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  1. Hi.if you think of splitting i may be interested in the 6.3 reducer.good luck with the sale.


  2. Hi, I have decided to part ways with the hobby as I just don't seem to be able to take out time and my equipment can be put to better use by somebody else. Offering a nice bargain below: Celestron C8 - 6x30 finder scope - 7x50 guide scope (taking from 200P skywatcher and modified with the correct adaptor at the back to turn it into a guidescope) - Guide Camera (QHY5 II) - Hand made dew shield (free) - Focal reducer F6.3 - 2x Celestron connecting plates for Celestron scopes (I bought a skinnier one for Heq5 which is already included but giving away t
  3. Hi mate, It is this shed on sale on Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/788-Refurbished-Yardmaster-Metal-Garden-Store-Max-Size-6-6W-x-3-11D-x-4-4-High-/292506175036?clk_rvr_id=1496978973556&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=twenga&utm_campaign=twenga&utm_param=eyJlcyI6MCwicyI6OTcyMDIzNywiY2kiOiIwMzgwYzA0MTZmNTBjZGRkNTYzZGQ2NmVjODU1Y2Y5OCIsImkiOiIyOTI1MDYxNzUwMzYiLCJ0cyI6MTUyMzUyNTg2NywidiI6Mywic28iOjE1MDAsImMiOjEzOTk1Nn0%3D&rmvSB=true I bought a refurbished shed as well. However, In hindsight, I wish I had bought a bigger shed that is taller as well. This does
  4. Thanks guys. I used a C8 to capture this. Clear skies!
  5. Thanks for the info Barkis. I was wondering the same thing. With Uranus only recently passed opposition, I had expected a normal full circle. Also, in the 10mm eye piece it didn't resolve to a complete disk but more of a slighltly oval shape very small to detect. Only when I took the image it became clear that it might be going through a phase.
  6. I have yes as I didn't see much loss in pixels upon cropping at first. But that was pre-processing. It was pretty decent at 10mm eyepiece projection already compared to the tiny dot when seen from the eyepiece itself. Unfortunately, I didn't expect much from the image at 10mm as it had a haze around it so took 100+ images at 25mm instead when it just looked like a small dot still better than prime focus. This is just 1x sub post processed at 10mm. The disk became apparent during post processing. Wish I had taken a lot more subs. I intend to image uranus again at 10mm but take loads of sub
  7. Amazing! I wish I could get images like this one day!!
  8. Hi Guys, My first attempt at Uranus. Used 10mm eye piece projection method to capture this shot, 0.5sec sub at ISO1600. Many lessons were learnt in the end and now looking forward to imaging again next time with better planning/foresight. Enjoy
  9. I just tried processing the single frame in adobe lightroom and very pleased with the result! you can actually make out some ongoing storm movement. See below.
  10. C8 with eyepiece projection on canon 450D. In the picture where Uranus is a dot, I have used 25mm eye piece and where is is slightly bigger, I have used a 10mm eye piece. The zoomed in picture is the one taken from the 10mm eye piece which made me realise what was possible had I taken 100 or so subs at 10mm eye piece projection and stacked them together along with some dark frames to remove noise.
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for your advise. Yes so the laptop always crashed occasionally but the mount always worked when it would start again. This time, it crashed and now the mount doesn't connect at all. The mount is fine as it works with the hand controller. Anyway, time for update of night number 3: For starters I can't believe I am writing this! Three clear nights in a row. I know this will never happen again until maybe decades later. But I finished work and went straight to the observatory, didn't even enter home (i know dedication ). Anyway, I didn't want to image an
  12. Hi again, I had the most frustrating night of my life last night. Second clear night in a row and I wanted to make the most of it to correct things pointed out in this thread like bad focus etc etc and attempt the double cluster again. however, I tried to connect the laptop to the mount and the laptop crashed. It crashed due to EQDIR cable I know this by now. I rebooted and it crashed again upon successfully connecting to the mount. Upon the next reboot, eqmod refused to work and threw a 55 file already in use error. I rebooted multiple times but the error never went. I
  13. This is where I thought if I have an observatory, scope polar aligned and balanced at all times, all wires connected and a dedicated laptop at the obsy, it should be roll off roof and off you go into image land situation. Boy was I wrong!!!
  14. Thanks for the advise everyone! I had a rough rough night! I had decided to image Andromeda for an hour and then move on to M33. Double cluster I was going to image the next say. So I have an observatory i have just built and proper DSO imaging only kicked off last night with the setup working. Here's the summary: Roll off roof and get the setup ready and perform star alignment. Old laptop dedicated at the observatory crashed, upon reboot had to wait for windows updates!!! Anyway, upon reboot I got alignment going again and once star was centered, hovered on to
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