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  1. Hi, I'm in the Knowle Astronomical Soc (KAS), West Midlands. I have booked pitch 1 for the weekend and I'm looking forward to meeting members of SWAG to learn, share enthusiasm and swap ideas, etc. I have always fancied going to to the Brecon Beacons. I'll get some jaffa cakes in case anyone wants to pop over and say hello I hope the clouds finally part between now and then. Thank you for organising this event Regards Ian
  2. I might be interested. I have a white skyshed with no storage pods. I need to balance the additional functionality vs the moans and groans of making my obsy even bigger than it already is. It would need to be white storage pod, if I got a green one my wife would certainly notice. Have anyone found the pods to be invaluable, is there an increase in damp or drips? Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on.
  3. I agree i would be uncomfortable on my own in the dark with expensive equipment unless im in the back garden. Im in solihull. A few of us meet up occasionally for some social observing/imaging. We are members of knowle asteononomical society. We were in the cotwolds at the weekend. We are not going to get many dark hours at this time of year and so observing sessions will be quiet for a while. Ian
  4. I gave it another go last night after I spent some time with the PA. PA was out a bit out but I expect would normally get away with that level of error when using my 200p. I tried using sharpcap to get a really good PA but that might have to be another thread because the laptop seem to have a significant delay in reflecting changes made after the bolt adjustments. However PS is now much better. I also think I had better look with focusing and the results to me appear to be rounder stars reaching more into the corners than shown previously. I'm inclined to agree with Blinky that the SCT is probably more sensitive to field rotation field when using a DLSR. Ill also speak to FLO about the 105mm Back focus However I'm much more pleased with this image. I think I'll add a focus mask to my shopping list too. I just want to thank all those who have helped me by discussing this subject. I'm always amazed by the members willingness to support each other and the collective expertise available. Here is last nights image another M27 to help compare with the previous image - single 5 min exposure using a modified Canon 1100D, CLS filter, guided with a finder guider, moon not quite risen. Hope you like it, I did
  5. Thanks Michael, I raise this with FLO to see what they say about this.
  6. I enjoyed your book Steve, its nice to hear from you. I think the BF is 104-105mm
  7. Thanks Alex, You are of course correct, too much tweaking. Ill give it another go sometime. The T-adapter-sc is 50mm long so in total I would have a bf of 104mm-105mm. I will definitely try the focus again as you describe.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks already to all those who have taken the time to respond so far
  9. This is a an interesting article although some of it goes above my head and to me using those graphs it looks like the optimum for a a 9.25 with a reducer would have a BF of less that 100 to achieve optimum aperture but I have heard previously 105mm is the magic number. I have measure the distance from the collar at then back of the SCT to the front of the camera and its about 95mm and then the sensor is probably 10mm or 15mm inside the camera so it looks about right. There is not actual extension tube but do use a celestron T-adapter to attach to the reducer. The back focus seems about right, I think. What do you say?
  10. Thank you, I hope there is room for improvement without great expense I only managed 4 subs and 2 darks for processing later, no flats collected yet, here was the result after stacking in DSS a bit of PS tuning and a lot of cropping
  11. Please could you expand on what is meant by field curvature, is this something I can correct?
  12. I doubt it would be flexture as its a tight grip use a baader double screw shoe but I admit the focal length differences are quite significant. But if it was guiding I would have expected the whole image to be affected.
  13. I agree it could look like field rotation. I suppose that as the central stars are nice and round that the guiding was ok, I need better polar alignment. I think I may have been a bit hasty about popping it back on the pier after a star party. This is really good news, Ill check polar alignment the next chance I get. I'm please with the finder guider results, I suppose if I have a camera with a smaller chip the guiding may be more sensitive. Thanks both for being so helpful. Ian
  14. Hi all budding astrophotographers, I recently acquired a C9.25 and after a few days I had my first clear night (moon rising). I bought a Celestron f6.3 reducer which I connected after removing the 2" back, then connected my Canon 1100d DLSR camera via a T-tring. Many of the central stars seem sufficiently round in shape but I was surprised to find so many stretched stars in the corners even after the installation of the x0.63 reducer, I thought it also acted as a coma corrector. The dew shield was not perfectly sitting on the scope but I don't imagine this could be the cause. Is this coma on the corners or something else? Do you think I'm being unrealistic of my expectations when using the reducer to also flatten the image? Is it because of the unrealistic field of view from a DLSR camera on the C9.25 or perhaps I have possibly a dodgy reducer or could collimation be the source of my problem? FYI, the image is a single 5 min exposure without any processing, guided using a finder guider and using a CLS filter, EQ6 on a pier. Im pleased with the image apart from the corners due to the stretched stars. Many thanks for looking, your advice is always appreciated.
  15. Hi, Im looking for a Skyshed pod bay in white. Perhaps some shelves too if I'm not pushing my luck. thanks for looking Ian
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