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    model trains ,pets ,i got a siberian husky and 2 doxies,1 parrot and 10 finches,and 1 wife!!!
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  1. Last saturday was my 4 th annual fantasy baseball bbq hosted by yours truly.The usual suspects gathered for a afternoon/evening of eating,bullshitting and of coarse stargazing.Now last year I just purchased my apertura ad 12 from opticsmarts so I was still getting my act together about showing the heavens to the guys.But this year I was more versed in teaching/preaching. First the moon was not in a good spot for us and the sky was a little overcast.But we started with a good pass overhead of the ISS. Calsky program had us looking up around 9;04 pm and we all saw it go overhead.At this point the sky was really pretty poor so no one was more disappointed than me but it was just then when my son yelled out "dad quick before Saturn goes down".I said we have to get a good angle over the top of our house,so we rolled it down the driveway across the street and up a neighbors driveway.It worked,we all got a good look at the rings with my 10 mm Delos.Saturn sank out of view pretty fast so we rolled the Dob back to my driveway and went for some real easy overhead stuff.We spent most of our time arguing over the colors of the double Albireo.It worked out good that my scope was not confined to just the backyard like last year because over the winter I built a ramp up and down in the garage so I could roll it from front to back.We all had a great time and look forward to next year!
  2. What can you expect to see in your new telescope? try clicking on this
  3. here is a good article on what to see with different size scopes.http://www.astronomics.com/what-can-you-expect-to-see-in-a-telescope_t.aspx
  4. I have the 6.7mm and is a very nice piece.
  5. hi there,it does make me feel good we got some bargins here!! I live just outside of new york city.I believe I got a good buy last night I ordered the televue delos 10mm. I went on line and got it from hayneddle.com,its out of state from where I live so it is no tax and no shipping charge and a promo code took off another 25$ ,so it came to 310$ flat.....
  6. Yep it all came together last Saturday night when I hosted my 3rd annual Fantasy Baseball(Yahoo) BBQ Bash on my deck in the backyard.It's been two months since I got my AD12 from Opticsmart and of course I was praying for clear skies.Well it all came together like a perfect storm!!. The grill got going with hot dogs and hamburgers, guys started arriving at 4pm and the beers were flowing.All the time we were talking baseball I kept an eye on the few small clouds going by overhead hoping they weren't going to grow into thunder heads. Well 9pm came around and the sky was getting dark so it was time to release the hounds.I started with a few double stars like Alberio,Epsilon Lyra and the Mizar–Alcor thing- a- ma- jig. Now it was time to pull out all the stops and I went right to m57(ring nebula). First with the 2", Superview 30mm, 68 degree FOV which got everybody going " wow". Then I put in the 1.25", Super-Plossl 9mm, 52 degree FOV which got a bigger "wow". While I had everyone's attention I went right to m13(Hercules Globular Cluster). Well needless to say they were all quite impressed(and all quite drunk). We ended the evening by playing a few rounds of Texas hold 'em and everyone went home to their wives and girlfriends very content. For me it's time to start thinking about getting some more eyepieces and a barlow lens.
  7. very nice,sending clear nights to you!!!
  8. saberonyx


    good luck,im interested in future reports!!!
  9. great report,i followed every word,thanks ,im waiting for more.......
  10. Thanks for the idea of a UHC filter. It sounds like it will be good to use for many of the things I will be looking at.So I see the central star in m57 is out of reach(at least for me).I am writing all these little things down so I know what I should be picking up for some future purchases for the scope.Right now I am working on some simple wheel system. Since most of my work is done right here in the backyard,I just need to roll it out of the screen room into different yard areas.The scopes temperature is all set to go since the screen room is outdoor temp( ). I just want to tilt it back on the wheels like a hand truck tilting backwards.I already got some nice 10" soft tires and I should be able to work with them.Im pretty handy since my occupation is a custodian(nyc schools).My real title is Fireman/handyman/fancy janitor :laugh:
  11. you are a true "ring junkie"... ...we had a quick look last night again,it is amazing.. then we shifted over straight up to m13,we found that pretty fast..mdstuart said check out m56,I couldn't get it but that will be my next target.. it looks like it should be just about straight down from m57.I know I shouldn't be using terms like down or up,but I am staying in the same area since at about 10pm for me these objects are overhead!!!
  12. I'm baaccckkk!. Yes,I know it's impossible you say,13 straight days of the CuRsE. %$(*!>..The clouds and rain cleared away,I got home from work at 5pm",yes it's still light out" I said to my wife as she looked at me crazy.I was hoping for twilight real fast before clouds come back..Well ,at 9pm it was getting dark so I carried the 12" out,placed it on the deck and headed right for m57 (ring n).. I knew just what I wanted to see.Now I'm an old star hopper,so that baby ain't getting away from me,In lay mans terms,It's right between those two stars at the bottom of Lyra(everyone knows that,right?)..BAM .There it was in the middle of my 30mm,yes it was even bigger than I could imagine it.(I never saw it with my own eyes).It was just like they say,a smoke ring.Hey,I'm not going to waste anytime,I want more magnification.I dropped in the 9mm plossl and the smoke ring became twice the size.Thinking about it this morning , I should have looked for that star in the middle,was it there??Would I be able to see it???? (A side note...My son just got home from work and went right up to his room,he didn't know I was on the deck so I text him "get your butt out here,I'm outback stargazing") Yes,we text each other around the house,this is 2012 youknow.He saw m57 right off the bat and described it to me perfectly as I shouted lets look at Saturn again!!..This time I got him to swing the Dob around and line up through the spotting scope ,I taught him how to fine tune the crawford focuser and he got Saturn right away.It looked like all the moons were lined up like a water-fall flowing off of Saturn on the right side!! An amazing site to see.....Hey,thats it for tonight,it might seem simple but i'm starting off slow ....
  13. Well I read enough first light reports over the last few months to know this will not be a very well written scientific log of my first look at the heavens through my new Apertura AD12 Dobsonian Reflector Telescope(with tweekers dream package). Mostly because of the late night timing,no collimation of the scope,no aiming the finder scope ,clouds all over the place and a moon as bright as a spotlight shinning down lighting up my whole backyard!.....But ,a big but ,I had the best view of a star (vega,in lyra) and Saturn that these old eyes can handle in one night. Yep,my son helped me carry the light bucket outside,we put it out on the deck and I told him to get lost for 15 minutes,I had to figure the monster out!..Through a quick break in the clouds I aimed the big boy at the only thing I saw except the moon,which was vega...I loaded in the 2" 30mm SuperView eyepiece (low-power) with 68 degree field of view and bam,wow,beautiful,like a diamond shinning blue-white. So I guess the scope survived the transporting pretty good.It came in great shape right out of the box. So my son came back out to check it out and he had a look and just smiled .He said quick swing it around and catch Saturn as it was getting pretty low already(1;30 am).I pointed it at saturn and bam again(i;m not joking,all by the eye aiming,the spotting scope wasnt touched).The clouds covered it up fast but we saw Titan(moon) and I believe anothe smaller bright moon closer on the right side...Well thats it for the first night,basicly I just wanted to make sure the scope was ok,so it looks like it past the test.Now I will start taking my time on the baby and do things the right way...It was very excitng hour
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