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  1. Hmm! To confound the sighting it has even appeared in the Express website today. https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/941587/UFO-SPOTTED-in-Buckingham-and-Oxfordshire-as-strange-BLUE-EYES-travel-across-night-sky Very Fortean as to what caused it.
  2. On Facebook a page for extreme weather posted what looked to be a purple light in the sky. Purple light? Does anyone have any idea as to what this is or is in the Marlow area to verify if this has happened. It does seem to be going on for a while so trying to debunk the HAARP nutters in the group.
  3. Got the Altair Astro CCD imager and was using it Saturday night. Got a meteor streak on 2 images but it seems I can not take the image and turn it into Jpeg format from the ser file. I have tried Ifranview but it does not know the SER file. So is there any way I can get the images from the file so I can save them to a external memory for safer keeping?
  4. Some shots of the moon last night. The yellow was not the filter but I forgot to change it to B&W. By turning the gain down with it near enough full moon I managed to get some decent captures of the surface but also some crater shadows. Will have to get a motor for the mount so can stop and adjust the mount and telescope all the time. Using a Celestron 130 with standard mount, Altair imaged and a Lenovo Yoga 300 laptop from the bedroom window.
  5. It was an interesting talk from Gain. Some of those images were quite spectacle to see.
  6. Using a Celestron Skymaster 130 on a equitorial mount. Don't have a motorised mount yet. May get one later on though. As for processing, just the standard Altair progam. No stacking of images, just straight shots of the sun through Baader film. Still trying to get used to the program as to how to get it to work for stack imaging and other things like that..
  7. According to the Stargazing Live last week, Wakefield is the worst place for LP. And guess where I live? Yup. Nowhere else in the UK that is less polluted of light that good old Wakefield. So you think you have had it. Try living here for Astronomy.
  8. My brother bought the Altair CMOS imager from Green Witch. Tried it this morning through a window. This is the best few images we got. Using the grey of the Altair imager program managed to get a near decent image of the side of the sun. Managed to get the sunspots even though it is blurry and double imaged from the window glass. As a first attempt and try, it does seem to work. 1.bmp
  9. Saw it for most of the afternoon with some very clear skies in West Yorks. Nice to see 2 celestial bodies in one go. Next time it will do that will be 2049 so if you missed it...
  10. I might turn up if I can get things sorted. Would be nice to get to see some locals.
  11. While using Baader film on the telescope it gives a nice disk to observe. But it seems the H-alpha is a bit better. Can anyone say if there is an advantage between the two filters. There is Calcium K but that is out of my price range. So is Baader better than H-alpha or is the H-alpha better for prominances as I do not get to see them vis Baader filters. Or can you see prominances in Baader apart from just sunspots?
  12. It is only a cheap £80 tablet I got from a computer shot. 2MP camera on a Disgo 8400G with the back camera. Was quite surprised that it could be done, to be honest.
  13. Here is a nice freehand image using a tablet to get a image of the sun from home. Shame Wakefield is coulding over.
  14. These are the first images using a tablet freehand with a Celestron EQ 150 and Baader film. Loads of sunspots on the disk. But pleased that me and my brother captured these after fiddling about with the tablet settings for a bit.
  15. In the Sky at night magazine near the front is a advert which has a holder for phones so you can have a clearer image of it. It is made by Orion and is about £60 and is a universal mounting for all phones. So maybe using that and stack them that way could be a good option for phone users.
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