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  1. Fed up

    It is indeed frustrating. I was in Turkey on holiday last month and EVERY night was a clear night! I wonder how people with good kit under that sort of sky condition feel...
  2. Budget Observatory under £250

    Hi, Over the weekend, I managed to finish all pending tasks such as repainting the wood with another coat, strengthening the pillars with concrete and laying electric cables to the observatory. What's left is the skywatcher pillar for heq5 which I will buy in the coming few weeks and then the tripod won't be needed anymore. Here is how it all looks like now.
  3. C5 vs C8 with 6.3 focal reducer

    Yes, I intended to image at F10 for small targets but didn't think about imaging the same target at different F ratios just by removing the reducer Cheers
  4. C5 vs C8 with 6.3 focal reducer

    Yes, my comment was a bit exaggerated What I should have said was that what I have understood from the article is that based on the writer's opinion, the focal ratio doesn't matter when imaging which is not against something I leaned in this thread. However, I don't have the equipment to test this as both my scopes are F10s reduced to 6.3. I would need a fast newtonian at F4 maybe to test this with my SCT at F10.
  5. C5 vs C8 with 6.3 focal reducer

    Wow this article is totally against everything I have learned in this thread!
  6. Little Observatory Build

    Thanks mate. I just got off discussing with Martin from FLO regarding this Pier and since he didn't have it in front of him he suggested the legs might be movable from the bottom to move the AZ pointer as it can't be moved from the top as it is screwed in. I don't want the north of the tripod to have a leg facing dead north as that makes the mount to be too far out towards the south in my little observatory and my C8 would end up touching the door area. Would be great if you could confirm if the tripod is adjustable from the bottom to move the pier in any direction? would also save black smith cost.
  7. C5 vs C8 with 6.3 focal reducer

    Actually just calculated and they would have the same focal ratio so C5 won't be better than C8 as the focal ratio would be approximately 6.3. The focal length though would be different so C5 would give a wider field of view with 0.63 reducer. With 520mm the ED80 will give much wider field of view in comparison to the C8 which would stand at 1280mm which is more than double! In terms of "FASTNESS" they would be identical with an ED80 sitting at 6.5 Focal Ratio. So all I gain from selling my C5 and buying ED80 is 250mm of focal length. Its best to test and see if the field of view with 0.63 reducer on C5 is decent wide to see how much of sky it fits in. Might not have to fork out money to buy the much loved ED80 then! and I have a goto mount with the C5 to take with me to darker sites if need to! Let the testing begin!
  8. C5 vs C8 with 6.3 focal reducer

    Top stuff! So this should answer if the focal ratio is higher with a C8 compared to C5 with the 0.63 focal reducer than the C5 is going to fare better imaging than the C8!
  9. Hi, I have setup an observatory for imaging and it is just about tight enough for my C8 on Heq5. However, I can view planets and moon fine with it, just the dew shield will be a problem on some angles. This got me thinking, I have a nexstar 5se which is a C5 scope and I was wondering if I attach the focal reducer 6.3 on the C5 and image using a DSLR am I loosing anything for DSOs in comparison to imaging with a 0.63 Focal reduce on the C8? I understand for planets I will but for DSOs with long exposures on Heq5? This way I can just use the C5 for DSO imaging and C8 for planetary/lunar visual and imaging. Also, out of curiosity, an ED80 is F6 after 0.85 reducer and so is the C8/C5 after the 0.63 reducer. Why does the ED80 give wider views still compared to the C8/C5? Am I wrong here? shouldn't the field of view be the same if the focal length is the same? because I love the C5 along with the portable Goto mount it came with and don't really want to sell it for an ED80 if I am only gaining things like comma/field curvature/ease of imaging etc. That whole thing is part of the learning curve I would be glad to go through with a C8/C5 as that is where the reward is for me. I used to image with a 200p newtonian taken off a dobsonian base on heq5 before so all this would still be fun for me.
  10. Great Thanks for the advise. Unfortunately, the primary has some floating dust marks on it. By floating I mean something that is lying on top and a blower might blow it easily and I was thinking about it. This has clearly happened because the eyepiece novel was not always in closed state. It is not too dirty like the corrector so I might hold off to it.
  11. Why didn't you take the chance and clean the primary as well mate?
  12. Little Observatory Build

    I was contemplating getting this but the three long legs at 48 cm each was too much for my little obsy. You have given me hope I am guessing you sourced the parts for the welding bit for the base as well from somewhere?
  13. Great post! I bought a used C8 and it needs cleaning but was wondering where to start. isn't alcohol meant to be bad for the corrector plate?
  14. Little Observatory Build

    Looking good! How much did it cost to convert the pier?