way I only got the tube, the upper and lower plates and 3 outer bolts and 3 outer screws. I don't have anything else can you tell me what i'm missing? Cheers.
  14. Got some 80 mm tube rings from Teleskope service in Germany. Really quick delivery!
  15. Skywatcher has not got back to me (5 days) so I guess its a write off. After attempting to flash the unit. It has now decided not to power up when connected to the mount! Boooo Skywatcher
  16. I have emailed Skywatcher with this fault should get a response soon (lol)
  17. Sorry should of said for a ST80. I have bought the ones from FLO and they are too big (90mm) Not sure I need to stretch to £70-80 for 80mm tube rings from borg (just yet) How come the Borg ones are soo much more expensive are they made from unicorn horn?
  18. Does anyone know where to buy 80mm tube rings I cannot find them anywhere!
  19. If I connect to the handset I get this information- hardware 73.73 firmware 73.73 database 73.73
  20. Is it right that the controller that I have is not compatible with my mount? (did work fine for a long time)
  21. Get this error! version 3.xx firmware does not work on version 73.xx hardware
  22. GyCx

    M51 (cropped)

    From the album: Guided DSO

    © guy cox

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