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  1. andyhulme1966

    Lunar shots 2016

    Just a couple of shots playing with focusing ! Taken with a Mac 180 & a ZWO120MC. Hope to get a better camera soon as it's my 50th birthday in a few months. The ASI174MM looks good to me ! What do you think ?
  2. Hello many thanks for the quick replies, I have just received a reply from Astronomik. Vikki it would seem you are correct thank you. It would seen that the filter can only be used with a mono camera and not with my colour cam due to the Bayer RGB mask. Looks like I will have to invest in a mono cam. I was looking to do this in the future due to them being more sensitive. The filter is meant to clean up bad seeing, has any one used a filter like this and if so has it helped ? Kind regards Andy
  3. Hello, can anyone please help me ? I'm now going to show just how little I know, buy here goes ! I purchased a Pro 742 to use with my Sky-Watcher Skymax-180 PRO Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope and a ZWO ASI120MC-S Colour 1/3" CMOS camera and I can't see a thing on my laptop. The filter is cutting out all the light. What am I doing wrong ? I was hoping to use it for Jupiter and more for the moon as it's such a bright target and I wanted to get some sharp crater shots. Is this filter not compatible with my telescope ? T he description on the Astronomik web site for the filter states that it can be used with scopes from 8", and mine is an 8" Mak. Any help would be much appreciated. Andy
  4. andyhulme1966

    Jupiter 2015

    Another crack at Jupiter !!
  5. Hi I had two of these and had to return both, faulty, and when working the picture was pants ! Got one of these a ZWO ASI120MC Colour month or so back and it's far better. Took this a few days ago and it was my first bash at Saturn Regards Andy
  6. Thank you. I forgot to mention I used Sharpcap to capture the images. I noticed the ROI setting but I'm unfamiliar with the software and I did not know it would up the frame rate. Now I know I will give it a try, many thanks .
  7. I managed to grab a few shots of Saturn for the first time last night and I would love some feedback . Are they any good ? Rubbish ? They were taken with a SKY-WATCHER SKYMAX-150 PRO and a ZWO ASI120MC Colour 1/3" CMOS USB2.0 Camera. I really struggled with the frame rate at first only getting 1.9fps. After a bit of playing about a got it to 14.9 fps. There does not seem to be any colour in the final picture. I used Registax to stack the AVI's I tried using a 2x barlow but the image was not to good so I put the camera straight into the 45 degree diagonal and set the capture to 640x480 to get these images. Any help would be much appreciated Also any help keeping the clouds at bay would be great !!
  8. andyhulme1966

    First Saturn Pics

    These are my first ever go at capturing Saturn 13/05/2014
  9. I would just like to say a big thank you to every one for their support. As I've mentioned I don't have any local groups to confer with so your comments really do help ! Regards Andrew
  10. Hi thanks for the support. It's a tough nut to crack planetary imaging ! It's good to know I'm going in the right direction as I'm more used to photographing birds and there are lots of people I meet that can give advice. Planetary imaging not so many ! lol. I'm the only person I know locally apart from the local telescope shop and I don't like to bother them to much. I see so many great images here and on Youtube I felt my meager efforts were rather poor. Kind regards Andy
  11. Many thanks for your kind words ! Regards Andy
  12. Many thanks. At least I seem to be going in the wright direction. I was about to give up. It's hard without any one to help guide you in the right direction. Thanks again Regards Andy
  13. Thank you I will give it a try. Ive only used RegiStax a few times and I'm only just getting tio gripps with it.Kind regards Andy
  14. andyhulme1966


    new pics for a new year !
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