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  1. Hi and welcome, nice scope
  2. Hopefully my wife and I are travelling to Fuerteventura next Sat for 10 days, that is if we are able, not sure at the mo, but I do know that the Scorpius/Sagittarius region is still well up as darkness falls so I'm taking tripod, star adventurer, 7x50 binos and my Canon 700d modded camera and zoom lens. HOWEVER, I'm wondering whether to take my wife's Canon 600d camera which isn't modded as I'm particularly interested in M6 - the Butterfly cluster which is my favourite cluster of all. I do know that there is other clusters and nebulae in that area but I don't want to take both cameras so I put it to more experienced imagers for your thoughts. Cheers.
  3. My entry for The Perseids 2021 is the only image I managed to get on the night of 12th Aug. I started around 10.15pm and wrapped up around 2.15pm. I used my Canon 700d modded using my 18 -135mm lens set at 18mm at 800asi. I used my Intervalometer set at 20 secs and then 30 secs with an interval of around 10 secs. I reckon I saw around 6 meteors and the one I imaged was one of them. Really pleased with it!
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    Hi Gom, welcome to the forum. I suggest you get to know your way around the night sky before venturing into astro imaging unless you're confident enough to give it a go.
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    Hello and welcome from not so sunny Minehead
  6. Did wonder about putting it into the SGL challenge for Perseids but I'll wait till I get home at the weekend.
  7. Well, I can only see the one but I'm looking on my phone, laptops at home, am in Minehead all week with my 2 grandchildren. Did think about cropping it but then you can see Cassiopeia and Perseus below it and you see the meteor coming from it so may leave it as it is. Apparently it wasn't a very good showing which makes anybody getting a pic even more worth it.
  8. Well done Trevor, you did well there, check out my 'one and only'.
  9. Set my Canon 700d with a 35 -125mm set at 35mm and used my intervalometer to take 15 sec and 25 sec exposures. I saw approx 6 meteors between 10.15 and 2.15 but managed to get one of them even if it was nearly off the screen, I feel quite chuffed as it's the first Perseid I've imaged.
  10. Hi Mainak and welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your astro photography and share your images with us.
  11. Thanks for the comments. I had the full Baader Hyperion range at one time and used them all particularly when I had the WO FLT 120 but have since sold that and I'm looking for a lighter eyepiece. I've just got the 8mm and 17mm now and it's a case of still using them until someone purchases them, I did wonder about getting the 19mm Panoptic but don't want to pay full price. Still a bit unsure about the different Powermates whether they can handle 11/4 or 2" eyepieces but someone has said that it's not a good thing to Barlow up on 2" eyepieces. While I'm not sure I'll keep my money!
  12. Was out for a couple of hours last night setting up pa etc with my HEQ5 mount, WO Megrez 72 and Panoptic 24mm, really enjoyed it, done in today though!
  13. Sorry if I haven't given enough info, I've recently got a second hand HEQ5 mainly for imaging and spent a fair bit of money on AP but recently I've sold a lot of my eyepieces to get another quality one, I fancy a powermate because I can use it for imaging. I've got around £300 in funds but don't want to blow it on one item. I do love DSO's btw. Hope that helps.
  14. Ok, that is tough to take and I sympathize with you, I think a lot of people get that things aren't going for you. I try to look at positives when that happens such as at least it's happened in the summer when you can't do much observing, (unless you're an owl) and it's not the mount itself, hope that helps
  15. No replies? Perhaps I'm in the wrong section!
  16. I've been retired 6 years now and I've got several hobbys - astronomy being one of them and has been since I was 14 and I've been visual most of the time but always taken various pics of eclipses, conjunctions etc but since I got a cancer scare a couple of years ago I've got into serious imaging but I still love to look in the eyepiece!
  17. Sorry, should have mentioned, I've got a WO Megrez 72 and also a home made Dobsonian 6" f6 and I do like Dso's and occasionally the planets.
  18. Hi Bob and welcome - rule no 1 is know the difference between astrology and astronomy - you'll be fine on here, loads of info
  19. Just sold some of my eyepieces and now want to add some quality to my Panoptic 24mm, so do I go for a Televue eyepiece of greater power or do I go for a 2.5 x Powermate, either way I think it'll be second hand, any thoughts?
  20. I've recently bought one second hand mainly for ap but also for visual. Only used it last week for aiming at the moon so not polar aligned but so far I'm really pleased with it. You may want to consider a Rowan belt upgrade before you buy - not essential but check it out!
  21. I only have 2 scopes at the mo, a WO Megrez 72d and my homemade Dobsonian F6 6" which is in the process of me fitting a newish 2" 11/4" focuser on but hopefully done by September.
  22. Hi all, I've been selling some of my eyepieces to get funds for adding to my favorite eyepiece the 24mm Panoptic. For the low power range I've got (borrowed) the Nagler 31mm but for a high powered eyepiece then there is a massive range to pick with Delite at 62 degrees, Delos at 72 or go for a 2.5x powermate. Which ever way I go is going to cost although I'm looking more for second hand but I know that they go quick when they are available, what do you guys think, any comments greatly appreciated.
  23. Lovely to have you back with us, Niall, good that you can even tell us about it, so stay positive and enjoy the company.
  24. I find this thread amazing as I have the ASIair pro with a canon 700d and WO 72d on a HEQ5 mount but not as yet used it seriously. All the comments so far are a real help and I wonder if there could be a continuous permanent thread specially for ASIair users. Just a thought?
  25. Hello there and welcome to the forum.
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