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  1. Hi the weather seems to be against us for the next few or so. It's such a shame ! I stayed up late last night and was a little miffed to see clear sky's at 12am. Cool down time for the Mak 180 is around 2 hours so I didn't bother getting it out. Its usually stored in the garage but it's in the house at the moment. It wasn't a total waste of time popping out as I rescued an under weight juvenile hedgehog near our front door. At under 300g he or she needs feeding up before releasing back into the garden as per RSPCA instructions . A week or so in the shed should be fine as its still
  2. Thank you for your kind words. I'm so glad I posted the photos as its given me the incentive to carry on. Some times it can feel like I'm just fumbling around in the dark collecting video and processing the data ! No pun intended! Focusing is a problem for me as well. It seems like a bit of pot luck. Last time I tried focusing on a bright star then slewing to Mars. I've seen a Bahtinov mask for £20 so I might have a bash using one of them. What do you think ? I hope you get chance to get some imaging done. Kind regards Andrew
  3. Can you please tell me what Barlow lens you use? Mine is a fairly cheap one I got some years ago from a local shop that has sadly closed now. I was hoping to go to the Astronomy show this year as I like meeting people/sellers face to face to get advice from, but sadly due to this ghastly virus it's been cancelled. The one I've got only seems to make the image worse. Kind regards Andrew
  4. Hi sorry for the confusion. Yes the top image was taken some years ago 2014. The bottom image was taken the beginning of October this year. I took 2 minute and 30 second, and 2 minute 45 second videos at around 109 frames per second giving me roughly 16-18 thousand frames. These were stacked in Autostalkert. I find this much better than Registax, as I seem to get better results, I then used wavelets to sharpen the final image. I'm still learning how to correct the colour balance in the images so the image above might look a little off. I'm glad I'm getting some pos
  5. These images were taken using a Sky-Watcher Mak180pro and a ZWO asi120mc. First shots for 4 years due to relocation. Hope to better them soon.
  6. I have seen much bigger images here some good some bad. At least I seem to be heading in the right direction from what you have said. I feel a lot better knowing this. I will keep them small and not over large the images. I have tried using a 2 x Barlow lens during imaging but this only seems to increase the fuzzy ball and not give a better image. I will stick at it. Many thanks Andy
  7. The camera is the old USB 2 version, cheap as chips but I was still able to get 109 frames ps with it. It's worth a go if you ever get the chance ! Great fun also ! Not sure if I should have dropped the gain down from 42 to sub 30s ? I will have another crack at it soon weather permitting. I'll keep you posted . Many thanks Andy
  8. Many thanks. I feared as much, but I was hoping there might be more to come from the scope and it was due to my lack of knowledge and experience. Thanks again for the complement. I'm going to keep the scope anyway as it gives great views of the moon, something that always puts a grin on my face.
  9. Hello every one. After a hiatus of 4 years I'm just getting back into imaging. The question I would like to ask is this .. Is the image of Mars here the best I can hope for using my Mak 180 together with the ZWO ASI 120MC, sat on top of a HEQ5 mount ? I must admit its a lot better than the image I took 5 years ago which was pity much a reddish blob, but I'm still not happy. I've had 3 nights of, I would say average seeing, to image Mars and I can't better my images. All I've learnt has come from here or YouTube, as none of my friends own a telescope or have much
  10. Let's just hope the rain stops and we can get out there and get more shots while Mars is so close. 90% of what I've picked up had come from YouTube and here. There are some great videos about. Fingers crossed! For clear sky's!
  11. Thanks it does look a lot better. It's been 4 years since I last had my scope out due to relocation to Southport. So just trying to get back to it. It's a tough learning curve.
  12. Sorry I mucked up my login details above. Just found my old password. Here is a shot from a few days ago. Using the 120MC, and the Mak 180, stacked in Autostakkert and finished off in Registax. As I mentioned my images are exactly the same colour. I have tried the tweek the colour but I'm not having to much luck. Hopefully some one can give us both some advice.
  13. andyhulme1966

    Lunar shots 2016

    Just a couple of shots playing with focusing ! Taken with a Mac 180 & a ZWO120MC. Hope to get a better camera soon as it's my 50th birthday in a few months. The ASI174MM looks good to me ! What do you think ?
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