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  1. I’m back!

    Ten years after giving up and selling my 12” SynScan Dobsonian, I’m seriously thinking about giving it another go, with more modestly sized kit…

  2. Hi all, i can understand why you are trying to encourage me to stay with it, and I really appreciate it. But the weather is only one small aspect of the reasons for stopping. The main reason is my change in working pattern, which means for the forseeable future, I won't be able to get any viewing in. The weather hasn't helped though The scope is definitely going I'm afraid.
  3. Ah you see, you're all hardcore, and I'm not. It makes no sense to me at all to have something lying around with the expectation of occasional use. I'm into it, but nothing like that much... also, I'm afraid I've never had any interest at all in the sun. I've had a look through a proper solar scope a few years back when visiting the states - the local astro club was out - and it did nothing for me at all. And anyway, I rarely see daylight, being I the office many, many hours a day. And there's no way I could setup a scope at the office. I work for a massive institution, and would need all kinds of health and safety assessments. i really think the time has come thanks for the words though. im going to stop replying now, otherwise its going to look like I'm trying to get my post count up so I can advertise thanks everyone
  4. Takes me 5 mins to get setup (I have a dob), but even then, I really have zero time. There were maybe a dozen nights in the last 12 months when I even considered it, and only one was clear. One had broken clouds and I got in 10 mins. The others were full cloud cover. in the coming year or two, I don't see me having a dozen nights free...
  5. Appreciate the sentiment, but ice been right through a winter, and had zero chances to get the scope out, if anything, things will be worse this year. Has to go I'm afraid
  6. I was quite active on this forum a couple of years ago, and ended up buying a scope. of course, as soon as I did that, my work patterns changed dramatically. I've now owned it for exactly a year, and used it exactly twice. Once for just ten minutes. It pains me because I've wanted a decent scope for 30 years, but it seems pointless keeping fabulous piece of kit just as an ornament. thanks to everyone who helped me out when I used to hang out. It's a really great forum. dont think I have enough posts to use the classifieds, and won't abuse by saying anything more about what I'm selling. just a thanks for all the prior help.
  7. Definitely going to try to make it. Got the scoe and a tent, and not yet had chance to get either out, so hopefully this'll be a chance! Hopefully not the first!
  8. RIP. I'm so sad. If there is anyone out there who has not read detailed accounts of the moon landings, then you really should. Neil Armstrong was abviously a great hero, but when you know the details, it only makes him more awesome. He stood at the pinnacle on the enormous pyramid that was the NASA moon program. Every stone in that pyramid was valuable, essential even, and everyone of them served their purpose. Neil would be the first to insist he was just one stone amongst millions. But of course, only the truest, most perfect stone is chosen as the capstone.
  9. So there is was last night, gazing up at an amazingly clea sky for the first time since I bought my scope. The stars were barely even twinkling. I've never seen anything like it for years. Unfortunately, my scope was 180 miles away. Oh well.
  10. That's pretty amazing. However, I'm not that swayed by how fast someone else can find these, but how fast I can. With goto, it would be measured in minutes...without it, in weeks. I can absolutely see the fun of the chase for those who have the time and find it fun, but without goto, I wouldn't have bothered ever upgrading from my £150 scope, because without goto, it was just an exercise in frustration, futility and endlessly revisiting the same handful of objects. For me, goto hasn't made astronomy better or worse, it's made it possible. And I suspect the same is true for a great many others.
  11. Thanks for the replies, all. Work life got a bit out of hand for a while, but things are calming down now. Well, it turns out the missus is well up for camping...or at least 'glamping'. So this weekend, after I mentioned it only a couple of times over the last couple of months, she says 'GoOutdoors have a sale on. Are we going to get a tent, then?' Now, I did fancy an Outwell, but when we sat down and thought about it, we decided to spend a little less. We'll be doing most of our camping at star parties, and maybe an odd weekend as a base for walking, and I'm afraid we will definitely be fair weather campers. I don't see the point in trying to stargaze whilst it's tipping down with rain. So we went for something a bit cheaper. We just need a few bits and pieces for cooking and sleeping, and we'll be setup.
  12. My wife is currently very supportive, but then it's been cloudy ever since I've had my scope! I've even mentioned the idea of Star Parties, and now she's out and about looking at camping gear when I'm not around! We'll see if it lasts, but I think she's genuinely keen to give it a go for herself, which is fabuous.
  13. Second hand really makes sense. Check this out. That's exactly the scope you want, plus two extra eyepieces and a cheshire, all for £280. Second hand astro does seem to be good value. I just got a £525 eyepiece for about £325, including shipping and duty by buying second hand from the States. There's a lot of money to be saved in the second hand market.
  14. Looks like nobody uses it, though none of the events in this forum seem to be in the calendar. Back to the trawl
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