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  1. Based on replies so far, it looks like it has to be Astrodon as even Astronomik suffer with haloes even if smaller than Baader. Ron
  2. I also have the same experience and have been pondering on other makes of OIII filters. Because Astrodon prices are stratospheric I have been considering Astronomik or Optolong. Does anyone have experience of these brands? Ron
  3. Reply from Atik suggested that "overscan" was selected in Advance configuration and unticking should cure. I found that "overscan" had not been selected, but I have discovered that after playing around with download settings on Maxims camera control page if I download subs using "fast download" the banding/column is still there but if using "Use advance Dialogue" no banding/column appears. Until I am able to try it at night I will assume this is the solution. Ron
  4. Still awaiting comment from Atik. So doing nothing at present. Ron
  5. I have just purchased through Ian King, a QSI 683 wsg which was built by Atik. eather has prevented proper use but attached is a copy of IC1848 which shows banding on the left. The banding is moire pronounced in the SHo version than on the subs. There has been little processing but subs were Darks subtracted. I shall email Atik to get their view as I would have thought that m y QSI would have the latest firmware. Ron
  6. I bought my CEM60 3 years ago when they were not very popular and doubts were expressed in forums re the magnetic clutches . Mine has performed impeccably and continues to do so. I can thoroughly recommend the CEM 60. It's good to see FLO will be stocking iOptron products as at the time I bought mine I had to get it from Germany as UK supplies were haphazard and scarce. Ron
  7. Thanks for quick replies. Skybound: It wont slide out without further dismantling ( the worm will not pass through the bearings as is) which I'm reluctant to do until I know I can get a complete replacement unit. Gnomus: The grubscrew lodged sideways originally and I was unable to turn it the right up. Eventually after lots of fiddling it disappeared into the depths. So you were fortunate to recover yours.
  8. Trying to remove the knob with the temperature gauge fitted in order to fit my autofocuser. I read the posts re the three grub screws holding the knob in place but unfortunately the first grub screw has fallen into the inside and has jammed the knob and will not turn so I cant get at the other grub screw. I have spent time trying fix it or remove the knob without success. Although the focuser will turn using the other knobs (which is strange when the Temp gauge knob is totally jammed) so I can still use the scope. If anyone has had the same problem and has found a way to still remov
  9. In my view the best fix for a Prolific chip is to dump it and get the FTDI chip. After years of problems with Prolific I changed to FTDI a couple of years ago since when I have had no problems whatsoever. It just works everytime I switch on.
  10. Hi,

    You have a PM ! :icon_biggrin:

  11. Sorry - just noticed web address wrong spelling. Should be: www.rowanastronomy.com Ron
  12. Hi Ben, It's around 6 years old and has used mainly in my Obsy. So I also have the pier top adapter which can go with the Mount if wanted. The Rowan belt conversion replaces the standard brass gears with belts. This eliminates the backlash and makes for a smoother more accurate control. The conversion kit can be seen here: www.rownastronomy.com Ron
  13. HEQ5Pro (Synscan) mount for sale with Tripod. Has Rowan Belt conversion and comes with EQDir connecting cable for EQMOD. Plus all other standard cables and Synscan Handset. All in great order. Has not been used for past 6 months but carefully stored. Mount in semifitted Aluminium Case and Tripod in Canvas fishing rod bag. Looking for £485 collected from Exeter. Ron
  14. I have the x2 and agree with Physopto, the mini USB is still a problem. Despite securing the lead the socket is becoming wobbly.I also had the same problem with the mini USB socket on my Atik EFW2 filter wheel, i.e. the socket broke off the board and I had to have a new board fitted. We don't seem to hear of the same problem with mobile phones some of which also use the mini USB for charging. Presumably they have a more robust soldering point to the board. Ron
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