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  1. Hi all How far away from the town/city lights do you think I need to travel to get some decent viewing? I live in the West Midlands (DY2 area) so it's quite light polluted and would love to get somewhere darker and clearer. Haven't got a scope right now but I have a pair of Celestron 15x70 bins (thinking about maybe going to the 20x80 pair) and I'd also love to get some nice photos that aren't so orangey from the street lighting. Thanks Daz :-)
  2. Tripod isn't a problem, that's all ready, so it just comes down to viewing quality really. Thanks for the replies so far :-)
  3. Hi all Been ages since I was on here, lots of things going on with life etc. I no longer have a telescope but currently have a pair of Celestron Skymaster 15x70 bins. I want to start doing some general stargazing again, especially now we have the clear (hopefully) winter nights coming and I was looking at the Skymaster 25x70 bins. Is it worth upgrading from the 15x70s to the 25x70s? £64 seems a good price but what's the viewing quality like compared to the 15x70s? Thanks for any help Daz :-)
  4. Haven't been on here for a while, been a little busy but can't wait to get to the Cosford site sometime soon (still no idea where it is though LOL). The scope has been hibernating and it needs to get out now, got to make a dew shield for the Telrad though, des up way too easily Hopefully see you guys soon
  5. Not sure if the gates are closed at a certain time or it at Himley. I know the person who runs Himley (I do the official photos of the fireworks each year), I'll email her on Monday and see what she says about access, lights etc. I know the hall has lights to illuminate it but I don't know if they get switched off at a certain time. I'd be up for Himley, it's only 15 mins away for me
  6. Makes it even easier then lol. You're welcome Claire, silly travelling to the same place on public transport when you're only around 10 mins away
  7. If we're heading there on the same night Clair you're welcome to a lift as long as we can get both scopes in the car lol. I have to drop the back seat down to fit mine in.
  8. Oh flip I missed it. Didn't get round to jumping on here yesterday. Could someone pm me when you're going to Cosford next please? I get an email when there's a pm so if I miss the post here I'll still catch it. Could you let me know (pm) where the Cosford site is too please so I can have an idea where to go and how far it is? Thanks guys, looking forward to getting out to a darker site with the scope now the nights are getting darker, got to make a dew shield for my Telrad first though lol
  9. Craven Arms is around 40 miles from us Claire. Out past Bridgenorth then towards the shropshire/welsh border just above Ludlow. It's out in the sticks in dark sky areas
  10. I'm down the road from you in Netherton Claire, I know what you mean about finding some decent dark skies. I've been looking at Clun just past Craven Arms which isn't TOO far to travel, it looks like it's a very dark sky area but you have to be 100% sure of clear skies otherwise it's a wasted journey. Fingers crossed I make it over there in the next 2-3 months
  11. I haven't got to go back to work until Tuesday, think I'll put the scope out to cool. Saw Andromeda the other night through my bins so going to try and see it through the scope tonight. Not sure if the new UHC filter will help.
  12. It's looking decidedly poo on the weather front. We get a few patches of clear when it's dark but that's all we get. It's more rubbish than a rubbish truck that's overflowing with rubbish! LOL Fingers crossed we get some clear skies that last longer than 5 minutes
  13. Island Meadow looks a nice place, I can imagine it being nice a quiet during the late autumn/winter months. It's 30 miles from me which isn't too bad really
  14. According to Sky Safari it's NGC292 Small Magellanic Cloud. Hope that helps
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