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  1. Imd

    Skyshed pod wheel

    Hi, I'm looking for advice about obtaining 1 or 2 skyshed pod replacement wheels. Any advice or offer if spare parts would be be welcome. Thanks Ian
  2. I don't disagree with advice already provided. Just wondering whether you already have a Barlow. If not and you are on a budget you might consider an x2 barlow. This would increase magnification of both eyepices and give you more options for a minimum price. An x2 barlow might even also have the optionof giving you x1.5 magnification. If it was me I would buy a barlow and perhaps a 17mm or 15mm eyepiece. Try the second hand market. I also had the heritage 130. Its a nice scope and it got me hooked so be careful
  3. It was a lovely clear night last night. A few people arrived last night and we look forward to meeting more today.
  4. Thanks everyone. I have used the single reference image for all filters and its nicely aligned. - phew!! Ian
  5. This sounds like the answer I need.:) I thought it might be something like that. I didn't use the same reference image for all filters. I just need a little more detail please. Should I select a single reference image eg a LUM with best score even though Im stacking red, green or blue? I have attached blue and green channels to illustrate my problem
  6. I was pulling my hair out last night and while I have a few strands left I wonder if I could seek some advice from some of you more experienced Mono astrophotographers. I have captured my first images in LRGB and I have all my calibration frames for each filter. I have taken the images over a couple of nights, I don't have many subs because the clouds rolled in, and there have been meridian flips whilst imaging. I have registered and stacked in DSS. Each image comes out ok and aligned with each of the subs for each filter but the RGB images output from DSS are ever so slightly misali
  7. Im a further timer to this party and was really looking forward to meeting g the SWAG gang We were given credit for the pitches reserved. Has anyone considered another date to meet up in autumn this year at the same site? If not we will rearrange independently but it would be a shame not to connect on this occasion with SWAG. We were representing knowle astro soc and we had i think 5 pitches booked. Regards Ian
  8. Hi, I'm in the Knowle Astronomical Soc (KAS), West Midlands. I have booked pitch 1 for the weekend and I'm looking forward to meeting members of SWAG to learn, share enthusiasm and swap ideas, etc. I have always fancied going to to the Brecon Beacons. I'll get some jaffa cakes in case anyone wants to pop over and say hello I hope the clouds finally part between now and then. Thank you for organising this event Regards Ian
  9. I might be interested. I have a white skyshed with no storage pods. I need to balance the additional functionality vs the moans and groans of making my obsy even bigger than it already is. It would need to be white storage pod, if I got a green one my wife would certainly notice. Have anyone found the pods to be invaluable, is there an increase in damp or drips? Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on.
  10. I agree i would be uncomfortable on my own in the dark with expensive equipment unless im in the back garden. Im in solihull. A few of us meet up occasionally for some social observing/imaging. We are members of knowle asteononomical society. We were in the cotwolds at the weekend. We are not going to get many dark hours at this time of year and so observing sessions will be quiet for a while. Ian
  11. I gave it another go last night after I spent some time with the PA. PA was out a bit out but I expect would normally get away with that level of error when using my 200p. I tried using sharpcap to get a really good PA but that might have to be another thread because the laptop seem to have a significant delay in reflecting changes made after the bolt adjustments. However PS is now much better. I also think I had better look with focusing and the results to me appear to be rounder stars reaching more into the corners than shown previously. I'm inclined to agree with Blinky that the SCT is pro
  12. Thanks Michael, I raise this with FLO to see what they say about this.
  13. I enjoyed your book Steve, its nice to hear from you. I think the BF is 104-105mm
  14. Thanks Alex, You are of course correct, too much tweaking. Ill give it another go sometime. The T-adapter-sc is 50mm long so in total I would have a bf of 104mm-105mm. I will definitely try the focus again as you describe.
  15. Just wanted to say thanks already to all those who have taken the time to respond so far
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